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Rulebreaker.(Freebie & Cheapie).

I wasn’t going to do any Advent Calenders and yet here I am doing an Advent Calendar gift! But these knitted shorts are to DIE for!

As soon as I saw the picture from WellMade I just had to get them as they’re just my cup of tea (coffee). Would love to own them in RL as I could just see me digging out my Crimbo shorties and ugly sweaters every year as a tradition.

As for the sweater, I think it’s called Cece, it is a well blogged and equally well-loved item and has been a go-to for me for a long time. Costs only 10Lds and come from the Ello marketplace shop and you get a hud of 10 excellent colours.

OK, now I’ve seen the Seraphim list I’m going to have to add a few other places to my daily checklist but unless it’s another “to die for” item I think I will just keep working through the list of shops Nadjanator sent me.

PS. Yeah, all that mess behind me is the remnants of my old home which I need to sort through, pack up or place into my new house.


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