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Everythings Rosie. (Free & Cheap and Very Interesting).

Thanks to a note and link from Rosie I’ve been reminded to visit a place that I’ve always loved and that is of course Kowloon.

The Kowloon sim/shopping mall and The Wasteland sims are two places which to me sum up SL. I did actually used to live on one of the Wastelands sims, although now I suspect I was squatting even though I did pay someone rent. I rezzed a very tatty old caravan and I’d sit there watching people just run around, like Second Life Joggers! I can’t really judge them as I used to have a horse and I’d ride around buck naked like Lady Godiver, such good and simple times lol. I must check out the Wastelands as well.

As for Kowloon that high pitched squeal you hear takes me right back to my noob days and although I do visit it it has been such a while I’m looking forward to getting lost in the back streets, alleys, small shops, cafes etc and if I remember correctly I’m sure there is a night club and cinema…going to be fun reminding myself.

I will also say that I’m really pleased that the sim has not been touched since it’s initial build as I think most of us would feel it’s lost some of it’s charm.

The link she gave me is for what looks like a chair competition.

Just rows and rows of chairs created by different peopl and most seem to be free with a few priced for just a few Lindens. This one is super pretty, and even with the fancy legs only 1prim.

Most chairs only come with the basic rigid noob sitting position so I was “shocked” when this electric flashing chair makes you jerk and twitch as though you have been shocked.

And I’m most certainly not sitting on the banana chair lol.

I would HATE to try to judge this comp as you have everything from Kawaii to ethreal. That grey chair with the eyes, those eyes blink! Creepy. There are so many chairs there I’m sure you can find a nice one for your home or a pretty unique one that will have others checking them out and asking where you got it from.

I did grab 2 of them just to check and yes the 2 I got were mod so I will assume you can put a sitting pose in if you wanted to.

So BIG Thank You to Rosie, esp for putting it in a note, as I’m going to have a lovely time checking out the rest of the chairs and then a relaxing wander around Kowloon as I do know there are shops/stalls in there.

UPDATE: She was right and not only is it a competition you too can enter it. I’ve got the link to the details.

Kowloon Chair Festival Blog.

Kowloon. (Gateway).

Chair Competition. (If the LM doesn’t take you directly to it then it’s just to the left using the Kowloon LM).

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Time wasting. (Freebie(s)).

For some reason my computer is on a go slow protest so I’ve thown in the towel and I decided to just stand still and yet again work through my invent especially the “recieved items” folder which is where all my marketplaces are sent too.

You get some really good textures for the chair, cushion and nice standard poses although I will say the 2 phone ones were pretty good.

OK, slightly confusing but not really. The gifts on the US Design marketplace shop are dollarbies while inworld they’re free except you do pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you. Then to buy this chair, which must be the newest gift, you click to buy it and the link to the marketplace shop is sent to you however the chair is priced at 0Lds on the marketplace so it’s free….is that clear(ish)?

BTW. If you’re wondering about my gang then here they are, sorry not for sale, not free, not anything as they came from a shop long gone from SL and as soon as I log back in they will be gone from my invent.

I’m down to 50,348 items in my invent and it’s been like pulling teeth making sure that I’m not binning stuff I will later regret and as cute as my gang of panda’s are I’m not sorry to see them go.

I promise when I return it will be with clothing.

US Design.

US Design, Marketplace.