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It’s paid off.(Freebie & Mention of Bargain).

Finally my regular visit to S@bbia has paid off with a brand new group gift of these boots.

Perfecly seasonal and although I’m not a snake skin/animal print she is forgiven as yet again an excellent gift.

I will say that there is another new(ish) group gift of a dress which I haven’t blogged so thats another reason to head on over.

Then since I already had the SL marketplace shop open on my computer I decided to see if Jury Gothly puts any old gifts/freebies in there…she doesn’t but what she does have is for only 35Lds a pair of “suede booties”. They do only come in SLink med & Classic Av fit so pretty old however you can try the demo on. Even if the fits are old I think the quality will be as good now as then but check out the 5 colour palette, all autumnal. You don’t even have to risk the 35Lds as you can try the demo out first.

Then check the rest of her boots/shoes/flatties for sale in her shop/marketplace. I know that her “handmade” look to her clothing isn’t to everyones style but her boots/shoes and flatties are classic and make the perfect finishing touch to most outfits. TBH I wear almost nothing but S@bbia boots/shoes or a pair of cat flats that Faith won in a gacha and she passed them on to me.


S@bbia. (Marketplace).

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I’ve been busy.(Freebie).

I’m back, tbh I was only away for one night but I had to do some RL work catch up to do before I could log in. When I finally got inworld I ended up TPing all over the place and yet it was a link to a marketplace shop that gave me the freebie I was most happiest with.

It does come with a “starter hud” and I know I changed the shade of the socks but my SL time ran out so I don’t know how many shades you actually get.

The boots can be worn without the socks as well so you may have some jeans that can be tucked into them.

Riders, Western, Breedables and Builders Products.

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Yee Haw. (FLF & Free).

Hazel is not only Mina’s FLF offer but one of my fav Mina hairs. OK I know a lot of Mina’s hairs are my “Favs” but not all of them are so it’s was a lovely suprise when I checked the FLF list to see that for only 50Lds you too can have this hair.

The best thing about it to me is that it screams riding hat as well as a stylish fashion accessoryy.

In this case, you can choose either the dip-dyed or essentials pack and each contain a massive 30 shades. Added to that both a style hud for the way your hair hangs and a hud to change the colour of the hat and brim and all of that for just 50Lds!

As always though, check the demo out and also her other hat hairs as she now has a number of similar style hats/hairs each one shares a lot in common and yet have those tweaks that make them pretty different.

Do you know how long I’ve held onto this hobby horse pose/prop? Way too long and now I’ve finally had an excuse to use it I can now bin it lol. I just wanted to reblog these pants and riding boots as they’re a freebie from Essent.

Both boots and pants are bought seperately but are also designed to fit with each other and you get a big hud of colours for both.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Essent Marketplace.

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My fav colour, beige.(Dollarbie).UPDATED & Freebie.

The dollarbie is just these boots, the other photos are my showing off.

These are one of the gifts from the “Orsey event”. You may recognise this event as I have shown you the previous gift if you don’t remember then these boots and a sporty undies(?) set are to be found at the top of the staircase.

As for this whole outfit it’s lucky that it matches the boots as I’m a bit short on time. I’m really just showing you my “OOTD”. I have blogged both the pants and top previously so you may already have them but I will when I log back in check to see if they’re still freebies and add an “update” to this post.

Last piccie is for Faith..Thank You.

UPDATE: YASSS! I thought they still were but I’d wanted to make sure that the pants are still a freebie and they are.

You really will have them already but for anyone new or missed that post head on over to Evie and you will find these on the wall over the desk and also in the back room with other group gifts and lucky boards. These “capri” pants are just top shop quality, you get a big hud of 18 jean colours, 12 leather colours and colour options for the pocket on the pants. Just such a great gift.

As for the top I now remember it was one of my rare purchase which I did buy when it was on a special offer. I won’t tell you anything more about it as I’ve left my AV stood in the shop as I see there is a new group gift which is my next post sorted lol.