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I’m back and still free or cheap. (Freebies & Cheapie).

Yeah, the jeans and boots are the same jeans and boots you will see in every group notice as they’re Coco Designs newest gifts and we all love their quality gifts.

I think the colour of the jeans is called Khaki but they’re more like mustard colour to me and that is the only yellowish colour I like so I’m really pleased with them especially since I’ve deleted many jeans out of my invent. The boots are Chelsea boots and they too are a new gift.

The sweater is a re, re, reblog as this 10Ld fatpack of colours from the Ello shop is my “goto” sweater in SL. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money as there are still the Coco Design Sweaters you can pick up.

Coco Design.

Ello. (Sweater, Marketplace Only).

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Find me under the Christmas Tree. (Freebiess).

If you’ve been to the Uber event you will probably already have this fabulous top which is just one of the many gifts waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

I’ve only opened a couple of items and so far there is another fabulous top that is sadly unwearable for me and a hair which I’m not wearing.

I actually only went to the UBER event just to check out an item for sale and now that I have a folder stuffed with gifts I’m going to settle down on Faiths platform and work my way through them and also check out the shops that have donated these gifts.

PS. Don’t worry as this event continues on till I believe the 22 Jan.

UPDATE: So I went to the Melazana shop which is the shop that donated this top and found a couple of quality group gifts, I’m especially impressed with the perkiness(sic) of the dress lol. I also spotted a few things for sale in the shop which are pretty stand out for their styling.



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Hilly makes it easy. (Freebie).

Super quick post because why not lol.

New group gift from Hilly Haalan, bright red coat, bag, very serviceable ankle boots and also a pantyhose/stockings layer (not worn) all add up to a lovely winter look.

Hilly Haalan.

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I might be “First” (Freebie).

Normally as soon as a new S@bbia group gift is put out there is a little crowd TPing in to grab it but on both of my visits its been lovely and quiet so “I might be the first” to blog it lol.

Everyone knows that I hold the S@bbia range close to my heart. For those of you new to the blog read on for all the rest of you skip this part. The S@bbia range has a lovely “homespun” look to it. When I finally get around to doing some sewing I know the clothes I will make will look just like the S@bbia range…or at least I hope it will.

This coat, sweater & skirt combo most certainly doesn’t have that “homespun” look to it. The bold red stands out and I love the neutral sweater and skirt and the addition of the matching over the knee boots with a chunky heel…excellent.

Do me and yourself a favour once you’ve grabbed this gift and the other free outfit have a look around the shop especially the shoes/boots. She does extremely good quality and “wearable” shoes and boots. Everything from brogues, ankle boots, flatties, wingtips etc and not unreasonably priced esp for the quality.


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It’s weird out there. (Freebies).

I took this picture on the sandbox I use to unpack items I suspect are primmy and this backdrop is primmy.

I love when you pick up a random gift box not knowing what’s inside and inside is some really good gifts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this grey pattern and laced up fronted skirt and boots. I suspect that they’re using a newer template as the shoulders are less bulky and a nice amount of folds/creases.

I had wanted to show you one of the other outfits but my computer decided it had had enough and went on a go-slow protest which is a shame as it’s not often an outfit with a graphic design on it piques my interest but this one did so I will leave that and the third gift as the surprise.

Pay Attention: As the LM takes you to the outside of the Pink Cherry shop and this is a gift from the Apple Heart shop so you need to turn around and the first shop on your left is the Apple Heart shop and you simply buy the hatbox for 0Lds.

UPDATE Because I hadn’t spotted that the pumpkin was also a gift for 0Lds and yeah it too is worth picking up.

Apple Heart.

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I have a shopping list. (Freebie).

On my shopping list next to milk, cat food, bread, bog roll is the Belle Epoque dress, Hideki car, IDK Poses, Paleto backdrop, Tropix backdrop and that’s just from the “The Saturday Sale” as there are a lot of tempting offers this weekend. If you want to see them all just check out Faiths last post as she has them listed.

Before I head off to check all of them out I called into S@bbia and as soon as I TP’d I knew there would be a new group gift as there were other AV’s there and here it is.

As usual with the S@bbia designs, this dress has that “homespun” look to it which I love as it always makes for a nice contrast from the sleeker looks most of us wear. In this case, it’s the addition of that addon Vest that I think really makes it stand out as the underdress has rather washed out duller colours which again does lend itself to that homespun look. Since the vest is an addon you could maybe add it on to other items of clothing you may own.

If this isn’t to your taste don’t forget the other gift of boots. The S@bbia shoe/boot range is for everyone, I may have trashed the clothing but I’ve kept all the shoes/boots as they’re just too good not to.


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From sad to glad.(Planet 9 Freebiesssssss, Decor, Jewelry, clothes etc).

Thankfully the Planet 9 event is nice and quiet which means I was able to get all of the gifts. I did try to count how many gifts there are but “ain’t nobody got time for that” as there are just so many.

Lots of the gifts don’t indicate whats inside so I’m leaving them as a suprise for later however the few items of clothing I did see I couldn’t model for you. So instead here is a coffin.

This is a gift from Nomad and any home owner knows the Nomad brand. A nice mix of colours, two version this upright and a lying on the ground option and a power cord for an extra touch of detail and all for just 1prim.

So it’s nice and as you can see from this picture it casts a nice glow which got me thinking…

…BAM, yeah, change your windlight and amp up the dramatic effect. Dot these around your garden, put them on the roof of your home and enjoy the way the light reflects off other decor.

I just changed it to midnight and then snapped. Since its only 1 prim I’m leaving it where it is so when I get back inworld I’m going to have a play with the settings just for fun.

I will also work my way through all of the other gifts, I suspect there is easily over 100 of them and they are from quality shops. I can see though that there is a lot of accessories ie earrings, wearables, make up etc so I personally won’t be keeping most things but I do keep the landmarks of a lot of the shops such as the ones I’ve not visited for a while or more often a shop who’s name I don’t recognise.

UPDATE: I just had to log in to give it a try so here is my Zen garden with the coffins dotted about.

I took this picture just in the basic “Sunset” windlight option but when I cycled through all of the windlight settings I enjoyed how much of an effect it had on the way they looked. BTW can you see the bottom right corner, yup thats an itty bitty coffin which as it was shrunk seemed to give off a much stronger glow so a perfect tabletop/mantlepiece decor item.

Planet 29