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TPing & Out. (Freebie).

This is how I feel when I’ve been tempted into buying some of the weekend offers (this hotel backdrop, the train station and a rather good smoking pose set).

So I’ve spent enough Lindens and now for the freebie which is the skirt, top, panties and knee-high boots.

A “classic” design which does have a small colour option. Not keen on the head design on the skirt but that’s just my personal choice. As always I appreciate that you can wear each piece separately.

I got this from the Reverse shop which has a couple of weekend special offers on, to find this free group gift then turn left and head that way.

Reverse & Angel n Devil.

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A happy accident. (10Ld & Freebies).

New shop new gifts. Technofolk is not a shop I’ve visited before even though they have one of the weekend special offers ie 60Ld Weekend I just stumbled into it using an old LM.

Some excellent dark/unisex and edgy clothing.

The cargo pants I’m wearing are one of the free group gifts, there are some boots a sports top etc but I decided to pay the 10Lds to get this jacket and I wasn’t disappointed. The small hud only changes the design on the sleeve.

Technofolk & Traume

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A lucky find. (Freebie(s)).

Nice group gifts in the Limited Addiction shop but sadly it’s not a free group so I turned around to storm out in disgust that there was no freebie for me and that’s when I spotted these free boots on the wall.

So lucky me as they’re the burnt orange that I love and just zoom in on the panel at the front as it has a quality knitted texture to it.

These are a “Mesh Body Friends” group gift and there is a dress for another free group, I simply couldn’t be bothered to get undressed/dressed to show you it so that’s your surprise. Also, do check out the Limited Addiction gifts as although it’s a paid-for group sometimes the gifts you get are well worth the fee.

Limited Addiction. (On the wall just inside the entrance door).

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I know now. (Freebie).

The freebie is the dress only.

I finally received a book I’d preordered as a Christmas present for myself so yeah it’s taken a while but I’m so happy to finally have it. The reason I mention it is that it’s a book to teach you how to sew, repair, maintain and create your own style of clothing and as I always say that is why I LOVE the S@bbia brand.

This one-piece dress is a S@bbia classic. One size fits all and a homespun look to it. Nice pleating on the skirt part.

If you do need boots and I should have used them instead of these old S@bbia group gift boots that I’m wearing then the mesh boots are still in the S@bbia shop but it may change soon so I’d get them now as they will go not just with this outfit but many others.


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Going through the motions. (Freebie).

OH, what a week! That’s enough moaning lol. There is a new gift out a S@bbia which has cheered me up.

It’s a cut-out mesh look with the usual quality details just as the zip on the heel.

There is another gift which I have blogged but just in case you missed it, it’s a dress with a zippered hoodie under it.

Can I just say have a good look around the shop especially the shoe/boot department. They all seem to be priced between 140-180Ld and everything comes with a hud of colours. She, Jury Gothly, has for me just the best range of “goto” boots/shoes. They can be teamed up with so much in my invent I really could and should bin every non S@bbia boot/shoe as I rarely change.

I’m now retreating to Faith’s platform and working my way through a whole load of poses that either need to be used or binned.


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I’m back and still free or cheap. (Freebies & Cheapie).

Yeah, the jeans and boots are the same jeans and boots you will see in every group notice as they’re Coco Designs newest gifts and we all love their quality gifts.

I think the colour of the jeans is called Khaki but they’re more like mustard colour to me and that is the only yellowish colour I like so I’m really pleased with them especially since I’ve deleted many jeans out of my invent. The boots are Chelsea boots and they too are a new gift.

The sweater is a re, re, reblog as this 10Ld fatpack of colours from the Ello shop is my “goto” sweater in SL. Don’t worry if you don’t have any money as there are still the Coco Design Sweaters you can pick up.

Coco Design.

Ello. (Sweater, Marketplace Only).

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Find me under the Christmas Tree. (Freebiess).

If you’ve been to the Uber event you will probably already have this fabulous top which is just one of the many gifts waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

I’ve only opened a couple of items and so far there is another fabulous top that is sadly unwearable for me and a hair which I’m not wearing.

I actually only went to the UBER event just to check out an item for sale and now that I have a folder stuffed with gifts I’m going to settle down on Faiths platform and work my way through them and also check out the shops that have donated these gifts.

PS. Don’t worry as this event continues on till I believe the 22 Jan.

UPDATE: So I went to the Melazana shop which is the shop that donated this top and found a couple of quality group gifts, I’m especially impressed with the perkiness(sic) of the dress lol. I also spotted a few things for sale in the shop which are pretty stand out for their styling.