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Sometimes less is more. (Freebie).

My daily visit to S@bbia has paid off with this new Group Gift.

As the title says sometimes it’s nice to wear shape-flattering clothes but at the same time you don’t want to be showing off too much. This bikini is modest and at the same time sexy. For me, I’m keeping the bottoms as I can see those teamed up with a nice simple t-shirt/cropped top.

PS. Plenty of mesh body fits.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Be bold. (Freebies).

I pick up a lot of demos along the way so it is time to work my way through them and the first demo I tried on came from the Cold Laundry shop. So I TP’d over and found this “Pride” gift. It does look familiar but I certainly haven’t blogged it, I think I saw it as a gift at a Pride event.

There are a number of other group gifts which are bikinis.

I knew this came with a hud of colours and I will assume the other bikinis will as well.

It also turns out that it’s Cold Laundry’s 1year anniversary and in celebration of that the fat packs are 50% off. I will say that if you like the item in the first picture then there is a couple of different designs but with those oversized frilled sleeves which are pretty darn good!

Cold Laundry.

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The wrong hat. (Freebie).

Just a random find from the LUXE Paris Fashion House. The shop group does cost to join and although the gifts are worth that fee I’m still too cheap to get them.

Since it’s been a while I had a nice saunter around the shop which is how I spotted the random box just stood on the floor and it’s marked as a gift.

You get a bikini, sheer coverup skirt, shoes and, NOT this hat, a hat. The hat that comes with this freebie is that frilled bucket-shaped one and with the same colours as the rest of the outfit but I just wanted an excuse to wear my Mina hat as I don’t get to wear it often enough.

For me, it’s a shame that when walking the skirt mesh breaks rather than stretches but I’m loving the colour and pattern and I’ve also tried it without the bikini bottom and it can be worn without and you’re not flashing too much.

At the LM turn to your left and it’s the blue box with the pink bow on the ground. I also spotted close by another gift for another free group, I think it was SL, frees & offers which I didn’t grab as I only spotted it when I went to LM grab so that will be today’s suprise.

LUXE Paris Fashion House.

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I’m trapped! (Freebies).

Yet another glorious day outside and I’m stuck indoors waiting for Mr Delivery Man!

Nice simple and quick, the paper.sparrow group is free to join till the end of the month. I love this bathing suit and also the very fruity top which obv I’m not showing you. There are other gifts for other free groups.

Then I remembered and checked and yes Faith did a post about the free hunt gifts from Paper.Sparrow at the Free Dove shop. I will put the link to her post and I’d really suggest you check it out as the gifts are so good even I am tempted to do it before time runs out.


Faith’s Post for Freebies.