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Show some PRIDE. (Freebies).

I’ve not done many of the events, special offers, sales in celebration of “Pride” so when I went to the “Pride at home” event it looks like I made the right choice as the gifts are plenty and quality gifts.

The backdrop is a The Bearded Guy gift (151 prims) and the bathing suit should look familar as it’s the Blueberry bathing suit from a couple of posts ago with a Pride colour palette.

I spotted a lot more so as always when I log back in I will have a nice saunter around in my new cossie and pick up the rest of the gifts.

I also spotted the SOS stall which stands for “Survivors of Suicide” which is both wonderful that people have survive such a traumatic time in their lives but desperately sad that they found themselves in that position in the first place. I did make a donation, just a small one as that was all I basically had but it’s not the amount you donate its the fact you donated that can mean as much.

@Pride at Home.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I’m trapped! (Freebies).

Yet another glorious day outside and I’m stuck indoors waiting for Mr Delivery Man!

Nice simple and quick, the paper.sparrow group is free to join till the end of the month. I love this bathing suit and also the very fruity top which obv I’m not showing you. There are other gifts for other free groups.

Then I remembered and checked and yes Faith did a post about the free hunt gifts from Paper.Sparrow at the Free Dove shop. I will put the link to her post and I’d really suggest you check it out as the gifts are so good even I am tempted to do it before time runs out.


Faith’s Post for Freebies.