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Bag, boots but no to the coat. (Freebies).

Ignore the coat although I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tachinni shop I bought it from isn’t also having a sale. I will check when I log in but for the freebies you have to look at the boots and bag.

They come from the Amui shop and are a free group gift. Tachinni

I did check and yes Tachinni has a 50% sale not just on the clothes but the gift cards as well. I couldn’t see this coat in the shop but I may just have missed it as its COFFEE TIME!


Tachinni Mainstore. (50% sale).

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I’m not that lucky. (2Ld Hunt Prizes).

Normally when you see me with some sort of bag and a mode of transport in the background it means I’m OFF! Escaping the daily grind, buggering off into the sunset etc sadly that’s not the case.

The hoodie and backpack are hunt prizes from the Meander Me & Sooty Wings shop.

There are 3 hunts going on at this moment and if you look at the wall to your right you will see them and what it is you’re looking for. This cropped hoodie and bag are one of the hunt prizes and sorry I’m not inworld so I’ve forgotten which hunt it’s for and I think this cost me, 2Lds. Plus I have changed the colour a bit due to the editing so esp the hoodie does look more purple than pink, look at the pocket on the backpack and that’s the colour it comes in.

PS. You can also rezz the bag as decor but at 14prims it may just be too primmy for some people.

Meander Me & Sooty Wings.

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Zoom! (Freebie(s)).

The bag is the freebie.

I am looking for a quality free sweater and yet I’m showing you a bag…go figure lol.

Just before I was about to give up on my hunt for a quality freebie and log out of SL I decided to go to Zenith and found they have 2 UBER gifts out for us.

This is the keeper for me as not only is it a great wearable but a rezzable as it’s only 3 prims.

The other gift is earings which I’ve not opened yet and there are a lot of mixed gifts as well, outfits and accessories. I didn’t spot anything new but if you’ve never been to Zenith then you’re in for a treat.


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Super Stacks. (Freebie(ss)).

These super stacked shoes are not to my taste but who cares because, in the end, we all do what we want with our SL lives.

There are actually quite a lot of group gifts in the Sibilla shop in this super stacked style with a couple of other gifts including a rather good wearable bag and what looks like “foot wrinkles”? I will be unpacking that later.

The group is free and when you click on the goodies you select “deliver” out of the menu.

Just in case you do miss it then the two stands are both group gifts, easy to spot when you’re there and just as easy to miss if you didn’t know.


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I take no credit. (Freebie(sss).

These shorts did come out in a freebie group post and since they looked so good and I’m desperate to get back outside and enjoy the sun I decided I’d go for it.

(Ignore the top as it’s an old freebie).

I had hoped that out of all the gift bags in the “A breakfast convo” shop there would be a top I could use and yes there are tops, dresses, poses etc and nope I couldn’t use any of those. You do get fatpack of colours and sizes but just not Legacy so I slung one of my own tops on and pulled a pose.

Special mention to this bag! Oooh, lots of detailing and a light sparkle which you can see in this picture. Super nice but since I don’t wear bags and love them as decor I TP’d to a sandbox to rezz it and you can’t it can only be worn.

A Breakfast Convo.

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Peace of Mind. (Freebie(s)).

The title is actually the name of this pose and as it happens something big/sad and yet offers some peace of mind will be happening today.

Nuff said about that, let’s talk about the bikini. It’s just really good, with lots of fit, a cute watermelon pattern and is just one of the freebies in the Dream shop.

I had actually done a whole post on another freebie from the Dream shop, beige floral pants, but it was a shamefully bad photo so I will leave that and the other gifts for you to check out.


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Muddle Headed. (Freebie(ss)).

I know that I’ve shown you this bodysuit from the Rowne shop before because I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to recreate Beyonce’s “all the single ladies” pose.

A really nice simple body suit with a good hud of colours and nice light jersey feel to it. Did I mention that you can wear it as a bodysuit, jumper and cropped top as in the hud you also have the same options.

I’m not sure if this skirt is new but since it does come in a Legacy fit I think it’s the newest gift. I’ve teamed it up with the sweater version of the body suit as it comes in a matching colour hud palette. Yeah I know I’ve managed to use a pose which hides the fact there is an intentional gap between the skirt and top.

The shoes are also a gift and again a hud of colours, they’re a classic pair of court shoes.

This “Oxblood Dress” is a very old gift and no shame about that as its lovely quality it just means that it’s limited in fits.

There are a lot of gifts in the Rowne shop. I really don’t think there is anything new but as always they may be new to you and the bucket bag gift is one that I still have.

PS. Turn right and all the gifts are on the shelves next to the window.