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A lazy sunday.(Free & Cheap).

I checked out the links Faith did in her regular “Weekend Sales and there is at least one thing I want to buy and another I want to tell you about which will be the next post.

One of the shops with a weekend offer on is the “Make a Mark” shop, I didn’t go for the offer I just went for a look around and found a couple of group gifts and a cheapies.

I only picked up this backdrop freebie but there is no reason you couldn’t use it as an addon to your home or use as a garden feature especially as it’s only 14 prims.

I paid for this little tank/table? Only 20Lds.

If you look closely you will see inside is a pier with a little boat floating on water which I just thought was lovely and dreamy. Only 2 prims and you do get a resizer as well. There were a couple of other designs to check out as well, each are 20Lds.

PS. They’re on the wall to your left for the group gift(s).

Make a Mark.

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It’s another world. (Freebies).

The event I blogged yesterday may have shut down now but not before I walked away with a few LM’s to check out and one of them is for a shop called “Strange Merchant”.

I wasn’t sure what this shop was selling when I first visited but soon worked it out that its a bit of everything, backdrops, homes, textures, wearable all in a very bold, bright and futuristic style.

There are some gifts in the inworld shop, under the stairs, but I’m glad I checked their marketplace shop as that is where I found the next 2 items.

This build is the “other world room” and on the back of this is another copy in a different colout. I was in such a rush that I didn’t try out any of the 26 AO’s and it says it will sit up to 6 AV. I do know it’s low enough prims that I can and will rezz a copy on my land so I can just try those poses out for myself. So a great backdrop for photos or if you just want to rezz a hangout place for you and friends to chill for a while at I think it’s around the 50 prim mark. Then once you’re finished or bored just delete it.

Now we can go OTT and at a land impact of 193 I could still have rezzed it on our land but I’m pleased I didn’t.

Not only is it a space ship but check out the details.

“Nebula Space Ship
Has 2 Flight Modes,Optional Rezzables,Control Panels,Couch And Chair,Sleeping Pods,Bunk Beds,Dance Floor,Kitchen,Table,Star Space Dome. Rezables Follow Moving Ship. Ship Turns Phantom When Moving Able To Go Through Prims. Optional Color Changing to 2 Colors. 9 Normal Colors In Menu. Optional Flames Coming Out Of Ship Tintable Windows Back Door That Opens On Click. Camera Snaps To Back Of Ship When Flying, Fix Rotation Button Change Speed Button Turn Sound On Or Off
Lock Or Unlock Ship For Others To Fly.Use As A Ship Or Use It As A House Its Big Enough Just Click Ship For Menu.”

Again I only rezzed and had a quick walk around inside so now I can see how much I missed I will rezz another copy and check it out fully for myself.

BTW although the colours are set in the pictures they do cycle through different neon shades.

Also the backdrop is just a nice sandbox I’ve found which just happened to match the theme of these gifts.

Please check out the inworld shop, some stunning backdrops, home and garden decor, wearables etc with bold colours. I spent a really nice time just “ooing” as I looked at everything and there is a rezzer as well.

Strange Merchant. (Marketplace for these gifts).

Strange Merchant. (Inworld).

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It’s an illusion, thinking outside of the box. (Freebie Backdrop).

What a brill gift from Paletto and the L’Homme group.

You get 2 versions this is the one with the better quality light, LOD etc the other has the lower specs but the same quality its just a bit kinder on some peoples graphic cards.

OH Lord I have so many backdrop and a lot of them come from Paletto. Just love them and I understand that for a lot of people a backdrop isn’t very interesting so look at it this way. A backdrop can be rezzed as a tempory playroom for RP or a party or just because you’re bored and you’d like to live in a different type of build. We don’t have to live in a standard “house” so just rezz a room to suit your mood because in SL you can live your life anyway you want.

PS. I got this link through the TeleportHub group and it said get it ASAP…so go now.


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Free for Friday. (Freebies).

What a day! Nothing that a good cup of coffee and relaxing with a good book won’t cure which leads me nicely on to this freebie backdrop or if you use the version with the stary surround a nice hidey-hole for your home.

I should have placed myself inside so you can get some idea of the size of it but then again I should be tall, thin and rich and I’m none of those so you will have to just take my word it’s a decent size for a snuggly chair/cushions/footstool and a pile of books.

Yes it is a reblog and so are these floral birdcages.

I think these glass bottles with the holly branches are new but it’s hard to tell as a lot of whats on the wall of group gifts in the Kraftwork shop have been there for a long time and they’re still as good now as when they were first put out for us.

So a nice selection of home and landscaping decor just waiting for you.