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No0b! (Freebie(ssss)).

I love Steampunk so I went to the Engine Room Event and found gift after gift after gift which I neatly tucked into a folder to make it easier to find and sort through and that’s when I made a real No0bish mistake and “Add” the WHOLE FOLDER to myself. Considering that one gift is a floating island as you can imagine I looked like a right mess. So I slunk off home and unattached and did a quick scan through and I didn’t see any clothing as yet but I do have to return to check out the rest of the event and grab the last gifts.

I did find this rather excellent “Hopeless Mask” from the Tentacio stall.

A small hud is included and then we have these boots from the Art&Ko stall.

I’d love these in RL.

I’m not going back just for the rest of the freebies as I picked up two demos’ of gowns that I’m being sorely tempted by. The only thing that stopped me from buying one of them straight away wasn’t so much the ouchy price tag was that the stall was still in the “set up” stages plus in the pictures used by the seller there are accessories. So I am going to wait for the stall to be properly set up and see if they’re included in the price or if they’re an additional cost.

Update: OoooOoooOooooo I snuck inworld to get the rest of the gifts and some more demos and then started to unpack and as I’ve said “OoooOoooOooooo” so many nice and quality accessories/decor…that’s it as I really do have to log off now but I can’t wait to unpack the rest tomorrow and check out the shops they came from.

The Engine Room Event.

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Zoom! (Freebie(s)).

The bag is the freebie.

I am looking for a quality free sweater and yet I’m showing you a bag…go figure lol.

Just before I was about to give up on my hunt for a quality freebie and log out of SL I decided to go to Zenith and found they have 2 UBER gifts out for us.

This is the keeper for me as not only is it a great wearable but a rezzable as it’s only 3 prims.

The other gift is earings which I’ve not opened yet and there are a lot of mixed gifts as well, outfits and accessories. I didn’t spot anything new but if you’ve never been to Zenith then you’re in for a treat.


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I hate this. (Freebie(sss)).

I know Faith has already done a post on the big FLF 13th birthday event which is now on it the last couple of days so I went over to check it out and scored so many freebies but also some actual FLF offers and of course, LM’s of shops I want to visit.

That’s how I got to the Indigo shop as this stunning feather mask is their gift at the FLF event. Such amazing quality that even though I may never wear it again I just have to keep it with all of my other masks and headdresses. It really is just too stunning to trash.

Once I’d found a free outfit from the gifts I TP’d over to the Indigo shop and found this super wearable bag. Comes with a mix of poses that hold when you walk which is always a nice touch.

The dress is the ValentinaE gift from the FLF event as well and I did manage to resist their FLF offer as I’m pretty sure I may already have it but check it out for sure as they make such classy wearable designs so for only 50Lds…tempting.

FLF 13th Birthday Bash.



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The best is behind me. (Freebies).

The best isn’t that lovely laid table it’s the slashed back and bow accessory to this lovely top.

You only get two shades this black one with a nice texture that stops it from looking flat and a very bold red which because of that heart cut out suggests it may have been Valentine’s gift but it is still wearable any time of year.

Picked up from the Liziaah shop and I know the name but out of the gifts I don’t recognise this top so I do believe it’s new, to me, as well as other gifts which I do remember.

The gifts are the Bags on the shelf with the letter “L” on them.


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Muddle Headed. (Freebie(ss)).

I know that I’ve shown you this bodysuit from the Rowne shop before because I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to recreate Beyonce’s “all the single ladies” pose.

A really nice simple body suit with a good hud of colours and nice light jersey feel to it. Did I mention that you can wear it as a bodysuit, jumper and cropped top as in the hud you also have the same options.

I’m not sure if this skirt is new but since it does come in a Legacy fit I think it’s the newest gift. I’ve teamed it up with the sweater version of the body suit as it comes in a matching colour hud palette. Yeah I know I’ve managed to use a pose which hides the fact there is an intentional gap between the skirt and top.

The shoes are also a gift and again a hud of colours, they’re a classic pair of court shoes.

This “Oxblood Dress” is a very old gift and no shame about that as its lovely quality it just means that it’s limited in fits.

There are a lot of gifts in the Rowne shop. I really don’t think there is anything new but as always they may be new to you and the bucket bag gift is one that I still have.

PS. Turn right and all the gifts are on the shelves next to the window.


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Time to bag it. (Freebie & Reblog).

I’ve had this bag in my invent for too long so it’s time to blog it.

It’s a gift from the Blanche shop and I remember the shop well as outside is a really nice Venice/canal theme going on. As for the bag, you get two colour options red and pink and two wearing poses. Next to this is a funny gift of an egg on toast mouthie. Pretty cute but as you all know I’m not big into wearables. Some very nice bags in this shop and some outfits really do look better accessorised

PS. These are free but you will have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

Obviously, the reblog is the top. I like to team up free with free sometimes though I don’t have enough time to hunt down a new freebie top or dress so I will dust off an old one and in this case it was easy as this top from Smesh is a keeper I’ve had for a while. dusted off this one from the Smesh shop. The group gifts are on the wall behind the desk and at the bottom of the stairs is more gifts for different free groups…thinking about it I’m pretty sure this top is one from the bottom of the stairs. Pretty easy to find them all.



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Chefs Kiss. (Freebie).

The Freebie is the hat.

I’m still working my way through all my hats and I found a pretty interesting stylised one called “The Lou Hat” as always I had to go back to the shop I got it from and that is where I found this free chef’s hat gift.

There is another gift, on the wall next to the desk, of earrings. For both gifts just pay 1Ld and it is returned to you. The hat also comes with a Hud of colours.