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Oh Drat, I squinted! (Freebie(sssssss)).

I simply couldn’t wait so I braved the crowd to hunt down all the cakes at the Belle Epoque birthday hunt.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount and quality of the gifts as I made a mistake in my last post because there are 20 Belle Epoque Gifts and I think it’s 10 Gifts from other big designer names in SL.

I actually ended up getting very click-happy and took so many pictures of so many items/outfits it was hard to pick and choose which to show you.

Most of them to me have just a bit of a hint of retro which is why I chose this backdrop.

The fact that there is a lot of clothing is just so generous but even the accessories such as the hat in the first picture are quality and I do love the accessories even if I will never use them.

What I’m not showing you is the full-length coat because I was too cocky and only took one snap only to find when I logged out and then checked the picture did I notice it looked like I was in the middle of a sneeze with both eyes shut. There is also a straw/flower hat which I believe is now a Belle Epoque classic. This is much more of a period piece that needs to be teamed up with a gown rather than a more modern look.

I haven’t even mentioned the gifts from the other shops which I’ve not opened yet as it’s all been too much. The one thing I will say and I’m slightly surprised is that there are no shoes among the gifts and since it seems to have been a long time since I found quality free shoes that’s on my search list when I log back inworld.

Belle Epoque.

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A reto feel. (Freebie(ss)).

The coat is NOT the freebie.

This gift is for the hat, gloves and there is also a draped scarf included but not worn as it’s bold pattern I felt distracted from the hat and gloves.

Both the hat and gloves have a really good thick felt texture to them in a chocolate colour. The finishing touch of a sweep of a feather and the way the hat is perched make them great finishing touches to a classic look. Both are “keepers” for me and you may actually like the scarf as there isn’t anything wrong with it it just wasn’t me.

1920’s, 30s etc

The shop they come from is called Sonatta Morales and it caters very much for the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s market in clothing, hats and I will assume shoes as I’ve not had a full look around the shop.

Sonatta Morales

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Now for something different. (Freebie & Mention of Cheapies).

It’s nice to be able to show you something different and this explosion of wires and cables spurting out my mouth and wrapped around my neck is cetainly different. You get 5 versions but I think they’re pretty much the same. I also like how it animates your mouth open which gives it a creepier look.

This group gift is to be found at the LM but please use the TP to check out the shop cinphul shop as there are some unique items of AV accessories and home decor. It’s one of those shops you have to keep looking as although not everything maybe to your taste you just have to check everything out.

I’m not sure if the TP is broken but I remember from a previous visit/post that if you leave the shop and fly around to the back on the hill are 2 tents with some free, discounted and some full priced items. Take note to price check as somethings are still expensive also the 10Ld items are Gacha prizes.

I’ve blogged many items from this hidden stash of goodies before and I’m so glad I went back as it’s reminded me of some of the items I’ve not used esp the “Memaw’s quilt” that I bought a long time ago and completely forgot. If you want to check those out then they’re just behind on of the tents.


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Feeling hot, hot, hot. (Freebies).

Short n sweet.

This is just one of the gorgeous freebies from Una and now I’ve logged in to grab the LM I’m sure that there are new gifts as I don’t remember this or the dress I picked up at the same time which means hopefully some surprises for you all.

PS. Just thought I’d add that this and the other gifts seem to come with a colour hud as well which is always a nice extra.

UNA. (On the wall to your left as you go in).