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You, me and coffee. (Freebies & Dollarbie).

I’m slurping a much-needed big mug of coffee as I have zero energy and no one else to blame but myself as I couldn’t sleep and made the big mistake of logging into SL just for 10mins which naturally stretched into a couple of hours!

I did score really well though so it wasn’t a total waste of time.

First I must show you two more items I got from the “Big Girl” event (check out my last post) as there were so many really good gifts and I just had to show off this hat from the Crybunbun shop/stall and since the pretty sweater from the Gaia shop/stall matched it perfectly I’m kawaii from the waist up and grunge from the waist down.

BTW The hat comes in different colours and a pose that has you holding those ears up and out. You can’t wear it without this pose but I think it’s cute.

Now for the grunge bottoms. I did promise I’d find some cheap/free bottoms and here they are.

Took me a ridiculous amount of time to find chunky boots in my invent to wear with them as these very baggy wide pants are something I don’t often have to style.

You get a really big hud which allows you to change everything from the buckle to the buttons to even panels.

I think it’s only a Maitreya/Legacy fit but for 1Ld cheap enough for you to try it out for yourself.

I’d picked these up from the marketplace and then checked the inworld shop and spotted that inworld they’re dollarbies. You still have to join the free group, pay 10Lds and 9Lds is returned to you.

There are more gifts in the shop and I’m planning on showing you another one of the group gifts later but not everything has been set right so you can’t get all of the gifts.

PS. I don’t have a hand growing out of my back it’s just the pose.

Rabbit House.

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Broken. (Freebie(s)).

The freebie is the umbrella.

A random TP took me back to the Butanik83 shop. I remember blogging the freebies previously but I’m 99% sure there are some new things added to the table as if I’d seen this broken umbrella I would have 100% blogged it and kept it. Faith has a musical instrument addiction I have umbrellas, bicycles, aprons, trays etc addictions and don’t even get me started on homes and pools! So I know I would have definitely grabbed this to show you.

This is an interesting shop with unique wearables. The freebies are on a small table which is easy to find.

I have to work now, I don’t wanna but my cats need food and my bills need paying so I will leave you with this and see ya’s later.


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Causing Havoc. (Freebies & Free Shop Credit, RUSH).

Fortunately the issues SL was having with logins have passed and now I can show you my goodies…and I don’t mean my Perkies.

The top is a group gift from the Mym shop. A nice simple cropped top, with some boob-defining wrinkles and a hud of 4 shades and I’m now wishing I’d chosen the red colour. I was also lucky to win the lucky chair gift which I’m not showing you as there is only 1 chair and I only really do lucky chair/board prizes when there are a lot of them, nice gifts and a high turn over.

Everyone knows I don’t often show off accessories but with the Havoc shop gifts, it’s a different matter. The waist bag is a reblog and it does say “Updated” but I’m not sure what the update is as it’s pretty darn good in any case, I’m wearing the original one I have as a keeper. The “Bat bag” is cute and but it was the “tool bag” in my right hand that got me excited.

I’m pretty sure there are new gifts and all are accessories and for the most part, they come with big huds and a really nice touch is you get very low-primmed rezzable versions.

I spotted the snow outside of the Havoc shop and what looks like a market, it is the weekend and other special offers, I then decided to check out the Roslyn shop as it shares the same shopping area.

I joined the free group and grab just one of the bags as I’ve done enough accessories for the day but fortunately, I also decided to check the shop out properly as it’s not one I’ve visited often and look what I found…yeah it’s SHOPPING TIME BABY! Unfortunately, I believe we only have till the 17th to get the credit and I will check to see if there is a use-by date as well and also add the LM as I’ve just tacked this bit onto this post as I’d hate for people to miss this.

The small print says that the store credit doesn’t expire but the group returns to a paid one after the 17th. So don’t delay and grab it today…urgh I rhymed!

And another UPDATE, as I’m wandering around the Roslyn shop I’ve spotted even more shelves of group gifts the accessories are on the wall to the left as you’re facing the reception desk while on the back of the wall behind the reception desk are clothes…a decent amount and I’ve grabbed them all. They look “shop quality” so I’m going to have a nice time spending the free credit and then unpacking everything.


Mym Store.


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Yes, it’s me. (Freebies).

A couple of new and interesting gifts from the Rowne shop and a reblog of one of the best bags I’ve had in my invent for years.

The thigh-high boots are excellent and teamed up with this full-body/head-body suit that looks sexy AF.

For some reason, this body suit is familiar to me however the head cover option is new so I wonder if this is an old design that has been revamped? Don’t worry if you’re not keen as the head cover is an add-on and can be removed.

Why it seems familiar is I do remember blogging if not this but a similar body-suit that came with a hud that allows you to change it from this to a top to a cropped top and the addition of a lovely colour Hud makes it a very handy item for your invent.

There are other gifts in the Rowne shop, previously blogged, so lots of goodies for you to find.


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No0b! (Freebie(ssss)).

I love Steampunk so I went to the Engine Room Event and found gift after gift after gift which I neatly tucked into a folder to make it easier to find and sort through and that’s when I made a real No0bish mistake and “Add” the WHOLE FOLDER to myself. Considering that one gift is a floating island as you can imagine I looked like a right mess. So I slunk off home and unattached and did a quick scan through and I didn’t see any clothing as yet but I do have to return to check out the rest of the event and grab the last gifts.

I did find this rather excellent “Hopeless Mask” from the Tentacio stall.

A small hud is included and then we have these boots from the Art&Ko stall.

I’d love these in RL.

I’m not going back just for the rest of the freebies as I picked up two demos’ of gowns that I’m being sorely tempted by. The only thing that stopped me from buying one of them straight away wasn’t so much the ouchy price tag was that the stall was still in the “set up” stages plus in the pictures used by the seller there are accessories. So I am going to wait for the stall to be properly set up and see if they’re included in the price or if they’re an additional cost.

Update: OoooOoooOooooo I snuck inworld to get the rest of the gifts and some more demos and then started to unpack and as I’ve said “OoooOoooOooooo” so many nice and quality accessories/decor…that’s it as I really do have to log off now but I can’t wait to unpack the rest tomorrow and check out the shops they came from.

The Engine Room Event.

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Zoom! (Freebie(s)).

The bag is the freebie.

I am looking for a quality free sweater and yet I’m showing you a bag…go figure lol.

Just before I was about to give up on my hunt for a quality freebie and log out of SL I decided to go to Zenith and found they have 2 UBER gifts out for us.

This is the keeper for me as not only is it a great wearable but a rezzable as it’s only 3 prims.

The other gift is earings which I’ve not opened yet and there are a lot of mixed gifts as well, outfits and accessories. I didn’t spot anything new but if you’ve never been to Zenith then you’re in for a treat.


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I hate this. (Freebie(sss)).

I know Faith has already done a post on the big FLF 13th birthday event which is now on it the last couple of days so I went over to check it out and scored so many freebies but also some actual FLF offers and of course, LM’s of shops I want to visit.

That’s how I got to the Indigo shop as this stunning feather mask is their gift at the FLF event. Such amazing quality that even though I may never wear it again I just have to keep it with all of my other masks and headdresses. It really is just too stunning to trash.

Once I’d found a free outfit from the gifts I TP’d over to the Indigo shop and found this super wearable bag. Comes with a mix of poses that hold when you walk which is always a nice touch.

The dress is the ValentinaE gift from the FLF event as well and I did manage to resist their FLF offer as I’m pretty sure I may already have it but check it out for sure as they make such classy wearable designs so for only 50Lds…tempting.

FLF 13th Birthday Bash.