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My treat. (FLF 50Ld Offer).

I always look forward to the FLF list and as soon as I saw this wardrobe from the Kraftwork shop I had to have it and unlike most things I buy I didn’t just let it disappear into the bowels of my invent never to be seen again and have rezzed it in place in my bedroom.

It’s just my cup of tea both in SL & RL. Thinking about it I’m pretty sure Kraftwork has freebies so I will check those out soon.

PS. I was also tempted by the potato costume but then again…


FLF Seraphim’s Blog.

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A sweet start. (Mina’s FLF Offer).

Casey is one of my fav Mina hairs and I know I say that often but it’s true because just look at it.

This is just a perfect hat/hair. The texture on the hat is so realistic and you get a hud of 9 different patterns from this leather look to a very bold retro pattern. Also, you can choose which hair colour pack to buy, Ombre or Natural, and each pack has a massive hud of hair colours.

To get this hair for only 50Lds is such a bargain but if you have a few Lindens spare and like hats then Mina does have a range of hats and caps now from beachy mesh ones to even a horse riding hat.

PS. I leave my ears poking out as I just think it looks cute, obviously if you don’t then all mesh heads allow you to alpha them out.

Mina’s Mainshop,

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I hate this. (Freebie(sss)).

I know Faith has already done a post on the big FLF 13th birthday event which is now on it the last couple of days so I went over to check it out and scored so many freebies but also some actual FLF offers and of course, LM’s of shops I want to visit.

That’s how I got to the Indigo shop as this stunning feather mask is their gift at the FLF event. Such amazing quality that even though I may never wear it again I just have to keep it with all of my other masks and headdresses. It really is just too stunning to trash.

Once I’d found a free outfit from the gifts I TP’d over to the Indigo shop and found this super wearable bag. Comes with a mix of poses that hold when you walk which is always a nice touch.

The dress is the ValentinaE gift from the FLF event as well and I did manage to resist their FLF offer as I’m pretty sure I may already have it but check it out for sure as they make such classy wearable designs so for only 50Lds…tempting.

FLF 13th Birthday Bash.



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Not today Satan!!! (Mina’s FLF Offer).

Life is a pain in the ass! There I’ve said it and feel a bit better for it. So I’m gonna turn off my computer, hide my phone, prepare some lovely food and then lounge the rest of the day away in my garden and be 100% grateful for the things which aren’t a pain in the ass.

Since I’m in a rush to log off life and I don’t know if Mina keeps her FLF for longer than Friday and I hate you to miss one of her excellent hat/hairs so here is a cheat picture.

Obviously, I already have this one and I can tell you the mesh is perfect, it’s so fine that if you look closely at the picture you can make out the tree’s behind it.

As you can imagine Mina’s shop is heaving as it’s just too good an offer for a superb design and summer look for just 50Lds!

You will have to try on the demo to see what is included in the FLF, I took one look at all the fluffy orange clouds and logged out.

Mina’s Main shop.

Seraphims Blog. (FLF pictures & LM’s).

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OH, Dear is me!. (Free & FLF).

I fell face-first into a box of chocolates and now I’m sitting here feeling BLURGH!

If you check out the FLF list then you may recognise the hair as it’s the Fifty Linden Friday offer from the Bonbon shop. It has something different to it which is what I look for when paying for a hair and in this case, it’s a little bit of windblowness(sic).

The shop was quite busy so it looks like a lot of people also want this hair…but as always even at this bargain price try the demo out first.

So the “Free” has to be the outfit and yes it’s a S@bbia outfit. I know this “Homespun” look isn’t for everyone but everyone who follows this blog knows I really like the S@bbia range. It just stands out from the same old templates and I think it does make you stand out. There is another Group Gift in the S@bbia shop which I didn’t blog as it was just hmmm…while this dress has some nice detailing such as the belt, zippers and the undershirt is a hoodie. As always it’s a one size fits all.

BTW Make sure to check out the S@bbia shop, especially the shoes and boots selection. Some of my fav boots come from here.


FLF Serpahim Blog. (Pictures & LM’s).

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That’s lucky. (FLF Hair & Reblogged Freebie).

I was wearing this old(ish) freebie and it was lucky that to me it goes pretty well with this week’s FLF offer from Mina’s.

The hair is called Dakota.

Because of the chain, beads and small shells it definitely has a “Hippy Chic” look to it. As always you get a fatpack of shades as well as a hud that allows you to change the colour of each part.

Yet again this isn’t old hair being flogged off cheap and of course, it’s the addons that make all the difference to the whole look.

How funny is that! I’ve been wearing this outfit for the past couple of days trying to hunt down a new outfit only to use it for this post and when I went to LM grab I spotted all the people and the big FLF notice! So check that FLF offer and then for this and the other Justice gifts you will find them on the wall behind the FLF offer.

Mina’s Mainshop.


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No, you can’t be me! (FLF Belleza Skin).

I’ve got my face covered up because what I look like wearing the Belleza Cassie FLF skin is not what you will look like and tbh I don’t even look like the picture in the advert! We’re all such different shapes/sizes and of course, we’ve all tweaked our shapes to suit our taste so it’s no good me showing you how it looks on me you’re just gonna have to go and try out the demo for yourself.

I will say though that I’m SOOOO happy with it, you get 4 skin tones and 5 brow layers, BOM obviously and a shape which I’m haven’t tried yet.

I am a mean so and so with my Lindens but I always say that it’s hard to get a free or cheap skin or hair they’re something worth paying for but in this case, 50Lds is a super bargain for such great skin.