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My treat. (FLF, 50Ld, Junbug Dress).

I had to check and nope this FLF offer from Junbug is not listed on the Seraphim blog post. To be fair to the Seraphim blog they’re usually on the ball with their lists so this may have been put out super late or since the group gift hasn’t changed for a very long time then maybe this and the other FLF offer also haven’t changed for a very long time.

I’m not complaining as it does mean I’ve managed to indulge my need to be a fancy pants.

I do own a few gowns in SL because I like many do occasionally tart my AV up and swan around like Lady Muck, the rest of the time I’m wearing the last item I blogged, covered in demos signs or one of my “goto” basics.

This only comes in 2 fits and both of them were a great fit even for me. There is a demo available. As for the colour it says “lemon” but although the editing has made it slightly darker to me it’s definately a light cream. If you want something bolder then the other FLF is a shoulderless gown with a tight bodice and flowing skirt that Junbug is known for.


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Not enough time.(FLF Mina Hair).

As soon as I saw that this Mina hair is a FLF offer I logged in and got ready to model it for you and show you all the extra’s it comes with but I ran out of time and now all I can show you is the poster picture.

That blindfold is just plain sexy, look at the folds and the way the hair strands hang over it, just a touch of quality. Then check out the details on the side, you get some absolutely lovely colours for the blind everything from classic black satin to pink satin. Then to top it all off there is a small style hud which has the blind fold over or under the hair and best of all the hair without the blindfold.

The reason I like the hair as much without the blindfold as with is because I have found this hair has a style which really goes well when wearing a chunky scarf, coat or jumper. So you may see it more as I live RL seasons in SL and I’m hoping to find some nice winter wear soon.

YEAH here it comes…..this isn’t the only “kinky” hair Mina has in her shop, there is a full length hair with blindflold, the one with the neck brace(?) and the way the hair hangs with that one is just again perfect styling. There are others that I could mention but I’m sure you will check those out.

PS. Yeah I’m also going to check out the other FLF hair from Exile because why not, we all love great hair.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Being tempted. (FLF Birthday Bash, Lots of FLF offers & FREEBIES).

I’ve wasted too much time in SL trying out new skins and the more updated Evo Lelutka Mesh head and guess what….I’m sticking with what works for me.

Now for the FLF Offers & FREEBIES. This is the “FLF Backyard Birthday Bash” event which is stuffed with 50Ld offers and freebies. The top I’m wearing is one of the freebies, from Blueberry. Drat I forgot to put back on the bra layer which hides the underboob. A nice big hud of colours etc.

I literally grabbed only 3 gifts, they’re the coolers on the stands, before I TP’d back out. Since a lot of the biggest names in SL are involved in the weekly FLF offer they’re all here at this event and that also means the gifts are going to be really good quality. The other 2 I unpacked were really good but 1 was unwearable and the other is a sandwich…most unusual.

Make sure to check out the link to the Seraphim blog as you can see everything for sale, just not the freebies, I definately want the D-Lab stove, the Hextraordinary wall lamp and or the Caboodle strawberry lamp it depends on if they emit a light and if I don’t already own it then the , Jians Bearded dragon terrainum is definately on my list as well.

Seraphim, FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

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Pick carefully. (FLF Mina “Wet” Hair).

When Mina brought out her first “wet” hair it was such a new thing that I bet the sale of it went through the roof. The “wet” version was so popular she actually updated the pack to include a permament wet hair.

Since then she’s come out with more wet look hairs as for those who not only like to take pictures but do like to add more realism to their “OFTD” (outfit of the day) then when you’re in a beachy look then wet hair is just a great finishing touch. What you can’t see in this pictures is the small droplets of water running down the strands of hair.

This hair is called Marsha and is her FLF offer.

This hair is also an interactive hair and with a very simple easy to use hud. You can keep the hair permamently wet or dry or set a timer to change from wet to dry and turn the water droplets off and on.

As ALWAY check out the demo as you will get the fully interactive demo to try. If you want to check out the other wet/dry hair then you will spot a random shower in her main shop and it’s there because the other wet/dry hairs are close by and you can try them out using this shower before you decide which you like best.

OH I’ve just had a thought of course wet hair is for when you shower or over excercise both vertically and horizontally…wink wink lol.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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I cast no shade! (Mina Hat/Hair FLF Offer).

This is a pretty newish hat/hair from Mina Nakamura so to see it as a FLF offer suprised/shocked me.

Carion comes with a style hud for the hair and a 7 shades for the hat add to that you can chose either the “dip dye” or “essentials” pack of colours and each pack contains 30 shades.

As you can imagine it is humming at Mina’s but as always try the demo out…nah just buy it you will not be disapointed.

I’m going to put the picture here that Mina has used and the reason is quite simple.

My graphics are set pretty high as I have a gaming laptop and wow does SL look amazing but for some odd reasons the shadows my AV casts are at best weak and at worse pixelated so I rarely use shadows. As you can see from Mina’s picture you really do get that fine shading over your face if you use shadows and if you don’t as you can see from my picture it doesn’t matter as it’s a stunning summer hat.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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I knew it! (Mina’s FLF offer and Dollarbie).

Blimey where is the time going! It’s already past 3pm, in the UK, and I still haven’t finished my work but it’s time for a coffee break so I did a quick log in as I knew I had this dollarbie outfit from the marketplace to show you.

I don’t know how I missed that Mina has an FLF (Fifty Linden Offer) on! If I hadn’t decided to just pop over I would have missed being able to show Brianna to you.

You get a style hud which changes the side the fringe is swept over to. You can’t really see them because I’ve not taken a picture close enough to show you the (UK) clips or (American) bobby pins which hold that swept fringe in place which is a nice subtle touch.

As always try the demo but a quality hair with a fatpack of shades for 50Ld its a steal.

As for the outfit the more I look at it the more I suspect it’s a reblog. Not sure if it was Faith or I which has shown you this pant/top set but it does no harm to show it, again? You get a lot of fits, comes as separates and have a lovely soft velvet texture to me.

I knew it, I just had to double check and I wasn’t wrong as this Mina hair doesn’t have a picture/LM on the seraphim blog. You will see a little “mia” which of course stands for “Missing in action” and occasionally a shop/event doesn’t get their picture in in time for it to go on the blog so I’m dead chuffed my “pop in” to Mina’s has paid off.

UPDATE: Ha, Faith always says I don’t read her posts, whispers she’s right but I do scroll past the pictures which is why this looked familar as Faith blogged it just last week lol.

E.D.D.A (Marketplace).


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I should leave. (New Mina & Caboodle Sale).

FaMESHedX isn’t really an event I visit often as it’s mainly for clothes and any decor is usually a bit more X rated. That is how I almost missed this new Mina hair called Natalia.

I’m regretting not choosing one of the other shades for the mask and the straps as this pale pink with I think a hint of sparkle doesn’t photo as well as the darker ones would have.

I could see my lashes blinking through the mask so I popped the unrigged version on and a couple of clicks of the edit menu was all it took to hide that but I wasn’t too happy with the overall fit so I returned it to the size it comes in and turned off my blink mode…worked a treat. Even if you don’t do any of that it’s hardly noticable it’s only because I take photos that I spotted it.

Don’t worry as you can see you get a mask free hair as well as a mask on it’s own so you can Xrate up any hair in your invent.

There are 3 colour palettes to chose from as well, naturals, ombres or highlights.

NOW what do I always say…”check out her main shop” not just for the demo of this hair but I know she had some other blindfold/collar hair. You may try this new one and think “niceeee” and then try on one of her other hairs and think “nicerrrrrr”.

As for the sale, Caboodle has a spring sale going on and quite a few items in the shop have a black circle sale sign on them. The few I priced checked were 75Ld which is tempting but those prices may vary. I also spotted that the FLF offer is an outfit I had been thinking of buying so you may want to check that out as well. There are also group gifts and I am wearing the newest one which is the top. The group isn’t free, 100Lds, and I have been in it for a long time but I think it’s time to leave and free up the space for another group. Check the gifts out for yourself and for 100Ld pretty darn good.

So I logged in to grab LM’s and spotted what I missed on my first visit to Mina is that she also has a Wanderlust offer out for us, so for only 50Ld you too could own “Tina”. Since I can’t model this hair for you I’m going to give you yet another link to the Serpahim blog where you can see a picture of this young, big bunched hair.

Mina’s Mainshop.


Seraphim Pictures and LM for Wanderlust Weekend.

Seraphim Pictures & LM for FaMESHedX