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Off to a flying start ! (Free)

Day one I think I’ve done ok! Found two coolio summer dresses from Evie – didn’t cost me a single penny. The amazing dress, simple, elegant day or night.

Andddd the Pride dress above. Both come in all the major mesh body fits, group is free to join !

You know I was thinking, its a bit of a cheat to say “Surviving a month” on $50L, when we haven’t factored in living expenses, like rent? Im going to try and find a rental home for less than $50L per month – gawd, tough one – anyone got ideas>?!!!


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Packing Light – And for Free !

We have had a few sun beams over the last couple of days – so I’m feeling all holiday’ish ! Beautiful Dirty Rich have some amazing group gifts out which are purfect to pack for a trip – infact a complete holiday wardrobe. The group is free to join, you will find all the most recent gifts on the wall directly in front of the main entrance. Above this nifty little dress is dead handy, the Hud is mahoosive with patterns and colours to take you from beachwear to evening with the click of a manicured finger tip. All the major mesh body fits included.

Then we have this free group gift the pants and top – once again a massive Hud that will give you SO many combinations to play with, mesh body fits galore included. There is also a pair of wedge sandals with this set – and two ways of wearing the pants. Flat shoes or high, with matching pants accordingly – how cooool !

You will also find these sandals as a group gift beneath the other two items – seriously super generous !

Beautiful Dirty Rich