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I’m going for it. (Freebie & Spendy).

I went back to the last shop I did a post about, Vivacious Inc as I spotted that next door is the Pink Cherry shop so naturally I checked for freebies and found some including this dress.

It turns out Faith has already blogged this dress and not too long ago but I’d pulled the pose and clicked so I’m just going to go for it again as it’s really such a good leather look dress…and of course, it’s green… orange & green my fav colours.

The spendy bit is just that I finally treated myself to some new make-up as one of my fav make-up shops, Alaskametro, has now updated a lot of their Lelutka packs to cover Evo & Evo X heads. I will probably do a post on that shop as

PS. There are other shops on this shopping sim but I’ve already moved on and have a FREE hair for my next post.

Pink Cherry.

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Slapped A**S Face. (30Ld Gift(ss)).

My AV face looks fed up lol and yet in RL, I’m smiling. It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK which means a lot of people are at home and not at work and what do people do when they’re stuck at home? They shop online of course (including myself). This means I’ve had a busy morning filling in orders and that is why my RL me is smiling lol.

I’m almost done with my RL work so I’ve taken a quick break to show you this group gift dress from Adorsy.

The first thing you will see when you TP in is probably a lot of pink fluffy clouds as everyone is over there grabbing it. There are other group gifts as well but for the sake of lag I just grabbed this and then ran because I can return for the other gifts later, if I don’t already have them.

Dare I say I wasn’t going to get this at first as knew it would be/or has been well blogged going by the number of people there till I spotted the 40 colour hud. That was a game-changer. I didn’t play too much with the hud but from the small amount of time I did I could see that you can change the top half, bottom half and the belt colours so many options and they’re all great colours.

The group does cost but only 30Lds and as I mentioned there are other gifts. So when you TP, just head on inside and this new gift is to the right and the other gifts are on the inside wall…super easy to find just follow those pink fluffy clouds or do what I did and cam.

PS. To save you time and maybe money the fits are, Maitreya, Petite, Legacy & Kupra.


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A blank slate.(New Kaithleen Group Gift).

The dress is not free as the Kaithleen group cost 99Lds.

I did a post about the Kaithleen group gifts not too long ago but since this is a new gift I’m chuffed to be able to do another post so soon.

Look at those folds and ruffles which are the best mesh you can find.

All of the group gifts are shop quality and if you go into the shop itself on the back wall of the reception wall…easy to see when you get there…is a wall of again shop quality lucky boards prizes. I do know from past visits it wouldn’t take anyone any length of time to score some goodies. So for that small investment of 99Lds you have this dress and all of the other group gifts and whatever you win off the boards.

PS. My next stop will be S@bbia, then !g0 and maybe Ricielli and then back home to start decorating my home as I’m starting from scratch again.


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Don’t worry. (25Ld Gift(sssssssss)).

If I remember correctly one of our readers gave me the heads up about the fatpacks of gacha’s gifts out at UNA’s which have been put out for it’s group members. I did do a post then and now since some time has passed I think it’s time for another post as I’m pretty sure there are some new items(?).

Yeah, those are bone arms and legs, Ewww. The thick wings also have a bit of an unsettling folding AO to them as well.

This whole look is a “Rare” gacha prize that Una Daxter has put out for us to enjoy. A total of 9 fatpack boxes stuffed with everything from full outfits to wearables such as shoes, fans etc. Keep an eye on the fits though as I do believe it’s mainly for Maiteye but please check as I’d hate for you to miss anything if I am wrong. As it happens this dress fits my Slink so I’m happy.

BTW the dress comes with a big hud of lovely colours.

Next to the stack of 9 gacha boxes is a wall of group gifts and yeah a lot have been around for a long time which isn’t a bad thing but I’m pretty sure I can see a couple of new items. I also spotted a lovely outfit in the Lucky Board which I would love to win but I want to check out the rest of the shops on this sim as it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a good rummage.


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It’s my treat to me.(30Ld Belle Epoque Gift).

Yup as soon as I saw this dress I knew I was going to buy it.

The ad for this dress is a gorgeous blue polka dot but you will see that you have not only a choice of colours but for a few more Lindens you can add the matching shoes, bag and hat. I was sorely tempted to buy the hat/facinator and I may even return to buy one.

Since it’s a Maitreya fit only try the demo first.

PS. I spotted a new Belle Epoque Group gift and unless it’s changed the Belle Epoque group only costs 10Lds.

Belle Epoque.