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I have permission. (Big A** List).

LOL Updated again but totally my fault. Nadja has given me an update as the credit for this spreadsheet is due to Helena Stringer as she created the spreadsheet/organised it etc and Nadja helped out by adding to that list. Kudos to Nadja for pointing out my mistake and not taking all the credit.

As for the actual spreadsheet, click on the green tab and don’t panic about the warnings in the yellow banner that says “This file looks suspicious” it’s just a suggestion because all the links are through well-known and protected sites such as Flickr, Facebook, WordPress etc.

I’m updating this post and I must say I’m gonna have to just stop! So far I have only bought 1 item from the sales but the TEMPTATION! It’s too much, would someone please get me some smelling salts as I’m starting to feel faint with the many amazing discounts and offers from the biggest names in SL.


Second Life Syndicate Blog.

Black Friday Sales List. (Green Highlight).

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Being tempted. (FLF Birthday Bash, Lots of FLF offers & FREEBIES).

I’ve wasted too much time in SL trying out new skins and the more updated Evo Lelutka Mesh head and guess what….I’m sticking with what works for me.

Now for the FLF Offers & FREEBIES. This is the “FLF Backyard Birthday Bash” event which is stuffed with 50Ld offers and freebies. The top I’m wearing is one of the freebies, from Blueberry. Drat I forgot to put back on the bra layer which hides the underboob. A nice big hud of colours etc.

I literally grabbed only 3 gifts, they’re the coolers on the stands, before I TP’d back out. Since a lot of the biggest names in SL are involved in the weekly FLF offer they’re all here at this event and that also means the gifts are going to be really good quality. The other 2 I unpacked were really good but 1 was unwearable and the other is a sandwich…most unusual.

Make sure to check out the link to the Seraphim blog as you can see everything for sale, just not the freebies, I definately want the D-Lab stove, the Hextraordinary wall lamp and or the Caboodle strawberry lamp it depends on if they emit a light and if I don’t already own it then the , Jians Bearded dragon terrainum is definately on my list as well.

Seraphim, FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

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We/I Love RP. (Freebies, Dollarbies, Cheapies).2

I love the “We love Roleplay” event as I often find at this event or shops which lean more towards RP/Gor/Medival often have items of clothing or decor which will make a great feature in any home.

I don’t have a clue how many years this event has run for but it’s been several years now and we all know anniversaries means PRESSIES for all.

As usual a whole mix of items from clothing to decor and as you can see from the title, some are free, some a mere 1Ld and some 10Lds. The ones with a price tag also have a picture to show you what the gift is.

This dress is from the “Silvian Moon Design” stand and I’m pretty sure it was free. A full length gown which to me has a mix of medival gown and Indian sari with the colours and patterns used. The addition of the flexi on the arms is such a nice touch and you can’t really see it in the picture but those flexi bits are also patterned it’s just an example of the quality that has been put into this gown.

I also picked up a medival hat which I was suprised was free as it’s such good quality but I just though that this Mina’s plaited hair suited the outfit better.

So a lot of a mix of things, I’ve got some poses, a flute to play, decor and a couple of outfits.

BTW have you noticed these boards?

You may miss that these posters dotted around the event give you the Landmarks for some of the biggest RP sims. I have never done any RPing as I’ve just not had the time to emerse myself into the gameplay but I can imagine that they can be great places to meet people and have something/somewhere to go in SL. I don’t think all of these LM’s are for Gor, Medival etc as I spotted the poster for a RP sim called Scarlet Ridge which is a “A modern supernatural roleplay experience” and thats going to be my next place to visit.

As it happens as I was wandering around this event there was a male AV astide a magnificent horse and he was in full, I think, medival clothing and he looked amazing. You have to admire when someone has spent time and money to create the SL persona they want to live.

PS. You click on the RP sim poster and buy the landmark for 0Lds.

We Love Roleplay.

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They’re back! (Mention of FLF Mina hair & Freebie(sssss)).

The gifts at Redeux that is. I know that for the past number of the Redeux events the gifts have been missing but not the bargains and discounts which is why I would still go. Now it is it’s 4th Anniversary not only are the bargains and discounts still there but also so many FREEBIES.

So far I’ve only done about half of this event before I decided I’d got enough and it was starting to get a bit busy, laggy. I didn’t just get freebies I actually bought 1 top and played 4 Gacha’s ( already reboxed up lol) and then decided it was time to take a break.

From a brief glance at what I picked up there is a real nice mix of items with a few more clothing items than usual. The Zoom dress is rather interesting but this Le Fil Casse top and skirt was just too pretty to not show you.

The event goes on till the 21st so plenty of time and I will return when it’s calmed down.

As for the FLF mention it’s a MINA hair! Tiffany is not a hair I wear often for no other reason than “just because” lol. I don’t have time to show it to you, although if I do get some time later then I most certainly will and I may even show you the top I bought from Redeux as for only 50Lds it may tempt you as well. As usual I’ve put a link to her main shop and one for the Seraphim blog so you can see a picture of Tiffany, the colour palettes and the style hud you get for just 50Lds.


Serpahim Blog (FLF).

Mina’s Mainshop.

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“No Way”. (New 60Ld Hud Info).

As I’m trawling my way through SL trying to find a freebie I came across a new discount hud for a weekly event called “NoWayEvent”(sic).

The reason I’m not showing you anything is because these offers are out for a very limited time which means I couldn’t buy anything even if I wanted to. It only runs from thursday 9am to friday 11.59pm SL time which obviously means there is nothing for sale and you will just have to log in every thur/fri to see a new updated list of offers.

You can pick this hud up inworld but I don’t have a link for that I do have the link for their marketplace shop where you can pick the hud up for free as well as their blog page as they have a gallery of previous 60Ld offers.

No Way Event. (I’ve found where you can get the hud inworld).

No Way Event Blog. (Check the gallery for previous releases).

No Way Event Hud. (Marketplace).

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Be bold.(25Ld Outfit & Mention of Freebies).

I’d been somewhere where there was a lot of 25Ld offers which were nice/ok and I’d earmarked the place to return to if I didn’t find better and guess what? I found better and I won’t be returning to the old place now I have this to show you.

I loved it as soon as I spotted it on the wall at the Emerald Couture shop. As the title says this cost me 25Lds and although it’s a one-piece I’m more than happy with that as this bold colour combo is so good. You can’t really tell because of the pose but there are some “modesty shorts” under so no worries about flashing.

I think this is a “Steal & Deal” offer which you will find at the back wall and the far left aisle on the left-hand side of the shop as well as the back wall are lucky chairs, discounts, sales, special offers and of course group gifts.

PS. Try the demo out to get the right colour as my editing has brightened it up a bit so simply click on the poster and select demo.

Emerald Couture.