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The 1Li Kitty Bed !

1Li cat bed by The Fiddlers Workshop

Great news – The Fiddlers Workshop has released a new cat, dog, kitty bed and its unbelievably 1Li. So much detail and super cute! Here’s one of my naughty SL cats (I have SO many) just in from catching a mouse and heading to relax in his new sleeping quarters.


You can buy each colour separately for just $80L orrrr a fat pack of all five for only $240L – btw the shadow is removable and the bed is modify so you can alter its dimensions for whatever size pet you have. If you’d like to read a little about the making of this item read here: The Fiddlers Workshop.

Pet Bed @ The Fiddlers Workshop

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Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair is on and as soon as it gets a little less busy I will be in full shopping fever mode! Gawd there is some really lovely stuff on offer. I’ve got this to share with you from %percent and its to.die.for! The “Sarah” sofa comes in at just 3Li *faint* and is really superbly done. Twelve velvet and twenty-four damask textures included plus twenty-eight single poses, five friend poses andddd fourteen couple animations – and the poses are truly adorable. Some rez props as you can see above. The letters are an oldie btw from Dysfunctional designs landmark below (not sure if they still do them?) The 1920’s inspired pendant light fitting is also on sale at the event, its only 2Li and comes with twelve textures.

The Vintage Fair

Dysfunctional Designs

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Boho style @ Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Hearth & Home BoHo Love NEW!

I must be losing my mind, I knew I had another set to share with you that’s out on offer at Perfect 10 – DOH! This is by Hearth & Home, the BoHo Love complete lounge set. The banana shaped seat is fun and really unusual, I love me some quirky ! You can actually buy the chair separately for just 75L or the whole set as shown above for 150L. I really like that you can turn the candles off in the lamp – brilliant when you’re taking photos. YES, you do get the little kitty in its bed too. Very swish fabrics have been used to make a lush setting for your home. Ohhhh one more thing, that new’ish system has been used that asks permission to attach wearables to your avatar, SO much better than having to dig around in your inventory and do it the old fashioned way.


Perfect 10

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Perfect 10 – A new Experience

Perfect 10 NEW !

A new event has begun at The Cookie jar, it’s called Perfect 10. Above is a gorgeous set from Urban Daisies – I adore the wall hanging, the quality of the fabric texture is stunning. The vintage daybed is stuffed full of really nice poses and uber low prim. Ohhh btw the little berber rugs come in an array of colours to choose from also. Heres a little info from the Blog about it :

“Following the massive and continued success of the Designer Warehouse and Builders Warehouse events we have decided to enter into 2015 with a new concept! Not “just another sales event” PERFECT TEN not only replaces our Designer Warehouse event (the longest running Home & Garden sales room on the grid) but also encapsulates the Home & Garden community. It is specifically designed for non-fashion creators with large display areas and a huge resource of “home & garden fans” in our marketing reach. This truly is going to be “the place to be” for all furniture, landscaping, full-perms creators.”

Perfect 10 NEW!!

Better view of the fabrics used on the daybed and wall hanging.

Perfect 10 - Finishing touches

Another store that I’m rather fond of is in the Perfect 10 round, Finishing Touches ! This lounge set is scrummy, I kept zoom perving the textures used on the couch & chair – yes, I know w e i r d but , it’s SO edible ! The table has the option of wood or glass and wood. You can also add your own photos and images to the set of frames on the wall to make it more personal. The couch has poses for single pringles, friends and couples – there’s even a proposal animation – handy for Valentines day huh?

Perfect 10 - Finishing Touches NEW

For the duration of the Perfect 10 event this set is at 50% discount – I popped over today to take a look at the set up , there’s SO much to see  and some amazing deals !

Perfect 10

Perfect 10 Blog