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When is a “Freebie” not so free? (Freebie(sss)).

The answer to the title is when you go over to get a freebie and then end up spending a heck of a lot of Lindens but I think anyone who has a home in SL will understand.

The writing desk/bureau is the NEW gift out for us at Nutmeg and I love the fact it’s on a smaller side which is more lady like and also has the benefit that for some it will fit into a smaller sized home.

We all know that there are some stunning decor gifts just at the entrance but did you know there is a 50% SALE going on? I didn’t so I was grateful that my random visit to Nutmeg has meant I’ve been able to treat myself to everything thats in those bags and boxes.

The worst thing is is that the furniture/decor items I bought do not suit the style of house I’m living in at this moment so once I’ve unpacked everything I will be packing it back up again but the opportunity to get a big 50% discount on everything inc the Gacha’s was just too much.

This sale isn’t just for Nutmeg as it includes RKKN and Etiquette which are going to be my next visit.


RKKN & Etiquette.

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This time I double-checked. (Freebie(s)).

This is definately a subscribers gift.

This is a lovely gift from Noveny and since it was automatically sent to me I wanted to make sure it was something we could all get so I went over and unsubbed then resubbed and another one was sent to me straight away.

I know this shop because of a couple of the other freebies I’ve blogged, a bike both for decor and poses, plus little tin cans with plants in and I’ve kept all of them).

It’s not a big shop as of yet which I like as I remember some of the BIG SL shops when they too were small ones.