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Staying Cheap. (Dollarbie & Cheapies).

I must say I used to visit the Loordes of London shop almost as often as I used to visit S@bbia but it has been a long time so I was very happy that she, Coleen Macarthur, still has the hunt prizes on the wall for you to simply buy for just a couple of Lindens.

This Jacket is the”Naughty or Nice” price and costs only 1Ld.prize.

This longer coat is the “Banquet Hall” prize and it costs 2Lds.

Love the colours of both items and even though black and white checks are one of my least fav patterns I think the contrast works really well.

To find these are the other hunt prizes just check out the wall at the bottom of the staircase. As for sizing, the hunt prizes even though they look modern in their style and texturing do only come in old mesh fits. In the top picture my bum is poking through a bit. I could have worn the next size up but I simply didn’t care. Its just a small thing in the end.

PS. Don’t worry if you do buy these and think you’ve scored just some hunt hints or a pretty candle decor set. The candles are the delivery box and the hunt hints are exactly that.

Loordes of London.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Just a heads up/reminder. (400Ld Credit for 15Ld).

Yeah, sorry it’s another lazy post. Before I got chucked off the internet I did a post about the Tachinni birthday gift of 400Lds worth of shop credit for only the 15Lds it costs to join the group.

When I did that post the shop, as you can imagine, was super busy and now it has finally calmed down enough for you to visit grab the credit and go shopping.

I already own the things I want from this shop so this cheeky top is what I picked up (you will have to try the menu it comes with to see that). Of course, there is much more you can choose from including some excellent coats for an Autumn/Winter look.

The LM will take you to the middle of two shops, Vision is in front of you and Tachinni is behind you. So turn around and grab the credit and SPEND it as I do believe you have only till the 12th. Then check out the Vision shop which is what I’m going to do when I get to log back in.

BTW, the cap/hair is of course a Mina. This one isn’t on offer I just wanted to show you another of Mina’s version of a cap hair. Plus if you’re a horse rider in SL/RL you will recognise the style of the cap is very much in the style of a riding helmet and I’m 99.99% sure that you can buy this hat as a horse riding helmet with a tucked-in hair do.


Mina’s Mainshop.