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Find me under the Christmas Tree. (Freebiess).

If you’ve been to the Uber event you will probably already have this fabulous top which is just one of the many gifts waiting for us under the Christmas tree.

I’ve only opened a couple of items and so far there is another fabulous top that is sadly unwearable for me and a hair which I’m not wearing.

I actually only went to the UBER event just to check out an item for sale and now that I have a folder stuffed with gifts I’m going to settle down on Faiths platform and work my way through them and also check out the shops that have donated these gifts.

PS. Don’t worry as this event continues on till I believe the 22 Jan.

UPDATE: So I went to the Melazana shop which is the shop that donated this top and found a couple of quality group gifts, I’m especially impressed with the perkiness(sic) of the dress lol. I also spotted a few things for sale in the shop which are pretty stand out for their styling.



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Drop-in at Snowdrop.(Freebies(?)).

I have played with the editing just a little bit in this picture as this event is very picturesque so much so that if you’re after a lovely backdrop to take some Christmasy snaps you cannot go wrong as even without the OTT editing this is a perfect point and click place to get a great shot.

The only reason I have a question mark in the title is that I have found a gift (gift box outside of the Thor shop) but I’ve not had the time to really look around. So I want to log in later once my RL stuff has been done and dusted so I just enjoy this really lovely shopping event as a lot of time, effort, money and imagination has gone into this really pretty Christmas market square and I suspect the whole sim has also been landscaped for people to use at their leisure.

Snowdrop Sim & Market.

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Coffee Break. (Free & Cheap).

Yeah, found my goodies for the day.

First the freebie and out of all the board of accessories in the TOA shop it’s this really pretty bauble headdress that caught my eye. I could have/should have done a close up of it butttt…since the group is free, take my word it’s really pretty and I will be keeping it for future Christmas piccies.

This and some of the other gifts are repackaged Gacha prizes. If the face mask had suited this outfit I’d love to have shown you that but then again it does mean you’re in for some nice surprises.

The dress is from the BoA Design shop and it does come with a small hud, I definitely preferred this option though.

It BoA group only costs 10Ld and there are a lot of clothes for that small price. I picked up a couple of others just to check and the ones I picked do have a small hud of colours and a mixed bag of sizes which unfortunately aren’t listed on the pictures of the gifts but again..10Lds is a small price to pay for a decent amount of clothing. On the other side of where you land is a selection of freebies for different groups.

PS. The TOF Lm takes you to the middle of the sim…just run forward.

TOF.(Truly Outrageous Fashions).

BoA Design.