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Demo these. (10Ld Group Gift).

Excellent A** Kickers.

They only come in black and it’s a really good black leather look. The hud allows you to change the shade of the zipper only.

They also only come in a Legacy/Lara fit but the design is a pretty forgiving one for most feet that’s not why you should try the demo out first as sadly I struggled to find a pair of pants that went down to my ankles and wouldn’t break though and as you can see I had to resort to these short pants.

Even if I had tried the demo first and realised I didn’t have the right jeans for 10Ld + 1Ld I’d still have bought them just to show you.

Doe and Tangsai.

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Sad Kitten. (Cheap Yardsale).

All I have to show you is an LM and me looking sad sitting in my box, although I did click the toffee apple lady and got one which I’m sitting eating as I’m sulking in my box.

My random TP has taken me to a small rambling shopping mall. Looks like there is a Halloween hunt going on but I’m not sure what it is you’re looking for as I was only interested in the free/cheap and bargain yardsale items.

Yes, a lot of the free/cheap items are a bit hmmm dated, but it was still fun to see them and OMG I went “Dumpster diving” which is really old-school SL. As soon as I mentioned to Faith I was going to do a post just for this LM she demanded… a TP because she like me is addicted to bargains. She treated herself to a Dust Bunny item and then talked me into buying another mini camper/trailer. Then when she wasn’t looking I bought yet another bike! I’m such a sucker for a bargain.

Also if you’re into movies/music posters then check upstairs of the shop as I spotted a whole room of some good posters which are 5Lds and then next door in the Kali’s Design shop even more posters. I was so pleased to see posters for one of my all-time fav films/TV shows called “what we do in the shadows” I just had to buy one of those posters, 20Lds, and may still return for some of the other posters.

Imagination Unlimited Thrift Mall.

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“Blah blah blah” is a good way to describe my blabby posts lol.

This is my “OOTD” and since it’s such a cute look I decided it was REBLOG time.

The outfit is one of the many free group gifts in the Catarsis shop. Since I know I’ve already shown you it before and I think it was only a couple of weeks ago that I showed you their new gift all I will say is there are a LOT of quality freebies and some will be new to you.

The sneakers were a promo from 2 years ago and are as quality now as then. Still on sale for just 10Lds but that’s on the Marketplace shop. Inworld they’re one of the group gifts and for 20Lds you get these and some other clothing/shoes etc. I’ve added the link to the Marketplace shop so you can get a close-up of them.

PAY ATTENTION: Across the way from the Catarsis shop is the Courtyard Shop and it too has freebies. Not as many but look like great quality and although one gift is for women the others are for male AVs. Plus in the ADD shop, there is a free subscribers outfit. I’m not showing you that as it too will be a “reblog” and I’ve done enough for the day already lol. If like me you’re already subbed then just unsub and resub and it’s sent to you.


ADD. (Marketplace 10Lds).

ADD. (Inworld. Group Gifts 20Lds).

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OOTD.(Cheap &/or Free).

The reason I’m wearing the skirt over my “outfit of the day” is that it has a wide brim-like style to it and so flashes everything! Panties are a must, especially if visiting non-adult sims and since I’d already got dressed for hunting freebies I seriously couldn’t be bothered to change my whole look for one photo and then have to change back again.

The skirt is an “MLM” group gift (5Lds joining fee) from Salesita’s Creation shop. There are other patterns for other groups inc free ones I just happened to like this one. I had spotted the matching top, close by, which is a free group gift but made the mistake of thinking that both the skirt and it would come in limited fits so I didn’t bother getting it which was a mistake as they both do come in plenty of mesh fits.

The top I am wearing is one mentioned in yesterday’s “Off-Line” post and it’s the one which when you turn right it’s at the bottom of the stairs, it’s not only classy and elegant it also comes with a big hud of colours and has been previously blogged so you may already have it.

PS. The Salesita’s Creation group does cost but the freebies/cheapies are on the wall to your left.

Salesita’s Creations.

Off-Line Post.

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Cheap enough for me. (49Lds Low Prim Pumpkin Plants).

My RL garden is a bit like my SL one in that I’ve allowed a plant, in my case Nasturtiums, to run wild and it looks fab. So it’s not surprising I love these rambling Pumpkin plants for my SL garden.

You get three versions, plain, with yellow flowers and with pumpkins and each plant is only 1prim.

I’ve had these pumpkins a couple of years maybe, they’re one of those random finds because the “Reinas Little Shop only has a small greenhouse of plants while its bigger shop has some very adult toys. These do come with a price tag but only 49Lds and again for the quality and low prim so an ideal seasonal landscape plant.

The plants are not in the shop, turn around and you will see a small greenhouse with a small selection of plants and you will see this pumpkin for yourself.

The shop shares the same platform as the Leonas shop and there is a dollarbie of some metal staging/platform. If you want to wait then you can join the free group as there is a lucky chair prize of 50lds worth of shop credit.

PS…Cooee that’s me standing off in the distance and it looks like I’m looking at my hand.

Reinas Little Shop.

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My treat, not free.

I knew there was a Valentina E sale but it isn’t in the main shop and I just didn’t have the right LM so it was lucky that Faith did a post and I could get the right LM.

Unlike her, I showed great restraint and this is the only outfit I did buy.

Then I reminded Faith about the Tromphe Loeil Superfan offers, 50Lds each, and this week it’s a very tempting Lighthouse/house and this boat.

I wasn’t going to buy this as I have quite a few boats but Faith knows my weakness for them and she surprised me with it as a gift, sent through the gifting option as it’s not trans. This boat is now added to the three I already have moored around my small island house.

The reason I love this one is it’s already prepped for escaping. You have the suitcases on the back, a pile of books, a bottle of wine and a throw. The light on the prow can be turned on or off.

It is 20prims which when you consider the details it’s worth it, some decent useable poses. Singles and couples but no naughty ones!

Faiths Post.

Valentina E.

Tromphe Loeil.

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How did I miss this? (Freebie & Cheapies(Marketplace)).

First is the freebie which is quality hair from the Tram shop.

I had decided to try to pick up some more of the Uber gifts and this is the Uber gift from Tram. A lovely big hud of colours as well and I think it’s 3 slightly different styles or maybe sizes, not too sure.

Now for the cheapies as it’s obviously what I’m wearing.

I did a post not too long ago about the birthday gift from the Milota shop, it’s on the table just outside the front door, but somehow I forgot to check their marketplace shop and that’s where I found a load of 5Ld gifts.

I’ve added the panties as this net skirt doesn’t have them and as you can see it’s pretty see through.

That lacing around the waist is so nice and you do get a hud to change that.

Bum shot, this skirt does come with a pantie hud but I’d kept the same one on that I was already wearing in my mesh skirt picture.

I have no idea how I bought only pink shades as you can buy different colours and I was sure it was the green version I’d put in my marketplace basket. If you want the fatpacks then they’re only 20Lds.

Makes sure of the sizes, the net skirt is a Maitreya only and although it looks good from the front it’s a different matter from behind.


Milota. (Marketplace).

Milota. (inworld).