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I’ve got my smile back. (5Ld Hunt, Mention of Group Gifts & Freebie(ss)).

I worked out why in my last picture I had a rather blank face and it’s because I’d removed my Lelutka Hud so now I’m back to my pretty animated self.

The dress and headdress are 2 out of the 5 hunt prizes from Entice. I think the hunt is called “The Enchanted Hunt” and each item is only 5Lds.

The LM should take you to where you can see the poster of the prizes, get a hunt hint and I do believe a demo to try…..yes you can get the demo’s to try as I checked when I was LM grabbing. I didn’t bother getting the demo’s as I suspected the dress would come in a SLink HG fit.

As you’re wandering around the Entice shop looking for the hidden fairies you will ineviably find yourself in the area where the entice group gifts, lucky boards, mini mania, discount etc stuff are.

Then join the Entice, free, group and grab the latest notice as well because there is a lot going on with the Entice brand and some tasty gifts….I may even reblog one of them.

Entice. (Why is this happening lol.)

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OH NO! So much temptation! (Dollarbie).

This Dollarbie is going to end up costing me a lot of money.

Basically on my hunt for freebies/cheapies I spotted a metal can being used as decor in a shop and it piqued my interest so a quick click showed me it’s from a shop called Unflat Stuff.

(Edit) I haven’t/won’t be buying that I bough this and when I’d unpacked it and saw how good quality it is, and only 1 prim, I TP’d to the inworld shop and wished I hadn’t. It’s a bit like visiting TK Maxx in that you come across hidden treasures for such a reasonable price that even a Cheap B* like me caves in and so far I’ve bought from the inworld shop a wheel barrow, a pan set and a wood bucket and from the marketplace shop a planter and jug of flowers. tempted.

The reason I bought from both the inworld and marketplace shop is that although they sell a lot of the same thing I think there are more items for sale in the marketplace shop than inworld also different styles. There are 2 different wheelbarrows for sale on the marketplace shop but the inworld shop has a totally different styled one and I loved that one as it is so retro.

So basically make sure to check out both the marketplace shop as well as the inworld shop before you decided if you want to buy anything.

PS. There are also a few other cheapies on the marketplace shop as well.

Unflat (Marketplace).

Unflat Stuff (Inworld).

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Uno Dos Tres. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a lazy post as I have blogged the N-Uno marketplace shop in the past, a couple of times probably, so I already knew what to expect when I picked up some of the Dollarbies.

There are a total of 121 Dollarbies, a lot of them are the same item just in different colours. This dollarbie outfit I’m wearing consists of the jeans, sleeveless shirt and there is also an over the shoulder sweater.

They do come in the old fits, ie xs,s,m,l etc and I’ve found the s fit was perfect for me. Even though they’re cheap you can try the demo out if you want.

If you want to check out the inworld shop then use my link and not the one from the MP. There are group gifts in the N-Uno shop which is a paid for group and at a glance I suspect it’s maybe Maitrya only but please check. Also where you land is a TP which takes you to another N-Uno shop and I believe there are group gifts in there as well.

N-Uno (Marketplace).

N-Uno. Shop 1

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Finally. (New Blueberry Group Gift).

I’ve finally managed to spend some time on my SL home and created a nice stream and small waterfall at the side of my house. I still need to fill in some gaps and smooth out some spots but super happy with the bare bones of it.

Then I found out that Blueberry has a NEW group gift, which of course I’m wearing, and a quick check showed that the shop was virtually empty so it was time to go grab it and spend some of my shop credit as it’s not often the shop is quiet enough for some lag free shopping.

The Blueberry group costs to join, a piddling 20Lds and you have not just this new bathing suit but the older and excellent gifts.

I took a quick snap of it in the Bluebery shop so you can see the two different styles. This is also a Fat Pack with lots of fits and if you look closely it comes with an “animation”. I will leave that one for you to try out for yourself.


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Don’t look for me.(Marketplace Bargain).

This is a 5Ld gift from the Ari-Pari marketplace shop.

I already knew it would look before I bought it as I’m sure I’ve blogged it before. I wish now I’d put a nice big floppy summer hat on instead of this bag but I’m pretty sure you can see that adding accessories makes for a great look.

PS. Don’t bother checking the inworld shop as it is temporarily shut and sorry the bag wasn’t a freebie.


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Yass to Yasum. (Dollarbie(ss)).

I’m glad I remembered to visit Yasum as it has been a while since my last visit.

You will find these and some other gifts/dollarbies in the group and discount room…oops popped back in to edit this to say it’s the shorts only, the top is frommmm…..another shop which I can’t remember at this moment.

Love that texture, the rope and cross so muc I actually put on my loved/hated Legacy body to be able to show it off to you as they only come in a legacy/maitreya fit. The same can’t be said for the other sporty dollarbie top and bottom set as they come in 1 fit and I will have to assume it’s a Maitreya.

To get to the group/discount room look on the wall for the Group gift/outlet signs and on the floor is the TP.

There are also some Dollarbies for male AV’s and the pants looked pretty darn good.


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Prize #48 (19Ld Hunt & Lots of Freebies).

The YM Shop has a massive Easter Egg hunt going on with a total of 50 items each are priced at only 19Lds. As always since the prizes come with a price tag there is a big poster with a picture of them all and out of them I chose prize #48.

This dress comes as separates, a plunging top and this very high cut skirt with a more modest full/uncut skirt.

You also get earrings which are ok and a clutch bag which is better but if I’d had tried the necklace on before I’d taken these pictures I would have kept it on as it does really go well with this dress.

There are also a lot of freebies both for the YM Shop group and also other free groups. I picked a few up of them and they do come with a lot of body fits as well as accessories such as shoes, jewelery and even some hair, not the one I’m wearing. Just to add to it all on one wall is some discounts and special offers starting at 10Lds.

YM Shop.