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Try, try and try again. (Freebie & Cheapie).

The Flamingo shop has a sale going on. Not everything is on sale but it is easy to spot which items are on special offer and that includes this “Business Blazer” jacket.

Costs 25Lds but ONLY this yellow and the white jacket are on offer, the others are full-priced, 238Lds, so be careful where you click.

It’s not really what I wanted, I wanted the cute/sexy mesh panties and bra set for only 45Lds sadly a quick try of the demo showed that even though the Legacy fit was good it wasn’t as good for my Perkies.

I spent so much time walking around the whole shop checking out the sale and trying on the demos and I ended up running out of time to check out the other shop on the shared platform….that’s gonna be my next visit.

BTW Three very nice group gifts, 100Lds to join.

I don’t think I showed you this freebie from the Queenz shop? I do remember doing a post not too long ago as there is a whole wall of group gifts, inc this one, and it was the newest ones I showed you. Anyhow it made a layer to go under this jacket.



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Thinking inside the box. (10Ld Group Gift & 69Ld Weekend Offer).

First, the 10Ld offer and it’s obviously this dress. It comes from the Lurve shop but is a TeleportHub Group Gift which is why it costs 10Lds (my fav cheap/freebie group).

The two strips of fabric draped in a curve behind is a really nice touch to a really nice dress.

A behind shot just to show you the way the draped fabric falls.

This comes from the Lurve shop and there are free gifts as well which have been blogged by us before. Since I didn’t spot anything new I just grabbed this dress and ran home to try it out. I will return to the shop later just for a look-see as you never know.

PS. Lots of fits as this is a new design.

As I was pulling poses in my new “Dressing room” backdrop it struck me that this is pretty serviceable for those who have SL homes but no dressing room or someone who would like to have the feel of privacy when unpacking and trying on clothes when at a sandbox (Just raise it up into the sky).

This is what it looks like from the outside, a simple cube with a gap. Place this against a door in your home and you can open it and walk-in. It has a raised dressing platform, 3 mirrors, 2 windows with views, chairs etc.

Then when you’re inside that gap in the wall is filled in, a really nice touch especially if you want to take photos.

I haven’t checked but I’m 99% sure that you will not be able to edit out any of the furniture but plenty of scope for your own decor and I believe it’s only 27prims.

It is Synergy’s 69Lds Weekend Offer so I can’t guarantee that it will be out all week so go now if you do want it.

UPDATE! If I’d had money on it I would have lost the bet as this is totally mod. I started on that chair in front of me and although it had to be edited bit by bit, the arm, cushion, shadow etc it was still deletable. The same could be said for the raised platform, mirrors etc and that’s when I decided to log out and update this post.



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Fashionably Late. (New Belle Epoque Group Gift, 10Ld).

I’m sure I was one of the first to grab this new Belle Epoque group gift last night with the intention of blogging it first thing this morning and then stuff happened. So I’m a bit late as I expect this fab dress will be in all the blogs/free/freebie groups even though it does cost to join the Belle Epoque group but at only

As for the dress, what can I say other than shop quality!

As you can see a lovely drape but check out the front.

The strings are made up of long gold tubes which are so realistic and you can see the fine lines in the fabric. That is some quality mesh creating skills going on there.

Only 10Lds to join the group and of course, there are other group gifts, a couple of gifts for free groups and you should see the very tempting weekend special offers.

Belle Epoque.

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Oops. (10Ld Marketplace Promo’s).

I can’t sleep so I’m SLing like an addict which has paid off as I found some interesting things on the marketplace.

Ignore what I’m wearing as in this case it’s just the backdrops.

You can’t really see it in this picture but you do get steam panels to create a steamy look which you can see that in the next photo.

You can also see that this isn’t a full build as it was just made for photos although you could edit it to fit your own landscaping..maybe.

This next one got me all excited as I love pools and then I rezzed it.

Nope, I’ve not changed into gigantess. Turns out that this is really small.

I ain’t mad as it did make me laugh and then I’ve just reread the details and I suspect that it can actually be made bigger. I will check that out tomorrow and do an update if it is possible. It is of course perfect for those who live a “tiny” life, fairy’s etc

Last but not least these school uniform dummies. Pretty impressive and would make a great backdrop for a shop or a home sewing room/dressing room as they’re only 1 prim.

Each item only costs 10Lds and yeah I enjoyed unpacking them but it’s time for me to turn my computer off and go to bed…nighty night.

PS. I have a free outfit for tomorrow.

Magnum Yoshikawa

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I’m broken. (Marketplace Dollarbies).

As you can see there are some black dots on the top which is where the mesh has meshed together. It’s very small and not a big thing esp since this is a really good Dollarbie. I especially loved the two-tone blue and I’m always a sucker for ruffles.

Plenty of fits and the Legacy one is good for my perkies.

Then I picked up another Dollarbie from the same shop except this time it’s the rug I’m standing on. The ValArt shop seems to have a random selection of items in it.

Very pleased with it, a simple rug with folds etc. I won’t be keeping it as I just have way too many and I want to trash at least 300 more items out of my invent today.

It also allowed me to show off these Dollarbie shoes from the Le’La shop. I have no idea if they have been blogged before but here they are now. You only get 2 fits, Maitreya/Belleza and with my Legacy feet deformer they’re a perfect fit. A nice hud of colours as well.

ValArt. (Marketplace, top & rug).

Le’La. (Marketplace Shoes).

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Is this new to you too? (10Ld Marketplace Top).

I decided to search the SL Marketplace for a new or cheap enough item and of course I ended up looking at the (sYs) shop. I have found many a decent bargain from this shop over the years and I yet I’m not sure if I’ve shown you this vested shirt combo.

It doesn’t come in my Legacy body so I tried on all the sizes and was pretty happy with the fit and I don’t even mind that bit of breakthrough as it does happen sometimes.

In each pack, you get 2 colour shirts/vest combo’s and the shirts on their own.

If these aren’t the colour you like there are many other options from pink to tartan and each pack only 10Lds. You can also try the free demo on as well before you make your mind up. As it happens I’ve added the demo of what looks like the vest from this design and it’s only 5Lds so if the demo looks good on my Legacy body for that small amount I might just pick it up.

(sYs). (Marketplace).

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Sneaks in a reblog. (Dollarbie).

It’s breaking my heart as I’m slowly deleting all my clothes that don’t come in my preferred fit and at the same time since some of them, ok a lot of them, were freebies/gifts etc I have also been checking to see if they’re still out as gifts and that’s how and why I’m doing a reblog of these fab “Cuffs”.

I’ve not checked to see if they’re in an inworld freebie but on the marketplace, they’re a Dollarbie.

They are excellent so I’m really pleased that they do come in my fit. Some quality colours in the hud from pastels to dark black. Even though they seem to have patches on the elbows they’re delicate enough to be worn with an evening gown or as an RP costume addition. Also to make them just a bit different if you have a pair of gloves that just cover your hands it would be interesting to see if you could add those on to make a different look.

eXxEsS. (Marketplace).