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I suck(ed). (Dollarbie).

Drat, what a shame that this dollarbie outfit from Varitii doesn’t come in a Legacy fit.

Normally I can get away with a Maitreya fit but in this case, even working my way through my poses this was the best I could get.

You get a big hud, 20, for both the top and shorts which can be worn as separates.

PS. The bodies are Maitreya, eBody, Kupra and Classic Mesh Body.

Varitii. (On the reception desk).

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All the small things. (Dollarbie).

Yes I’m back with a bang and a rather a ill fitting Dollarbie…let me explain.

This sparkling outfit comes from the “Busra-tr” marketplace shop. A hud of 10 lovely colours and a QUALITY sparkle/shine to it.

The sad face is for a couple of reasons, only ebody-reborn, mesh body classic and SLink Hourglass fits and that’s a shame. I don’t think the split sides of the bottom part help as it looks like I’m really breaking though it when for my Legacy body its mainly that my bum is breaking though.

If you do have one of the fits listed then get this, you won’t be disappointed and maybe even if you don’t then for 1Ld worth a try but deffo not a Legacy fit.

I’m going to have a look and see if there is an inworld shop as there is literally just this one outfit on their marketplace shop.

Busra-tr. (Marketplace).

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Just like me, cheap.(10Ld, TeleportHub/Masoom Group Gift)

This is a TeleportHub gift which is why it costs 10Lds but this is to be found in the Masoom shop.

The Masoom group costs I do believe is 199Ld and there are a lot of really nice gifts which you will see when you scan the shelves for this one, the bottom shelf on the left-hand side.


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Trust me I’m still cheap. (50Ld Group Gifts& Marketplace Cheapies).

I went to Ariskea to pick up their FLF offer of a concrete pond and as I was there I spotted that the group is only 50Lds to join and there are monthly group gifts. I always thought this group cost more so I was happy to pay the fee and grab the goodies.

So low primmed and yet the texturing is quality. I think the branch lamp is the only thing which isn’t 1 prim and it turns off and on with a subtle glow.

I did a close-up so you can see better the detailing in that wood/string thing and that’s the same quality in all their gifts.

There is a freebie and a couple of dollarbies and a 10Ld gift on their Marketplace shop which you might want to check out.

PS. Yes this is the outfit from yesterday’s post (15Lds) and honestly, I don’t think I praised it enough and since I was using a very “interesting” windlight setting I thought since I was still wearing it I would just change the colours so you can see the texturing better. Scoll back a couple of posts for the details.


Ariskea. (Marketplace)

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Ooooh, that’s new! (Cheapies)

A notice came through that Petry Model has these joggers and t-shirts set on offer for only 15Lds and since I can’t make up my mind about which fence/hedge or wall I’m going to be set up on our sim I decided to go check it out.

It turns out there are a LOT of seriously discounted items on the boards just outside of the shop.

You can get demos just by clicking on the picture and that’s handy as the ones I picked didn’t come in a Legacy body but some like this outfit in a SLink Physical was a great fit. Just make sure to try.

Also, there are bargains on the back of the boards which are the same as the ones on the front DO NOT buy this outfit from the back as it’s 24Ld while on the front it’s only 15Lds. Although this set comes with a nice hud of colours and can be worn as separates if you want more you can buy the fat packs of both the top and pants as separate purchases and they come with a bigger hud of colours.

PS. That sky is a new one that has been added to Firestorms preset windlight settings and isn’t it lovely. It’s the HPMD Wintery Sky setting. I’m going to have a nice scroll through the settings tomorrow to see what else is new now that I’ve updated to the latest Firestorm.

Petry Model.

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I suc(culent)k. (Cheapos).

I grow succulents in RL, ok ok I snap a bit off a plant and shove it into something and if it grows it grows and so yes I have this actual succulent in RL and now I have it in SL.

I was able to resist the other succulents and plants but….I’m weak and between 15-20Lds are cheap enough for me.

As for the box it’s stood on I paid 120Lds for that as I also hoard walls/gates etc. I’ve actually picked up a few odds and sods from this small and interesting shop over the years.

There is a marketplace shop but you need to see them inworld to see the shabbiness plus it is on a very interesting RP sim…The Wastelands. Don’t worry you don’t need to RP but you do need to have a good mooch around all of the sims given over to people who just want to do their own thing and be left alone to do their own thing.

The Junk Hole. (inworld)

Razor Bird(?) The Junk Hole.. (Marketplace).

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Back in time for Christmas. (Free shop credit).

The thing we dread most happened and I had computer problems which at this time of year for both work and SL was pretty SH*TTY timing.

But at least I knew that between Faith and all the events going on everyone would have been happily stuffing their invents with goodies I decided to just chill and do what I could do with work on a tablet and also get my own home Christmas ready but now my computer is back up and running so am I and I will start off with an easy gift.

The Ayashi group is free to join and I couldn’t see a use-by date, but check for yourself, and yes this is trans so as much as I do like the Ayashi hair I will be passing my gift card on.

PS. The place is HEAVING! There are 3/4 shops on this sim and I wonder if they too have Christmas specials going on. I didn’t bother fighting the lag to check those out but will suggest you do.