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Just Two. (Scarlet Creative Outlet).

I was trying to get to the Scarlet Creative mainshop and somehow ended up on an outlet platform which I didn’t even know Scarlet Creative had or I had forgotten. So I had a most pleasant time this morning checking out the builds.

I’m only going to show you two of the many pictures I took because in the end you need to see them for yourself inworld so I’m just going to give you two pictures to tempt you in.

This is the “Lavender Brown” house and yes it’s one I do own. This one comes in two versions, 165 or 370 prims. Some of the Scarlet Creative builds can be primmy but these aren’t wasted prims as the attention to detaling both inside and out is stunning.

I can’t swear to it but I think I may also own this “Captain Neva House” as well.

The Scarlet Creative range has such a unique style that without checking you instinctively know when you’ve walked into one of their homes that it’s a Scarlet Creative build..

From what I can see everything in the rezzer is priced at only 259Lds. Prim wise not too unreasonable and I did see some builds as small as 34prims.

Scarlet Creative Outlet Platform.