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Time To Party! Its SL18B <3

Happy 18th Birthday Second Life ! Its time to celebrate all things Second Life. The Shop & Hop regions are now open to the public and oh-my-gosh there are a lot of them! Might be better to do a few at a time as it took me hours to get around them all last night ! (Early access for SL18B workers yay!) So many stores , SO many discounted price and of course – Birthday Presents! Here I am in my SL18B greeters uniform being stalked by my new “friend” which was the gift from Jian at the event. I did spend a lot but was SO chuffed with all my purchases – no group to join to grab your gifts – enjoy !

SL18B Shop & Hop regions

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SL17B – There’s more

I’ve begun wandering around the SL17B sims to see all the builds – fantastic ! You can start wherever you like but I decided to begin at The Welcome Area and explore from there. I always think the SL birthday events are just kinda magical , I’ve been to every single one since 2007. Events, a hunt, live music and more ! I also scoped out the gift area – yes MORE gifts – some are the same as at the shop & hop but that’s cool as I didn’t pick up some – so collected them here in the relative peace and quiet. Some are new though and I adore this little wearable car by POW – just add it and go – it makes the sweetest little engine noises, also you can stretch it to fit – nice.

Link for the gift area is below, basically just point and click at everything there! Dead chuffed with these 2 amphora’s with roses – just 2Li each and super lush – these are from the ROMA  SPQR role play group.

SL17B Gift area

SL17B info for all events and sims etc

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SL17B – All The Gifts – All The Shopping !

Oh my days SL17B is underway ! Apart from the exhibitions there is, as always, a grand shop & hop taking place. This year there are TEN, yes TEN sims of shopping, sales and FREE GIFTS ❤ The gifts are clothes, shoes, hair, furniture, gadgets and on and on.

Actually I found it all a little overwhelming and got gifted out after a couple of hours – its all that unpacking lol. So I begun to be more selective. I will post a link that gives all the landmarks to all the sims below, thankfully this year they have also included cam sims to the north and south of each sim – so I got in straight away hurrah. Check the world map out and instead of lagging around on the actual sim, teleport to the cam sims either end – its perfect.

Also for the lazier amongst us (like moi) Naria Panthar has a two part you tube video up showing all the gifts, she wears them , rezzes them and has shown the gifts to be found for each sim individually. Well done Naria that was such a marathon unpacking session ! (Links below.) Im not going to show you them as its late and I haven’t unpacked even a handful yet – gift overload.

Naria Panthar You Tube Part 1

Naria Panthar You tube part 2

Second life blog with sim links

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Happy Birthday SL & Neve 50% off sale & FREE gift!

So I’ve tried and tried to get into the shopping areas of Second Lifes 15th Birthday event – but failed epically . So I am forced to share the pics from Neve rather than wear them boohoo – anywayyy the big news is that to celebrate the birthday Neve are having a sale on their market place store – 50% discount!! Great news – grab it all !

Also when you can get into the shopping event, Neve have some gorgeous free jammies for you as a gift, yes that’s right – for FREE! Thank you Neve team ❤

Neve market place store

Neve @ SLB15

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SL10B Logo 1024x700

Yes yes yes ! Its Second Life’s birthday very soon, and SLB10 is kickin off in style…just two days to go before the grand opening and I’m SO excited *squeeeee*. The event runs from 16th June until the 29th June. There are twenty sims to explore !

SLB10 KT Syakumi Intellibook v2

Havent been to a Second Life birthday before? Well you’re in for such a treat. This year the theme is “Looking Forward, Looking Back”, so plenty to keep everyone happy. It’s basically a great big Birthday celebration, all sorts of people & groups  from within SL, get together and build. It’s not only designers or SLebritites, its anyone ! You’ll find all sorts of builds, some (in fact many) are interactive, you can ride on them, play with them and have FUN! Dont be shy about walking into buildings, you never know what you might find, as above , this powerful looking set designed  by KT  Syakumi, enter into it and you find yourself in some sort of futuristic maze.

SLB10 madpea

Some well-known names are there, such as madpea . They have a teetering pile of hats. You can climb up them, its brilliant !

SLB10 Loki Eliot BeHeMoth press day

I absolutely loved this build by Loki Eliot, this ginormous T-rex stands proud over the SLB10 sims. Look wayyyyy down bottom left , that’s where you begin your epic journey. Its dangerous, its long, and you need perseverance and nimble feet! Collect the free HUD at the entrance on the ground, click the little folk along the way for an interactive experience…I wont ruin the surprise…but you will come back to the ground laden with gifts if you follow the path.

SLB10 Bobbekins

Speaking of gifts…there are plenty of them so generously given away to help you celebrate. I had a little play on the Bobbekins board game earlier, its suggested that its heaps more fun if you do it on one of their free hoppers…great idea !

SLB10 The Man

Now I’m pretty sure that this statue is important , somehow. Its called “The man” and towers high into the air….very majestically. I especially enjoyed its simple yet strong lines and spent an age just staring up at it…beautiful. I’m a woman on a mission now to find out more about it…I’ll report back ! I have to go back and see more….irresistabubble. All info and landmarks etc on the blog link below.

SLB10 Web site