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I’m good to go. (New Belle Epoque Group Gift).

It’s a Belle Epoque dress which as we all know is always shop quality.

Ignore the mismatched shoes as it turns out I don’t have a pair of purple coloured flat shoes but I did want to show off that draping on the floor.

This comes in the usual Maitreya, Legacy, Perky & Petite fit so a couple of more fits than usual. I haven’t checked out the main part of the shop so it wouldn’t surprise me if you can find the full-priced versions of the group gifts for sale if you want to try a demo on but let’s face it for the minimal 10Ld joining fee you know you’re guaranteed a lovely item.

Turn left as you go into the shop for this dress and 5 other Belle Epoque gifts as well as 3 other group’s gifts.

I also spotted on the wall that Belle Epoque has a gown out at the latest round of the “We Love Roleplay” event and it’s a wowser and I am a bit of a sucker for an OTT gown. So I went and tried on the demo and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s called Lora and. I did a price check and it was around the 280Lds price tag, trust me worth every penny. So why didn’t I buy it? Too OTT even for me but you need to check it out as it’s stunning and wearing that dress everyone will see you.

Belle Epoque.

We Love Roleplay.