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Trust me I’m still cheap. (50Ld Group Gifts& Marketplace Cheapies).

I went to Ariskea to pick up their FLF offer of a concrete pond and as I was there I spotted that the group is only 50Lds to join and there are monthly group gifts. I always thought this group cost more so I was happy to pay the fee and grab the goodies.

So low primmed and yet the texturing is quality. I think the branch lamp is the only thing which isn’t 1 prim and it turns off and on with a subtle glow.

I did a close-up so you can see better the detailing in that wood/string thing and that’s the same quality in all their gifts.

There is a freebie and a couple of dollarbies and a 10Ld gift on their Marketplace shop which you might want to check out.

PS. Yes this is the outfit from yesterday’s post (15Lds) and honestly, I don’t think I praised it enough and since I was using a very “interesting” windlight setting I thought since I was still wearing it I would just change the colours so you can see the texturing better. Scoll back a couple of posts for the details.


Ariskea. (Marketplace)

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I suc(culent)k. (Cheapos).

I grow succulents in RL, ok ok I snap a bit off a plant and shove it into something and if it grows it grows and so yes I have this actual succulent in RL and now I have it in SL.

I was able to resist the other succulents and plants but….I’m weak and between 15-20Lds are cheap enough for me.

As for the box it’s stood on I paid 120Lds for that as I also hoard walls/gates etc. I’ve actually picked up a few odds and sods from this small and interesting shop over the years.

There is a marketplace shop but you need to see them inworld to see the shabbiness plus it is on a very interesting RP sim…The Wastelands. Don’t worry you don’t need to RP but you do need to have a good mooch around all of the sims given over to people who just want to do their own thing and be left alone to do their own thing.

The Junk Hole. (inworld)

Razor Bird(?) The Junk Hole.. (Marketplace).

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“I want pastry” Sorry I got spendy but…

I’ve been a good girl and stuck to my “new year” resolution and it’s day 26 of my diet but I’d knife you if you were stood in front of me with a pastry in your hand.

I’m after a black gown, will tell you more at a different time, and I found myself at the ValentinaE discount shop…I’d forgotten it has a discount shop…or rather a “Vintage shop” and everything is only 99Lds which includes this outfit.

I actually already owned this outfit, it’s a one-piece pants/sweater in my fav colour dark green. I adore the ValentinaE range and it was one of the reasons I changed to the Legacy body as that is one it caters for. A nice little select of outfits and since they’re all just 99Lds worth checking out.

The other “spendy” bit is the hair. Sorry for some reason the hair base is only for a lel EvoX. This is I do believe the only hair that Mina has created that comes with a hair base only and an add-on. Let me show you a different angle from a picture I took a couple of days ago.

The style hud lets you wear the ponytail straight or give it a light windblown effect.

Personally, I’m chuffed as I can really use the hair base for hats and other hairs which may not be as close a fit as I’d like it has such a good texture that it can just be worn on its own the same can be said for the ponytail but as always check this out in Mina’s mainshop then TP over to UBER to buy it.

ValeintaE Vintage Shop. (99Lds).

Mina Inworld.


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Any colour, as long as it’s black or white! (10Ld Pants).

I’ve blogged similar styled black baggy pants but both the shop name inworld shop don’t look familiar to me and so I’m pretty sure I’ve not shown you these ones before. At only 10Lds a really nice find.

The sad thing is I’d teamed these up with a furry pink oversized jacket and made for such a good look but sadly not only is it not free anymore it looks like the whole shop has packed up and disappeared. So I resorted to a classic bustier.

Only 2 fits, Maitreya/Legacy and 2 styles which basically one has no writing on it and the other a small bit of writing.

ONLY available at this price on the Marketplace. You can go inworld to try the demo on if you wish and if you do you will see it’s actually a Group gift however the group does cost 100Lds to join but check it out as you may like the other gifts or just buy this one from the Marketplace.

As for the title apart from a little splash of colour here and there most of the clothes come in black or white. The photos in the shop show off the unique designs perfectly, very edgy. I’ve grabbed a bunch of demo’s for me to try out tomorrow when I log back into SL but for now…NIGHTY NIGHT!

Techofolk. (Marketplace).


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FIRE!!! (100Ld Fireplace).

I didn’t add fireplaces to my list of things I hoard and here is the latest addition to that hoard.

I just couldn’t resist this fireplace from the “The Artist’s Shed” shop. It just blends in so well with the house I’m using at this moment and with just a 100Ld price tag it was such a bargain.

You get 2 versions which is basically with or without a lit fire. The socks drying in front of it is cute and one of them has I believe Mistletoe sticking out of it but to me, this isn’t a Christmas fireplace.

Since I literally have only the one wall it will fit against I’ve had to pull everything out and so when I get back inworld I will have a nice time rearranging everything.

The Artist Shed shop is a TRAP! It has some hidden unique treasures at bargain prices so I think I was lucky to walk away this time with just this one purchase.

BOOGER!!! I did a NOOB thing.

Yup, that’s me, settled down to do a bit of furniture rearranging and I deleted the whole blinking house! I did have it locked and got the warning it was locked but I thought it was a shadow I was deleting…it wasn’t.

On the good side I’m heading off to a sandbox and work my way through my house hoard even though I know I will inevitably use one of my favs….but fun times.

The Artists Shed.

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Sad Kitten. (Cheap Yardsale).

All I have to show you is an LM and me looking sad sitting in my box, although I did click the toffee apple lady and got one which I’m sitting eating as I’m sulking in my box.

My random TP has taken me to a small rambling shopping mall. Looks like there is a Halloween hunt going on but I’m not sure what it is you’re looking for as I was only interested in the free/cheap and bargain yardsale items.

Yes, a lot of the free/cheap items are a bit hmmm dated, but it was still fun to see them and OMG I went “Dumpster diving” which is really old-school SL. As soon as I mentioned to Faith I was going to do a post just for this LM she demanded… a TP because she like me is addicted to bargains. She treated herself to a Dust Bunny item and then talked me into buying another mini camper/trailer. Then when she wasn’t looking I bought yet another bike! I’m such a sucker for a bargain.

Also if you’re into movies/music posters then check upstairs of the shop as I spotted a whole room of some good posters which are 5Lds and then next door in the Kali’s Design shop even more posters. I was so pleased to see posters for one of my all-time fav films/TV shows called “what we do in the shadows” I just had to buy one of those posters, 20Lds, and may still return for some of the other posters.

Imagination Unlimited Thrift Mall.

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It’s a KISS. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift & Spendy(125Lds)).

“KISS” stands for “keep it simple stupid” and that’s what I’ve done with this picture.

I’ve used Faith’s plain backdrop and not added any editing so yes this is how I look inworld…damn, I’m hot lol.

I just wanted to show off that excellent texturing, the fine cord pattern does go up over the top part as well. This is a one-piece even though it looks like it’s a skirt and top.

Costs only the 10Lds to join the TeleportHub group and you know I love that group.

There are other gifts in the Maai shop which have been well-blogged. I’m going to shock you in that I’ve seen something I might just buy, it all depends on the demo/price but my next post might just be a “Spendy” one.

I went to the Anthem Event to try out the 2 demos I was interested in purchasing but in the end as good as they were they just didn’t work for me then I found this ” Chelsea Smile” or I know it as a “Glasgow Kiss” and I had to have it lol..btw don’t google either name!

You’re only buying the slashed look across the cheek, the demo is available. I added a bolder red lippie and then opened up my Lelutka Hud because in there as well as standard “pearly whites” you have many more options all it took was a couple of clicks and I’m wearing the beast mode teeth. It’s not often I get to show off my creepier side as I have to keep most of my pictures/posts “vanilla” but inside there is an inner creep lol. Only 125Lds for this tattoo layer and I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the stall but it will be easy to find. I may even check out their main shop for freebies when I’ve done some RL work.

(It’s the Okiya stall.)