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A lazy sunday.(Free & Cheap).

I checked out the links Faith did in her regular “Weekend Sales and there is at least one thing I want to buy and another I want to tell you about which will be the next post.

One of the shops with a weekend offer on is the “Make a Mark” shop, I didn’t go for the offer I just went for a look around and found a couple of group gifts and a cheapies.

I only picked up this backdrop freebie but there is no reason you couldn’t use it as an addon to your home or use as a garden feature especially as it’s only 14 prims.

I paid for this little tank/table? Only 20Lds.

If you look closely you will see inside is a pier with a little boat floating on water which I just thought was lovely and dreamy. Only 2 prims and you do get a resizer as well. There were a couple of other designs to check out as well, each are 20Lds.

PS. They’re on the wall to your left for the group gift(s).

Make a Mark.

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Beautiful or Ugly. (Bargain & Stunning Make Up).

A random TP took me to the Mik1karu shop and I was hooked! First is the “Bargain” as everything else I’m showing you does come with a price tag.

I’ve literally just realised that even though this is a make up look for Catwa the spider legs may still have fitted my face as they are 3D and I could just wear a dark eyeshadow. For only 10Lds I might just buy it. BTW this special offer is downstairs as there is the same one upstairs at full price of 99Lds so make sure you get the right one.

Now look away if you don’t want to be seriously tempted as these next ones do come with a price tag,

WOW, just WOW.

Another set of WOWS!

This shop is PACKED with some amazing and imaginative designs, it was hard to not snap away and take dozens of pictures as I walked from room to room/floor to floor. Now I have a problem as there are no demo’s and for me no demo=no sale. I’ve learned from the past that no matter how lovely it looks or how big the brand is, it’s just not worth the risk so try it before you buy it is what I always say.

BTW The shop is mainly Catwa but I did spot some Laq and there is a marketplace shop with Lelutka make-ups so I’ve put the link for that.

SPECIAL MENTION, as there are some absolutely sickening bloody make up effects upstairs, broken teeth, bloody noses, scalped head, slashed mouths and I also spotted a few of these for men, perfect for Halloween/RP or just creeping people out.


Mik1Karu. (Marketplace shop/Lelutka).

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Not enough time.(FLF Mina Hair).

As soon as I saw that this Mina hair is a FLF offer I logged in and got ready to model it for you and show you all the extra’s it comes with but I ran out of time and now all I can show you is the poster picture.

That blindfold is just plain sexy, look at the folds and the way the hair strands hang over it, just a touch of quality. Then check out the details on the side, you get some absolutely lovely colours for the blind everything from classic black satin to pink satin. Then to top it all off there is a small style hud which has the blind fold over or under the hair and best of all the hair without the blindfold.

The reason I like the hair as much without the blindfold as with is because I have found this hair has a style which really goes well when wearing a chunky scarf, coat or jumper. So you may see it more as I live RL seasons in SL and I’m hoping to find some nice winter wear soon.

YEAH here it comes…..this isn’t the only “kinky” hair Mina has in her shop, there is a full length hair with blindflold, the one with the neck brace(?) and the way the hair hangs with that one is just again perfect styling. There are others that I could mention but I’m sure you will check those out.

PS. Yeah I’m also going to check out the other FLF hair from Exile because why not, we all love great hair.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Worth it. (5+1Ld gift & Mention of Freebies).

A couple of days ago I did a post and mentioned that either I or SL were borking and one of the outfits I wanted to show you wouldn’t turn up so today since SL seems to be behaving itself I returned to the GeMyles shop paid another 5Lds to join the group and then 1Ld to buy this outfit and as you can see this time it was sent to me.

Although the editing has darkened the colour some what I’m super pleased with all of the shades you get in the fat pack hud, 32 with a texture and 32 plain I believe. The shoes are also included, SLink only, and when you use the hud to change the cat suit(?) the shoes change to the matching colour.

As I was pulling my pose there was a lot of notices from the MLM Frees and Offers group for other goodies so if you’re not already in that group you may want to remain in it.

Now I’m going to tease you with my hair.

It’s a Mina hair of course, NOT available at the moment. It’s so new there isn’t even a demo out but you know that as soon as it is I will be telling you more. The reason I decided to use this hair is just check out that colour, what an unusual colour combo and yet it works! Actually the best thing about the hair is not the colour palette but the add on that comes with it which of course I will tell you all about it when the hair is for sale.

I’m going to give you two links the first is to where the group gifts/lucky boards etc are in the GeMyles shop and the other link is to my previous post as it mentions the other freebies which are in a different area.

You by GeMyles & HM Couture.

GeMyles & HM Couture Post.

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My ride is here. (10Ld Bike).

My last post was the gift from 777 Motors in celebration of Pride Month and I try to remember to check out their marketplace shop just in case there are other gifts etc and thats where I found this “Sandstorm, Apocalyptic Desert Tourer” for just 10Lds.

Pretty well detailed and yet only 15 prims which means you can park this bad boy in front of your home/garage without it eating up your prims.

The listing says that this was updated on the 19,6.2019. Looks like you get everything you’d expect in a much more expensive bike pack such as camera and driver hud. The one thing I was confused by was the 2 bikes as they were both identical and yet one is named “track” and then I took this picture.

Yup with this bike you leave track marks, which of course do fade as you travel.

Very ridable although it has helped that I went to one of the MANY “The Wastelands” sims to have a drive.

The Wastelands is/is not a roleplay sim. Basically you can play here but just keep a few rules in mind, ie NO weapons unless they’re the ones provided by the wastelands rp game, no nudity so keep yer floppies covered, no sex, clean your sh*t up, don’t bother others and on and on just the common decent rules you’d expect which will make not just others but your own SL lifes a bit nicer.

OH and you don’t even have to get dressed up in RP clothes as they’re well aware that people use the sims for photos/backdrops etc and honestly no one minds at all.

777 Motors Marketplace Shop.

The Wastelands Maps.

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Coffee Break. (5Ld Group Gift & Mention of free).

I’m working on that little platform area behind me but my editing skills today are clumsy at best and kack handed at worst so before I make a bigger mess of it, trust me close up it’s rubbish, I thought I’d show you the top I’m wearing.

For once I bought it because of the image on the front as even though I’m not into slogan or clothing with images on them this one I loved. You do get a small hud and that also inc a plain black and white option also this and 3 sloganed ones and yeah I actually liked them as well.

The Corvus group does cost only 5Lds to join and there are 3 other gifts which I do believe are BOM tattoos so not much good for me and 3 Lucky Boards.

On the wall to your left as you go inside you will find an oversized sweater for him and her, I recognise it from somewhere so maybe it was a freebie from an event? It’s set to 0Lds so a free for all. There is also a TeleportHub gift of a fine knit bodycon dress and I do remember showing it to you. A really good staple dress and I did prefer the one which is the plain charcoal black of this t-shirt.

Corvus Mainstore.