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OH? (Dollarbie).

I’ve taken a break from RL work and decided to yet again search through the Marketplace for some goodies and found these ankle boots in the Pure Poison shop.

The”?” in the title is have I blogged these before? I just can’t remember but if I did I suspect it was a long time ago.

There is another thing and that is I’m pretty sure I paid full price for these many years ago as I LOVE these boots and for all these years these have been my “go-to” boots. I rarely take full-length pictures but I’d say that 70% of the time I will be wearing these. They go with jeans (although you do often get a small amount of breakthrough, as seen in the picture), skirts, shorts etc. The addition of a nice hud for both the inside and outside. The colour palette goes from black to pastels and as you can see I’m sticking to my light beige outside and darker brown inside.

PS. I will probably forget I’ve done this post and will do a repost in about 2 years time if they’re still as good then as they are now lol.

Pure Poison. (Marketplace).

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I’ve been busy.(Freebie).

I’m back, tbh I was only away for one night but I had to do some RL work catch up to do before I could log in. When I finally got inworld I ended up TPing all over the place and yet it was a link to a marketplace shop that gave me the freebie I was most happiest with.

It does come with a “starter hud” and I know I changed the shade of the socks but my SL time ran out so I don’t know how many shades you actually get.

The boots can be worn without the socks as well so you may have some jeans that can be tucked into them.

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