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STAHP IT!!! (25Ld Tue).

I tried my hardest to stop this tree from running around like a loon so I could get a decent shot of it and failed lol.

These Animesh trees are so freaking funny I just had to get them. I say “them” because you get 6 different styles in the pack. I think the biggest one is 23 prims which is pretty good for Animesh. You can click on them and you can change the colour of the bark and also set the parameters of how far they will run plus you can have them move in a circle or a square. I’m pretty sure they also react to their surroundings so basically if they come across a solid object ie wall, rock it makes them change. directing. One thing for sure is that there are 2 examples rezzed on the roof garden at the Gumi shop.

They are the 25Ld Tue gift from Gumi’s Flower Shop.

Gumi’s Flower shop.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Feed the addiction! (60Ld & 25Ld).

I went over to Muniick to pick up their 25Ld Tue offer because I need this in my SL life.

I am a sewing/craft hoarder both in RL and SL and if it’s an old antique item picked up from a charity shop it’s even better. So this 25Ld Tue offer from Muniick is just perfect. Only 3 prims.

Then I spotted this and because I’d not check out the 60Ld weekend offers I hadn’t seen it.

Wow, love it. This is the back of the caravan.

Obviously the front.

This is the only picture I took of the inside. There is plenty of space to move around in but this is a “tiny home” so as much as I tried to angle the camera to get the best shot I couldn’t really get anything better than this and there is a full sized version out for you to check out for yourself.

So for only 60Lds and you get a fully furnished (48 prims) of non furnished (37) and a whole raft of colour options for the outer shell, furniture, poses and even things like turning the fan and lamps off and on.

I bought the PG version and I’ve just checked and the Adult version is the same price.

I’ve just spotted as I was LM grabbing that if you already own this caravan which comes with just the 1 colour then you can get a free upgrade. Just check the board next to it.