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Ooozing with glamour.(Advent Freebies).

Actually, although I am “oozing” at the moment it’s hardly with glamour as I still have a bit of a cold and I’ve given up trying to sleep so yes I logged into SL at 5.35am.

Turns out it was a good idea as a notice came out that Jumo now has an advent starting and the old ones are still opened.

I picked up 3 full outfits and each one is very much an elegant evening look.

This dress doesn’t just have a sequin texture but it has that layer of a hint of sparkle on top.  This dress comes with an additional fur stole and like the sequins in this dress fur texturing has come on in leaps and bounds over the year.


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Little ray of sunshine.(Freebies).

The last post for now as I really need to log off and go do something else.  So I thought I’d leave you with another really lovely mini hunt.

So why the sad face?  Yup, you will have guessed right, Maitreya fit only.  Even if I had noticed that I still would have gone to grab these gifties as they do look rather good and although this PJ set is easy for most to wear when I log back in I will be trying the rest on to see how good or bad they fit my SLink body.  I am also wearing the pink sneakers which actually aren’t that bad a fit at all and if I put a foot shape on they might go from being ok to ooo nice.

There is a big board at the front of the shop showing what the prizes are, 2 fab looking bra & panties set, a dress, this outfit and the sneakers and all you have to do is join the FREE group and hunt down the slices of cake. There are also group gifts and one day I will remember to grab that Panda bag to show you.

PS.  I also have a sad face because there are some pretty lovely Gachas in there and I caved in and won a bloddy Unicorn Tiara and I am NOT a Unicorn Tiara sort of girl!


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Giving up, Giving In.(Freebies).

I really do start with good intentions and as I am sitting on my platform with a determined air working my way through all the gifts I have picked up I still get sidetracked about all the notices about special offers/group gifts etc and end up TPing all over the place instead of sorting through the stuff.  One day I will have to turn off Group Notification so I don’t get them as I’m working…one day just not today or tomorrow etc lol.


Doesn’t surprise me that this quality “tulip skirt and top” are the gift from Caboodle.  All the mesh bod and non-mesh bod sizes, comes as separates.

Now for a cheeky freebie.


Pretty but eye-watering low cut panties.  You get 1 fit but in 5 shades and it is the Mushilu gift

I will say that of the gifts I did unbox there is a whole load of random stuff from clothes, decor items, jewelry, Kawaii etc and a lovely way to spend some time in SL but be warned, apart from the house I’m stood in front of, sorry it was a Gacha Win and a RARE one at that, lots of tempting lovelies in those Damned Gacha’s!

The Gacha Garden