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Every Tuesday!(Freebies).

“Moon Sha” (that stands for Moon Shadow) is a shop I visit almost every Tuesdays as it’s one of the shops that often has a 25Ld Tue offer out and every time I go I see the wall of freebies and think I must come back to grab em and I don’t but today I did.

OK, disclaimer because even though our sim setting was the same as always the pictures turned out to be so dull I’ve had to lighten them a bit so you can see the details.

This house/hovel you may possibly have seen in our blogg before but that will have been years ago so I’m happy to reblog this.  Still, excellent texturing etc even after all this time and OMGERD 4 prims!  Although you can use it as intended ie as a home for those prims you could create a little Medival Village to house all your serfs in LOL.

It’s a single room with slightly raised bed platforms on either side and not a lot to it and then I unpacked the fire and all of a sudden the dark inside of the house was lit up.

2 of these items are actually last months and this month’s gifts and since I know the building and that cute rug are the oldies it means that either the fire, bales of hay or if you squint then you might make out the little tray of cookies on one of the bales are the new ones.

That massive and brightly lit fireplace is only 1 prim which you would never guess it if you didn’t prim check like me.  Although even at it’s biggest it fits into this house you can actually mod it but I can see it fitting into a sky loft, modern house etc pretty darn good and it gives off a great glow to the room.

I can’t remember the prims for the bales but I can’t imagine it being more than 1-2 (they’re linked and unmod) and as soon as I get bacin worldld they’re heading out to where I keep all my 4 legged friends.

Special note is that the cookies are actually trans, but not copy, and so if you have a sweetheart you can send them this lovely treat.

Moon Sha is a shop I know well because as I said I pop in every Tuesday if I see they’re on the 25Ld Tue list as even though this is a shop that caters for the Gor, Medival, RP etc field I have over the years picked up so many things for my own home.

PS I think the Moon Sha shop is on a shared platform and when you TP in just turn to your left and you will find it.

Moon Sha 

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

A Blue Man.

ShirtSadly our resident Male Model/Blogger/Gofer has had to return to RRL (Rotten Real Life) and now can’t blogg for us anymore.  One day he may return and will be welcomed back with open arms until then meet ME!  Yes that’s me the lovely luscious and womanly Zan but in male form.  I dug up and old male AV and cleaned him up treated him to a better shape/skin/hair etc and even a D*ck but in my defense it came as a package with a shape I bought and shall remain dusty and unloved in my invent.  So he is me and I’d like to think that the goodies I find will appeal to both male and female and all those in between.

However my first foray into Hunts for male freebies has been a sad event but finally redeemed by this shirt and a brand new hunt that has just started.  Called The Blue Man Hunt, what you’re looking for is a blue tie and for a token Linden you get a prize and in this case it’s a Mesh shirt. I will give a hint because at first glance this looks like and is a woman’s shop but don’t be a DUMMY it is there.

PC Creations

The Blue Man Blogg