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Free group join Lamu !

Thank you Squashy! If you’re really fast you can join this busy group for free at the moment – its usually around $500 and will be so again. Im in a rush to get out the door to my real life job so I had a cursory glance through the notices in the group and snapped up a huge pack of Maitreya fit skirts in all sort of colours and patterns ! Great for over a bikini or with a T shirt. This store is MASSIVE btw, I landed at the link below right by some free group gifts but will return later to snoop around more extensively. Squashy said there is a mix of gifts given out from fashion to decor, and sometimes as many as four a month – deffo worth a slot !


I used the search bar and looked up the group to join that way. Just search Lamu !

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Tiny but gorgeous free gift

Now there’s a name to conjure with ! Kusshon – haven’t heard much from this designer over the last few months – then BOOM free gift and a Christmas market. 1929 plate with cookies and a darling little mouse nibbling them – you also get the plate without the mouse making it just 1Li (2Li with the mouse) touch for a cookie ! The market is outside the store and I dare you not to buy something – I couldn’t resist! You will find the free gifts right at the back of the store on the left hand side – no group to join. Thanks Kusshon ❤