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Take a seat (Freebies n stuff).

Now that I packed up all of my Christmas stuff I decided it was time to really sort out my house and in doing so I came across a chair I forgot I had.


The chair comes from [[RH]] Design House and is called Cafe Chair.  It cost me only 80Lds and I chose the pink but there are many other colour options available.  Some really good poses in it which is why I bought it and as it happens it  turns out to be perfect for this dressing table from Hideki which sorry was a Gacha win, however since I buy most of my Gacha items from Yardsales so if you scout around you may find it but if you want to risk it then the Gacha and others are in Hideki’s main shop.  Everything on the dressing table is just my junk.


Since my last visit this little shopping mall in the sky has had a revamp and this is whats just outside of the shop.  A small street of little shops so freaking cute.  So of course I took a wander down and I found some freeness, Gachas and Yardsales but don’t bother with the Yardsales cos I bought them ALL!! actually no I didn’t buy everything  I left some for others but they all seemed to be priced between 10-30Lds and some where to good to miss.


There is some freebies and as you can see from the posters above my head this duck chair and those leaves are freebies.


There is also some Gachas which were cheap, but sorry can’t remember how much now.  Sadly I didn’t win this one which comes with 2 poses but I did win one of the little Duckie bags.

I also seemed to have picked up another gift which from what I could work out is a childs Hoover which is a wearable and when you start to walk it attaches itself to your bum and carries you, it’s very funny.  There are a couple of children’s clothes, toys shop here and I had some Awww moments.  Even if you’re not into kids a few of these make great decor items.


My last seat was one of the many freebies from [[RH]]Design House.  I’ve blogged them before and highly recommend you come for the 1 prim desk chair set which has some lovely detailing even for such low prims!

Make sure to walk out back of RH Designs as there is a selection of homes.  Mainly bleached/whitewashed in style.  I don’t think there is a demo out for the Winter House but that is only 60Lds and I have that house and I can recommend it.  Lovely texturing, lighting and detailing and a very reasonable prim count.  There is also 2 Lucky Boards just inside of the front doors.

 [[RH]]Design House


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I’m going to break one of my RL and SL rules and log in in the afternoon (I limit my SL time so my RL time doesn’t suffer and I find that even after all these years I still enjoy my SL time) because just before I returned to RL I stumbled up this new event.


The Dream, this is what greets you when you rezz, a small dome with clouds and a bed simply sit on the bed and you magically  rerezz on a matching bed but at ground level.


How adorable is this and of course you know that when this is simply the greeting area it undoubtedly means the shopping experience is going to be so much fun.  You walk to the end of that little pier where there is a little swing hanging from a cloud and you simply sit and you zip along to the main event.


Thats me “zipping” I just used the fun pose that it was set to but you can change the pose not that you’re on it for that long but as the main event is just through that tree corridor.


This is the view through the trees and even from this distance I see soooo many goodies and then I had to jump off my swing and return to RL.

I’m doing the post now because you might have the time to meander and it looks so good that I’m logging in a bit later for a wander around and if I buy anything I’ll show you and hopefully give you a better idea of whats here and the prices.

UPDATE – I Popped in and grabbed the LM and also checked out the goodies, ooodles of super Kawaii clothes, shoes, some skins and decor items.  Lots of new fresh designs from some big and some new shops to me.  Prices aren’t “as cheap as chips” (an old English saying) but neither are they extortionist and because there is a lot of Gachas that means lots of cute things priced for those with a limited budget so basically something for everyone.  Of course I caved in but even though I was sorely tempted I resisted the clothes and picked up some items of decor which I will show off in my next post.

The Dreamers Factory

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Tell No Lie

So I checked my RL bank account and then paid my tier fee and the first port of call was End of Daze (EoD)  Although I did have a change of heart and a quick search of my invent showed that I have too many Xmas trees to buy more so I didn’t buy the ones I drooled over at but I treated myself to a couple of things.


Of course I have TVs in SL because quite frankly they’re so common but I simply don’t have one as realistic as this one.  Obviously this isn’t a working TV but the detail real right down to the plug in the wall and the sheen on the glass is so realistic.  A 100Lds is such a good price for such details.


And yes this is my sky home.  Shabby chic on land super cool in the sky and this dresser is so neat it fits in my sky home beautifully.  Mentioned this in my last post and I knew as soon as I had some spare Lindens I would treat myself and now I have.


Not overloaded with poses but more than enough to make sitting there a pleasure.  The table dressings are rezzable and so is the brush with a brushing AO.  A dark coloured item but not oversized and heavy looking.  Lovely attention to detail such as the drawer handles are the same pattern as on the stool. 150Lds was a great price for this lovely dressing table. So pop over and see what tempts you too.

End Of Daze Designs