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Old Bag(s)

ParaPopped over to one of my favorite shops, Paradisis, to snag the Cold Winters Nights Hunt gift which I know is there and I came across all these lovely old shabby chic bags which are stuffed with Free Goodies. As you see there are so many I just didn’t have the time to unpack and try them on so you will have to settle for a picture of my Happy Dance and go check them out for yourself.

Antoinio pinstripeI went for the Freebie and got tempted by this great discount.  My Sweetheart is a bumper pack of this saucy bikini.  3 colours, red, black and bubblegum for 99Lds.  The wrists, neck and the bikini bottoms all have ruffles and sweet sculpted bows.  They have a room of discounted stuff, including The Student which is another of my constant goto tops to wear so make sure you pop in there.

BobI’m so impressed with this top.  My heart did sink a bit when I realised it came with sculpted arms and bottom and yet it’s SEAMLESS! I wish more items that had sculpted bits to them were as flawless as this but you can also wear this top without the Sculpties if you want it works just as well but they are definitely add that extra touch to this knitted top and of course so does the sneaky nip flash.  Thats what Paradisis is good at, a bit of cheekyness. Lazy is it’s name and it’s only 95Lds.  A reasonable colour selection is available.

Para boobs

A Lola Tango Freebie, music to my ears.  This is so similar to my Paradisis Cold Comfort jumper worn in the first photo, which I am guilty of wearing so much so that if it was real I would have worn a hole in it.  A simple light knitted jumper but for boob but I must stress that this is equally as wearable for those who don’t wear Lola Tangos.    I did miss that little gap on the sleeve edge prim but it is mod so I know next time I wear it I can just give it a little tweak and it will be gone. A hint for this item because you might just miss it and since it’s not a hunt item I don’t think they will mind, it one of the shabby chic bags but on the coffee table next to the fire not with all the others on the shelves.

ParI’m on a RL diet so the only chocolate I’m allowed is this scrummy saucy undies set.  Brin De Foile is it’s name and 80Lds is it’s price and at that price you could treat yourself to a few of the 8 colour choices you have.  Comes with all the layer options inc most importantly the option to wear the bra without the lace insert so yet again you can be even saucier with both nips flashing. The one thing I’ve noticed about their lingerie and bikini section is that these are made to make small boobs look great.  “Gazungas” are fun and I am addicted to my Lolas but I also love my “flatties”.

TopI literally have just thrown out all those old and free wet tee shirts that we all seem to pick up in SL Land and then I found this.  A proper “wet look” and at 50Lds you could get each of the 7 colours on offer.  Comes in all layers.


OMG I got so carried away with my bargains I completely forgot about the Cold Winters night Hunt item so I had to quicky rezz inworld unpack it draw the curtains and a quick snap. This costs you only 10Lds and it’s another Lola Tango goodie.  Please remember though an item may have the Lola  Tango Applier in it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great item for all.  So small or big this is completely wearable.  A knitted dress with pink accents and grey matching knitted stockings.  Shop quality and if this doesn’t get you shopping in Paradisis then nothing will.


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Long,Thick and Magika(l)

I was looking for an “updo” and ended up getting tempted by this  long and luscious look.  Now we all know that when you have long hair it usually comes in 2 sections and therefore you have that dreaded “break” in the flow where the 2 hair parts meet but this one is PDG (pretty damned good) at smoothing out the join between the 2 parts.  With some poses you still get the break but this is the first long non mesh hair that I thought was worth spending my lindens on. What makes this a bargain barnett (English slang for hair do) is you have so many options.  Ren is the hairs name and as  standard you get 8 shades of colours in each pack (I chose the safe but sure browns) but using the HUD you can change not only the overall colour but have the top half a different colour from the bottom half.  You can wear the top half only so going for a short shoulder length look!  Then you have the choice of “Mirror Image” which turns out to be you can change the side it’s on so for example the fringe is draped over the right eye but I can wear the mirror image and have the fringe, over the left side.  How clever is that.  As mentioned you get a Hud which you can do the usual ie change the sizing and colour but you can also have a strand of hair in your mouth as an extra bit of quirkiness.  199LDs for a hairdo with so many options and long locks is a Magika(l) Bargain.  Everything comes with Demos and there is a pretty and pink free mesh hair waiting to be grabbed at Magika.



These boots were made for…

Slink Whitney Boots promotion

ohhhh-maiiiii-GAWD… I simply adore the Slink Whitney boots *squeeeee*, stunning…purrrrfect…and versatile ! You can wear them full length , as above, or short length (ankle boots) orrrr ankle length with socks/leg warmers…simple dimple HUD for easy fiddling…and best of all? On special offer this week ONLY for 99L per pair , they will usually be 700L per pair..but theres more ! If you buy the fat pack of *faints* eight colours like meeee, it will cost you just 400L ! 

Slink Whitney boot

I know I know, sometimes you buy a fat pack and there’s alwaysss colours that are “so-so” yeah? Not these little beauties, all colours are devine and lickable ! Slink are also have a mini sale at the moment too, look for the items marked with a large shiny diamond to buy at 50% off the usual price .click the pics for a close up view..hurry along now !

Go get booted : Slink