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Greedy Hunt

The Greedy Hunt is now in full swing..and I found a fantastic outfit from Patchwork Heart to kick it off with ! Patchwork Heart have this darling dress smothered in foodie items…plusss a pair of almost edible shooz! All in my most favourite colour…Pink… hurrrah for pink and fooood…

Official Hunt blog: Greedy Hunt        

Start point: Greedy Hunt start

Patchwork Heart      Photo taken on locaqtion here: The wing factory


Iam in love with Dita

While I was on vacation..an email came through on my iphone..and I KNEW…yes I did…right away..that those shoes..those gorgeous babies were mine ! Oh you don’t know huh? well shhh…I’ll let the cat-outta-the-bag..the Dita shoes are out !! Mhm..indeedy dooo..in an array of colours..and whatsmore..Talena who makes all the yumminess has placed some out for her group members *faint*…as a gift (see above) It’s just 100L to join in the fun..and you surely wont be disappointed ..there’s heaps for group members on the wall of the new store (update your landmarks girlies) While I was there I snagged 2 fat packs (browns & pinks of course ) you get five shades in each pack for only 299L-thats an incredible 59l per pair! (79L in single tones)

A new group gift above “summer dreams” dress, Ive teamed it up with one of the pretty Pink Label necklace’s..

Oh and uhmm…well the goodness keeps on coming..cause Talena casually mentioned she also had a” lil bit of a sale on” and ohmai she REALLY did..I snapped up this tank & jeans for 1L a piece..the jeans are sooper lush and velvety looking..I adore Teal..the tank is just superb, great detailing…theres HEAPS there go see ! (necklace from the Dark Mouse gatcha)

Plusss don’t miss collecting this sweet memorial day gift outfit of shorts & tank…not sure how much longer this will be out…classic tank dotted with teeeny stars and racey red shorts ….(you don’t need to join the group to grab this up)

Sneak info also for you..Pink Label is in “The Wash back of a truck sale” it runs from the 1st to the 15th June…haul your butt over there for some amazing deals !

Go get shoesss: Pink Label         The Wash



naughty knickers & stilettos

Saw these two items on the SL market and just couldn’t resist ! Both are 0L…so why not?

AcFL "delicious" lingerie & VDI charcoal shoes

The lingerie is crisp white, two different layers for the top, also a tattoo if you’re feeling cheeky ! The shoes are from VDI, classic charcoal stilettos..start your week off right and steal this deal to stash in your wardrobe!

Get the look here : Lingerie  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UBER-PROMO-AcFLDELICIOUS/1636695

Shoes  : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VDI-Charcoal-Pointed-Sculpted-Shoes-Free-Boxed/451007