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Over Weight?

In these days of big SL events its pretty essential to ensure you’re not *overweight* before you set off to attend. I’ve lost count of the amount of people I’ve heard moaning because they are either barred from entering an event because they are over the script limit, or because “ohmaiiiigawd I can’t move for lag”…most events these days do enforce some sort of weighting, meaning..that if you are wearing or have attached wayyyy too many scripty items, you might get ejected out until your *lighter*! So, grab yourself one of these handy-dandy weight scales, they will tell you in a coupla seconds how many scripts you’ve got running …and you should then be able to detach a few. Dont forget..some hair, shoes and ao’s are massively scripted and that really impacts on not just your experience of SL, but everyone around you . The good news is, not only are these scales good to look at so you can keep them out and handy…but are also just 1 prim and totally free yay!

Brazen Woman scales