I keep you close to my heart


The other day I scooted over to MIAO to collect the gift that had been placed out for subscribo members (ninja!) in the box was also one of the wear & win cards, I put it on…chose the three places to scratch and voila! I won this charming Madeline bracelet. The sooper thing about MIAO’s jewels is you can personalise them to within an inch of their life. With this item you can choose two bead colours and the shade of the ribbon…perfect to match with heaps of your gear! The locket is called “Michelle” and co ordinated so well with my new bracelet i nabbed it straight away.

Michelle Ribbon and Pearl Locket 300L

Much like the Abernathy locket that was the disco deals item last week…you can change almost every part to your own color palette. The pearls, the ribbon, the metal. If you click on it once the locket springs open to reveal a photo ! (see info notecard that comes with the item for instructions on how to do this- its simple) Click twice and you will see a menu that enables you to select metals,gemstone,pearls & ribbon tones.

Go get choosy: MIAO


Ninja Kitty !

MIAO Pink Stealth Ninja Kitty Shirt - gift

Ninja! Kesseret Steeplechase owner of MIAO, has set out this gift for all her customers ! Its candy pink and has your very own ninja kitty on the front, really sweet shaped hem on this and also a deeper shade of pink for the edging…lovin it ! OooOOooOO and don’t forget to play your “wear & win” card while you’re there, it will be in the folder along with the Tee, just wear it…a scratch card will appear on your screen, scrape off three places. If you match three symbols you get a gift..I got a super cute bracelet !

Noticed there is also some clothing & jewelry newness…*faintswoooon* and uhmm I couldn’t resist..check it all out instore . (Join the subscribo then click on the lucky cat in the main entrance to receive your ninja kitty tee)

Go get ninja’d : MIAO

Credits: hair by curio,skin by curio,sneakers by HOC,jeans by Jane,collar by HOC,pose by hate me eat me


scrrratchhhh Miao

MIAO Emerald Emma Sweater 0L

meowwwww Miao…I seem to be on a lucky roll lately ! Miao has this really coolio scratch card system…and ohmaiii I LOVE scratch cards in real life…I received one today from the subscribo group..you have to go to the store and wear the card as a HUD..then you get to scratch off 3 areas of your choice…and I won! I received the gorjuss Emma sweater in emerald above. It seems with each purchase you make there’s a scratch card in the folder too..so of courrrrse I checked out my others..but booo no more winner for me today. While I was there I re-shopped  the 30L sale thats running outside the store ..

MIAO Elsa womens cuff 30L

and snapped up this adorabubble cuff bracelet…the sooper cool thing about miaos’s jewelry is there are soooo many options. This cuff has metal choices,gemstone choices,accent jewel choices and accent metal choices too! I’m wearing copper metal, with gold metal accents, emerald gem, and topaz jewel accents..you could change it to wear with anyyyyyything! Take a look around, don’t forget to join up and get those lucky scratchcard’s !

Go get katty : Miao