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It’s not Black & White. (10Ld Group Gift).

The notice came out and I dropped everything to TPed over to “monaLISA’s”  just to picked this dress up.

I’ve had to tweak the picture just a little bit to lighten it up so you can see the detailing.  The dress is pretty black but not a flat matt black.  In some windlight settings, it has an almost latex/leather light sheen to it.  You get 3 fits, SLink P, Slink HG and Maitreya.  There is a little issue with the SLink P which is why I’m wearing the Maitreya and that is there is some white breakthrough of the blouse under the boobs.  Nothing major and the 2 other sizes are pretty good for most mesh bods.

You have to join the TeleportHub group to get this and that’s only 10Ld and it’s one of my fav groups for heads up for freebies/cheapies etc.  This is in the TeleportHub Group Gift dispenser.   The monaLISA shop does have a group which costs 50Lds to join but there is a massive amount of group gifts which I’m sure you can pick and chose some handy additions to your invent and Lucky Chairs.


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A little sweetness (Freebies)

FREE mesh shirt - FREE mesh skirt

I was wandering about SL last night and came across this store called “Skull Candy”, they had a few group gifts up, the group is also free to join yay!. I picked out this from the box, a uniform set in mesh, both pieces come separately – so make sure you collect both boxes ! Really nicely made and a lovely light  lemon colour.

Skull Candy 

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Hot for the teacher?

H.E.D School girl outfit FREE! - Eternal Dream Summerish poses 90L per pack Feebs Rascals St. sales !

The Hot for Teacher Hunt has started, all prizes are just 5L and you’re looking for a ruler. I’ve got a schoolgirl outfit to show you that’s the gift from H.E.D. I wasnt overly keen on a schoolgirl look to be honest BUT, once I had it on, I really rather liked the style. Of course it sure helped the plaid had pink in it ! You get the traditional pleated skirt, hot pink push up bra and a cardigan , plus a rosary necklace…perfect accesory. I really couldn’t find out an awful lot about this hunt, but apparently all hints and LM’s to the participating stores are at the start location. (see below)

Mustnt forget a shout out to Eternal Dream poses, my pose is from the “summerish” packs that are out at the Feebs Rascal St Sales event. Only 90L per pack yay!

Hot For Teacher Hunt Start Location

 Feebs Rascal St Sales event

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Sweetness & Light


I’m always on the look out for something new & pretty to share with you…so when I popped to see my dear friend Fey, I was astounded when she told me that the outfit she was wearing was a free gift *faint*. The mesh jacket and skirt are from Umi usagi and Fey won it on a luckyboard there (group is free join and I think you need to be in it to get lucky)…you probably can’t see from my totally useless photos but its got such a LOT of detail…and looks SO classy…


The socks are from one of Fey’s all time fav stores G Field and go really well with the school uniform style…her shoes are from the freebie wall at curious kitties, take some time to explore the freeb’s there, there are positively oooooodles of them ! Fahhhbulous look Fey and thank you for being patient while I fiddled about ❤

Umi usagi


Curious Kitties

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Back to school?

Such a sweet new outfit from Bubblez, “Ari”…complete look, and I mean seriously…complete…you get the chunky sweater with shirt underneath..the cute plaid mini skirt, two versions of the tote bag one in black as above and also one in blue..(both with a really lovely pose animation built right in)

plusss…a hairband, pencil for your mouth and the maryjane shoes & socks ! I know I’m always banging on about this…but I do love outfits like this one where you can use pieces with other outfits…the skirt will be super useful…as will the sweater…mingle them in with your other jeans etc…great mixers ! Thanks Milo ❤


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Yes Sir !

HoooHaaaah Poised have a new group gifty out !! Its raunchy yet kinda cute all at the same time. “Oldskool” comprises of a short short flared skirt that tickles your upper thighs, a tied up white blouse and a really funky tie that has colour change options yay! It also comes with socks…

I was gonna wear my sneakers for this post but thennnn…I had a notice from Mary Jane Shoes about a group gift to celebrate 4000 members ! It was this beautiful pair of heels (fat pack of colours oot oot!) Totally not right for school but deffo the sorta thing I used to hide in my rucksack and put on around the corner ! The socks with shoes come out lookin like leg warmers..another fav of mine in my school days…always lookin like the “good girl” but not living up to the title *winks*…thanks Poise & Infiniti xx

OldSkool outfit : Poised

Shoes: MJS

Poses: Magnifique


School Daze

Back when I was in the clutches of the education system, getting out of my school uniform was the first item on the list once I was safely at home. You could never have convinced me that you could look cool in a school uniform, though I tried my best with what I had. How things do change. The other day swaffette Firefly sent her latest release: the ‘Schoolboy Costume’ and in a complete reversal from my school days, I couldn’t wait to try this on and have a look.

Trust me when I tell you that my school uniform never looked like this one. For one thing, we certainly didn’t have anything so smart as the brilliant blazer you get with this outfit. It’s a well fitted jacket, I love the school crest over the heart and the white piping around the lapels. The crisp white shirt you wear under the coat looks perfectly schoolish and comes in a couple of different ways to wear it. You can either wear it with the top buttons undone and half untucked like I have (of course) or you can be so very neat and wear it all buttoned and tucked. The grey above-the-knee shorts scream of assembly and aside from that, they are gorgeously made, I love the creases in them and the cuff attachments hang just right. Of course, it wouldn’t be school without proper shoes and socks and you get these too. The shoes and black leather and very shiny and I definitely don’t have enough prim socks because for some reason I just like the way these look. The left one looked a little shorter than the right, I don’t know if that was intentional but it made me smile all the same.

Speaking of attachments, they are numerous and varied for this gear. You get three different sized lapels, two different sizes of the flexi jacket bottom and short pants cuffs, the casual or smart styles of  shirt collar and tie and the jacket cuffs as well as the socks. Last but not least, I can’t forget to mention the cap. This one made me chuckle a little because it sits on your head tilted slightly, slightly ‘improper’ and I like that!

So there you have it, the complete schoolboy costume. Perfect for costume parties or just when you want to get in touch with that old schoolboy style. It will cost you L$350 and for such a complete outfit, that’s definitely a great price.

While I’ve got you here in an SF Design kinda mood, I thought I’d show you the male version of their April gift – the ‘Grandad Shirt’ – and that yes, it almost looks as good on me as the female version looks on Faith (can’t beat her in the looks department). With purple being so predominant, you know I’m going to love this. Stripes too,  it just keeps getting better. I really like the little designs on the shoulders of the vest as well. With great fitting collar and cuffs, the option to wear the shirt with or without the vest or just the vest by itself, it’s truly an amazing item to be had for nothing. Definitely one to get.

Get the gear here:

Schoolboy Costume: SF Design MainlandGrandad Shirt: SF Design