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Moving home. (Freebies).

Faith is in the process of setting up her new amazing home and I have to confess it’s giving me the itch to change my home but sadly for me, so far taking into account the style, size, prim count, price, texturing and on and on my Lisp house still ticks all those boxes but as I was meandering around the big build platform at Scarlet Chandrayaan’s shop Alouette I decided to quickly throw a pose to show you my new Freebie.


I’ve given the picture a little retro tint but that’s what the dress called for.  A well-known style but in a different and excellent texturing.  Lovely fit, lots of realistic folds all the standard mesh sizes.  It comes from MoSt (sic) a new shop to me, and it’s not the only Freebie as there is also a black coat and 2 other dresses.  The same coat is in the Lucky Board and is white, I would like to have won that colour but I didn’t have the time to stand around and wait to see if my initial came up.

Since this is a smaller shop I’ve been able to have a quick scout around.  If you like the style of this dress but not this particular texture then there are others on sale for only 60Lds each or you can buy the fat pack for 300Lds.

I didn’t buy that house because I’m torn between a Dust Bunny house, this one from Alouette or keeping my Lisp house. I’ve I suddenly realised that the owner of the house is  Scarlet Chandrayaan and she is the lady who is going to be helped with the money raised from the Fund Raiser I’ve mentioned in my previous post.

If you want to check it out yourself I’ll give you the LM but it may take you to her main shop if so just click the TP board to get to the demo platform.



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You Poser

ooo la la theree is much newness from Magnifique Poses ! I thoroughly enjoyed posing around on some of the items, such as this “in the window” prop..very versatile, slam a city scape behind or pretty view et voila! Lotsa poses stuffed inside and a biggg plus is you also get the poses as singles to add to your collection..great idea!

Pretty shutters the other side also…all the prop items seem to be verrry low prim, a total bonus as some of my stuff is rather primtastically high…no worries with these  ! I just know I’m gonna get an awful lot fo use out of this.

While you’re there why not snap up this months VIP gift! It’s a sweet wooden swing seat….looks gorjusss on my beach…as Im billy-no-mates I can’t show you that the pose in this is sooper sweet,lovely friends pose ..back to back…

The old shack is an incredible ONE prim..can you believe that?! It has six poses built right in, sitting,standing etc…plus you get the poses as singles too..awesomesauce…great looking item, and so easy to dress up for photo shoots with some furniture etc..

Last item I can show today is the black couch prop…packed with some great poses again…simple modern design sofa that should be easy to fit into your photo’s ! Head over to the store, grab your gifty, check the gacha machine and snoop the gear…there is also a discount room with a few reallly smewchy poses for just 49L ,plus single model poses and other assorted coolness…thanks Scarlet xx

Go get posing: Magnifique Poses    Discount store

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Pretties round up

I have some pretties..oh yus I do ! Bubblez has this striped snug dress just released, its called “Annie”, simple little number and perfectly detailed…I adore the colour palette,great to wear with flats ,espadrilles or even shorty boots & sneakers..just 150L…Lotsa luckyboards in Bubblez with some amazing goodies to win ! Thanks Milo xx

I’ve been slouching around in this new outfit from Arisaris for a coupla days now..sweeeeet cami top and denim shorts…easy peasy to fit and looks fahhhbulous ! Dont forget to join the group and head up the stairs to collect all the wonderful gifties !

Poised have some bundles of summeriness on offer …and I love that its mix & match heaven…above Im wearing one of the cream collection skirts & tanks..lovelovelove these tones ! Darling flared skirt (with resizers for the perfect fit) in heaps of colour ways, with tanks to co-ordinate

Had to show you the pink option didn’t I ! Skirts are just 100L and the tanks only 50L…the store is literally stacked with luckyboards if you’re a bit broke till pay day…join the group and snaffle up the latest group gifts…

Theres another new release from Poised this week also..”Hit wave” three juicy lucy colour get a skirt,tank & tshirt..with nipply options yay! Great detailing on the shirts as always from Poise and the skirt fabric are just adorabubble…thanks Poise xx

Saved the zestttttiness for last…this is the sheer tank (as if you hadn’t noticed) great value,you get the tanks, the cropped top (not shown) and skirt for just 150L ! All poses in this post are by “Magnifique Poses ” great store for all your posing needs, couples poses,model poses and some props too, prices begin from 20L up! Thanks Scarlet xx

Go gettum: Poised   Bubblez  Arisaris