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Worth the squeeze. (Special Offer & Mention of Freebies).

A notice has come out from Scandalize and Beyond that, both shops have a 300Ld gift shop credit for group members.

I think we all know the Scandalize shop and group that costs 100Ld to join.  What you may not know if you’re not already in the group is that there are NEW Group Gifts and NEW Lucky Board prizes. Although I am wearing one of the gifts I decided to just show you one of my pussy cats, a gacha win, because like my AV it is CUTE.

And remember to also visit the Beyond shop for its 300Ld Group Credit and that Group only costs 20Lds. Since it’s on the same shopping sim as Scandalize I couldn’t get in to grab that so that’s something to look forward to.

MENTION of Free hair!  A shop called Olive has a whole wall of Lucky Boards in the entrance and since I won one of the hairs it means that although the Olive group does cost the Lucky Boards are open for everyone, no I’m not wearing the hair I won as it just didn’t suit me but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t suit you.

PS. Forgot to mention that Scandalize has a FREE “Stay at home group” gift and there is a pair of thigh-high boots for only 20Lds which are for another group I think it’s called “Whimsey Original” but the Group Invite is right next to it.

UPDATE:  Check out my next post for a FREE 300Ld Shop credit post.





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Get crushed! (Freebie, Cheapie & Even Cheapier & Mention of Mesh Head).

There is a lot going on both at Scandalize and in this post so first the Freebie….and then you can ignore the rest if you want.

This outfit is from Scandalize but it’s a “Mesh Body Friends” gift and I do believe there are other gifts for this group, 4 in total, and that is a free group. These gifts are on the same wall as the Scandalize ones and the Lucky Boards.

There is a 50Ld offer just on the wall to your left as you walk into the shop, I’ve picked that up but not had a chance to check it out and I’ve not had a chance to even start looking for the Bunnies because YES there is an Easter Hunt going on.  A big poster shows you the prizes and each costs only 15Lds and I can’t wait for this place to calm down as I’ve earmarked quite a few things as I could do with more clothes for my new shape.

As for the “Mention of Mesh Head”.

The Akeruka shop has a Group Gift out for its member which is a brand new Mesh Head.  I know this shop reasonably well because when I was upgrading to a mesh head I fell in love with one of theirs but in the end didn’t buy it.  This isn’t a free group I think it’s 150Lds which is an amazing price for a quality mesh head.  Sadly though I couldn’t see any demo’s but as you can imaging like Scandalize this shop is also a bit laggy with people trying to get this mesh head.  I will return later when it’s calmed down to see if there is a demo for me to try.



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I’m sorry.(Freebie(s)).

Since when has Scandalize been FREE?  Unless I’m having a “moment” it looks like the previously paid for Scandalize group is now a FREE group.  I don’t really pay as much attention to my “paid” for group notices so chances are it’s been free for a while but I’ve just never noticed.  So if you’ve never indulged yourself in some Scandal it’s time as there so many top quality freebies the lucky boards are packed with goodies and the turn over is so quick I’ve won myself 4 outfits and picked up some of the more recent new freebies.

What got me over to Scandalize wasn’t knowing the group is free it’s because it’s done a “collab” with “LSR Moda”.  LSR is providing this sexy latex dress and Scandalize the matching over the knee boots.

You get both a shiny black and white version of the dress and again it’s the same for the boots.

You’re probably wondering why there is no picture of the boots and it’s because the picture I took is HORRIBLE!  Since we all know Scandalize quality I really don’t need to show you and of course if you too thought that Scandalize was still a paid-for group then you’re in for a treat.

Just a reminder that the LSR also has excellent Group Gifts, it’s one of my regular goto shops for goodies and although it has less Lucky Boards they too have prizes worth waiting for and in fact most of what is in the room you TP to is either free or a Dollarbie so check out all 4 walls.  I can’t think of a better collab that LSR and Scandalize.

PS. The “Lurker” behind me is actually a really good spooky prop.  It bobs gently up and down, only 2 prims and great texturing.  I was going to plonk him outside of Faiths bedroom window and allow him to spook her but I think she’s unspookable by now lol.  I did pop over to the Love inworld shop but it looks like it’s a freebie on the Marketplace only.

LSR Moda (Dress)

Scandalize (Boots)

Love. (Marketplace only)

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Crazy Lady. (Freebie).

I’ve been “peopling” today and I don’t like people so tomorrow I’m not going to answer the front door, emails or texts and slob, SLOB like the QUEEN OF SLOB that I am and of course SL.

This time I’m matching the sim to my outfit lol.  At some stage, I’m going to learn how to use these uploaded windlight settings because some sims not only have stunning settings but they make your AV look so good as well.

I TPed into the Vanity Event, grabbed this and then TPed out as it is packed and just like I can’t face “peopling” I can’t face lagging as well lol.  This is a Scandalise gift at this event so you join the Vanity event group for free.  I’m just about to check out the Seraphim blog to see if they have any pictures of whats for sale at this event and then I will return when it’s calmed down.

Lots of fits inc the new one, Legacy.

Vanity Event.

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Hot Damn! (10Ld GG & Update on the Update lol).

Blueberry has a NEW group gift out, need I say more?

OK, I will.

Honestly, I have folders in my invent where I tuck away all the clothes I get from my fav shops, so all my S@bbia, !g0, Scandalize etc clothes are tucked into folders so I can quickly find them and of course Blueberry has a folder all of its own. I rummaged through my Blueberry folder to add to the new gift of the joggers the top and yoga shoes which as you can see from the colours are also Blueberry items and yes they’re group gifts as well.   You get a lot of mesh bod fits inc my fav one and although I’ve colour coordinated like a pro you can mix and match everything from the metal bits to the main bits.

The Blueberry group costs a piddling 10Lds to join which is a mere token and there are even more gifts out but I just grabbed the newest one and of course, used what else I had tucked away for this whole look.

Update as the Scandalize group is now back to 100Lds to join but again well worth it but what I didn’t know is that it turns out the Lucky Chairs are FREE to all to use!  Even if you’re not a fan of lucky chairs these ones are packed with such quality clothes and as far as I can remember not ones which are on the group gift boards.  There is usually a massive crowd at Scandalize that the turn over in initials is so quick it won’t take you too long to score.



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I can’t do it anymore!!! (15Ld Hunt).

I’ve had a couple of days off SL and so when I’ve logged in to check “wassup” it looks like I was just about to miss another chance to score some amazing goodies.  This is a sim wide hunt with some of the best clothing shops in SL and you’re hunting for…yup pumpkins.  Don’t panic they’re so easy to find.  Each pumpkin cost 15Lds and usually when the prize comes with a price tag you have pictures to show you what the prize is and that’s not the case in this case, although one shop also has its own hunt going on and it does have a picture reference for you to check out.

Now for the “but” I also know that some of these shops are ones that don’t inc SLink Physique as standard, SLink Hourglass yes but not the Physique, and because of that I just grabbed 2 pumpkins and nope not for me, I could at a push wear the skirt out of one of the prizes but I have plenty of skirts that are for my shape.

So not a lucky hunt for me but of course you lot will be able to score probably some excellent additions to your invent.

This hunt is only a 2 dayer and today is the 2nd day so this is a heads up to not delay.

Halloween Hunt

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Nothing to see.(Mention of FREEBIES but don’t delay go today).

Damn and blast!!!  I can’t believe I almost missed this but there is still time.

Scandalize is not only having a hunt BUT they’ve set the group membership from a more than reasonable 99Ld (I think it was that) to ZERO! So not only is this the chance to join for free and grab the extremely generous and quality group gifts, behind the wall in the reception area BUT there is a hunt going on and OMG I want everything and so does everyone else but the whole sim is a heaving!

So go now as sorry this IS THE LAST DAY for both the free joining fee and hunt.

PS.  That’s me in SL jail for almost missing this event.