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SB Silk

I got a very pleasing surprise when I logged into SL tonight: one of SB Menswear’s new Silk Shirts! I got the totally cool crimson colour but there are a staggering 26 others to choose from.

I love the texture on this shirt, because I’m a fan of silk and this is not an overpoweringly shiny silk but you can still tell what it is and the creasing is just so well done on it.

The silk shirt comes in either the long sleeve version above or the rolled sleeves in the first picture and both can be worn on the t-shirt or shirt layers for a neat and tidy tucked-in look. You also get a sculpted collar and cuffs for both versions, all of which fit me perfectly right out of the box, always a big plus.

For a limited time these brilliant shirts will only cost you L$60 each which is a tremendously good deal! Head on down to SB Menswear and pick yourself up a few today. Thanks Charity!

Get the gear here: SB Menswear


Men’s Stuff

SB Menswear Aspen Cardigan - L$0

As many of you would know already, the Make Him Over group is no more 😦 A shame, I know, but don’t be too sad because a new group has sprung up to save the day. It’s called ‘menstuff’ and is run by Rob1977 Moonites and Ivy Maverick. You’ll find that it’s very similar to the MHO group, a lot of the same designers giving a lot of information about their new releases, gifts and anything in between.

Speaking of gifts, I was looking through the back catalogue of notices from the menstuff group and found a couple of gifts for us guys from a couple of cool stores. First up is the ‘Aspen Caridgan’ from SB Menswear. This is just such a brilliant cardigan, I love the texturing on it, it’s very snuggly as Faith would say. The cream and black colours look great and it also comes with a prim collar and cuffs that are no sweat to fit at all.

Style for Him Men's Black VNeck - L$0

 Secondly is a simple black vneck shirt from Style for Him. I’m a fan of vnecks  and I wear them a lot when I’m in the mood for something that looks stylish without going to all the hassle of attaching collars, cuffs and whatever else there may be. This is a great example of the vneck: the neckline isn’t too deep, it’s got great texturing and shading and it’s black! The creases in this shirt make it a great casual shirt to wear about with jeans.

So, there you have it. Two great gifts from great stores for you to have a look around and a new group to join to keep up to date in all the latest from a load of men’s fashion designers (search Rob1977 Moonites profile to join the menstuff group). Pretty good score if you ask me 🙂 Both of these groups are located right near to the landing points but don’t forget to have a look around and see what else you can find.

Get the gear here:
Aspen Cardigan: SB Menswear
Men’s Black Vneck: Style for Him

Oh and since I haven’t had a chance on here before now, I want to belatedly wish our fearless leader Faithless Babii a Happy Birthday for last Friday. She’s been a wonderful friend for a long, long time and is just an amazing person besides that. I’m very glad to have known you for so long and I hope you had a great birthday xx