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Whats his is mine

Sax Shepherd Designs NEW!

The Fantasy gacha carnival has flung open its sparkly doors today! Ive got some treats to share from Sax Shepherd Designs – the thing issss – they aren’t really for girls but but but – heyho that’s what a resize script is for right?! Why should the guys have all the fun and funky beads. Anyyyyway, its gacha so thats huge amounts of fun and its fantasy themed, even better. Haul your butts over there and have a play or six – this stuff ROCKS. I’m wearing just a few pieces from Sax’s Buccaneer beads collection which has 24 commons and 2 rares to spin for.

Sax Shepherd Designs - musical chest NEW!

Of course something musical is always going to be a big winner for me and this musical Pirates chest is divine. This is actually one of the rares from the Buccaneer gacha. Touch and the key rotates to wind it up then the music begins, its really quite enchanting. If you’d like to see the all the items Sax has made for this event click : Here – Thank you Mister Shepherd ❤

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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Sax Shepherd Lolita boots NEW

So, I couldn’t resist showing off the new Lolita butterfly dreams boots by Sax Shepherd. I was going to wait until tomorrow but but but ! Here they are, in all their glory..decadent bright red leather with floral inserts, laced front and chunky curved heels. The thing isss….that’s not all they come in, no no no! You can pretty much personalise every single pretty inch of them to your own taste. Wanna see?

Sax Shepherd Lolita Boots

Well looky here – this is just a FEW of the options from the HUD for the fat pack. You actually get a choice of six floral inserts fabrics, six lace tones, six piping colours, 3 grommet metal shades, and six shades of leather *phew*. Also available in single tones. It makes these a pair of boots for all seasons. I just love that Sax included Wintery and summery leathers, evening and casual too, so flexible, I shall be wearing these a LOT – youve been warned ! These are on sale at The 2014 Fantasy Faire btw, Sax is on the Hopes Horizon Sim (LM below).

Fashionlicious dollarbie outfit - Princess Maddy

My outfit is a dollarbie from Fashionlious, its called Princess Maddy and is pretty cute as dollarbies go. Mesh skirt with a flowery under and a sweet lace camisole top, that’s tied at the back. Not sure if this is a special limited offer – so if you want it go grab it .

Sax Shepherd Designs @ The 2014 Fantasy Faire

Sax Shepherd Designs mainstore


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Fantastical Fantasy Faire

Sax Shepherd Fantasy Fair NEW!

Unless you live under a rock, you can’t fail to have noticed that the Fantasy Fair has opened its doors ! I’ve been spoiled rotten by Sax Shepherd, who has allowed me to share his creations for it with you right here! I’ll be honest, before I knew Sax I just wasn’t into the whole “half-naked nymphet” type thang. Heres the rub though – I’ve been strutting my stuff the last few days around SL JUST like one. Once I got my paws on the gear and tried it on – it’s just SO hard to take it off . When I’m adorned in it all – I feel special, sparkly , dazzzzling ! This is the Nia Moon set, which you can grab from the Fantasy Fair gacha Carnival.  (24 common items and 1 rare, the rares having 24 jewel choices, the commons 12.) The nipple shields are available at the Sax Shepherd mainstore btw – I don’t think they are at the Fair. (might be wrong I haven’t had time to get over there) I have to mention my hair in this photo, its newwwww and made by KoKoLoReS ! There are two styles released , this is called “Frenchy”, lotsa colours and I absolutely adore it ! Its a rumpled stylish little bob cut, so chic.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!

This set is called Nyx, say hello to my clothing for the last few days ! . Theres also a mesh bikini bottom to cover your blushes if you’re not as shameless as moi.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!

Showing it twice so you can see how different it looks in the various metal tones.

SSD Fantasy Fair NEW!!!

I just can not go back to wearing those fabric type pasties after trying out the nipple covers, they are incredibly pretty and sooper easy to wear – I didn’t have to fiddle around with them at ALL. I’ve got ooodles more to share with you from Sax, the fair is on till the 11th !

Sax Shepherd Designs @ The Fantasy fair

Fantasy Faire web site


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Hello Boys (updated please read)

Sax Shepherd Designs - Group gift  mesh Bustier &  mules in funky floral

Well  hubbidy hubba, its been quite the week so far. So much work and no time to play Boo ! All the creators in SecondLife seem to have gone on a making frenzy too. Must be spring fever right? Anyway I thought Id get this out ASAP, cause I know how you love your frillies & heels – Sax Shepherd sent out a HUD to all his subscribers/ group members today, and along with all the glam photos of new releases and a  handy dandy “teleport me right now” button, there is something on it that says “Loot” – click it and you’ll get a lovely surprise delivered directly to you. This gorgeous mesh waist cincher andddd a scrummy pair of mule style heels –  these are for Slink medium feet.  I’m impressed, this man knows the way to a womans heart ! Ohhh you might also like to know Sax has three sets of his fancy smancy new mules out at The Theme Park event – one set is set at a special lowwww price – go check it out !

I’m short on time, but I did pop over to Sax’s store to check the group join fee (I don’t think there is one but my memory is rubbish) and I couldn’t find a subscribo. Sorry!


The lovely Mister Sax Shepherd dropped me a line to let me know that the subscribo was removed to be fixed, the HUD containing the gifts went out only to existing members – however he has kindly said that if you would like a copy of that HUD , then to drop a note to his CSR (SaxShepherdDesigns Resident) they will endeavour to get a copy to you – thanks Sax ❤

Sax Shepherd Designs

The Theme Park

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Bunnies & Mister Shepherd

Bunneh mesh Hoodie NEW! Sax Shepherd Flirt Slink sandals coldLogic jeggings

Happy Monday! Hows it going? Mine was pretty ok’ish as Mondays go . So so so I’ve got some über cuties to share and some seriously slinky shooz ! My Bunneh hoodie top is by even.flow. It comes in a duo pack, you get them reversed kinda deal. Above I’m wearing the pink one from the bubblegum pack, isn’t it gorgy? Love how the hoodie part just hangs down your back so casually. Told you to grab yourselves some of the coldLogic jeggings didn’t I? These are seyfried in black and quite frankly I tend to wear them ALL the time. Check out mah shooz! I’m so in lurve with my Slink feet and have assembled a few pairs of shoes to wear with them now .

Sax Shepherd Flirt sandakls for Slink med feet

These were a gift from a lovely lady (thank you!) who just wanted me to enjoy my new tootsies. Made by Sax Shepherd, and called “Flirt”, have a feeling they will become superglued to my trotters, so easy to wear and slip into. This is the “leather basics” pack, you can change the colour of the stud detail also. Absolutely heapsss of tones to choose from so go see.

Bunneh mesh Hoodie (2 pack) natural gacha tool box 10L per play!

I popped over to a lovely little store called natural the other day and got hooked on the gacha machines (yet again!) These precious “promenade” tool boxes are just 10L , I really scored and won the rare straight off ! Naturally I HAD to keep playing though and got quite a few more, SO darling . It’s a great store with some really inexpensive poses and wearables, totally worth peeking at.

Bunneh Hoodie & free mic that animates and sends out crazzzzy particles (FREE)

I gotta add this into the mix, it’s a freebie from “nas”, just add it and it appears in your hand, type in main chat ” utauyo” and it animates you to sing a crazzzzyleg song PLUS sprinkles all sorts of pretties around you in great big pufffffs – FUN!

Sax Shepherd Designs

Sax Shepherd Designs at Shoetopia

nas shop