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Get “Sassy”.(Freebies).

This isn’t a style I would usually go for, red leather ewww nooo but it comes from a shop I know called Sassy and since I also know in the past I’ve scored some nice goodies from there I thought I’d try it for size.

Turned out to be pretty good.  I think this came in just standard mesh fits so that’s good because it means everyone can wear it but even better it comes as separates.  so that rather funky jacket with jeans might be more to your style or the skirt with a strappy top of of course wear it as is.  Great texturing as well.  There are other Freebies out there so a few more outfits for you to discover.

Then I TPed over to a shop called Plakka and you will have to picture this in your mind because I’ve lost the picture and I’m starving in RL so I will be logging off for my din dins.  Outside against a wall is a selection of items but there are 2 brightly coloured trash bins and the bright yellow one is a free for all gift.  This is a hidden gem as although it says on the lid “gift” you would probably miss it, it’s also a very old gift it’s been out for years but if you’ve not seen it then it’s new to you at least.  Even though it’s a very old gift it still stands the test of time and is a great decor item.

I spent ages trying to find this new gift then finally I reread the note and this is actually to be found in the group notices and not in the shop  So join the Free group and it’s just there in the notices.  It’s as simple as it looks, a super textured 1 prim tray and click on it and you’re sent the single bottle and although you can wear it it doesn’t have an AO with it and that means you can scatter a few single bottles around.

Once I’ve had my lunch I’m coming back inworld to check out the sim that Plakka is on as I know this sim isn’t just really nice to wander around it has some other super shops on it so a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday.




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Easter Designers Hunt (Freebies!)

Corset & gold Pants - FREE !

I hopped over to Sassy today to see if I could strike lucky in the hunt, and I really scored ! There are three stores involved in this , but I only had time to do one *sad face*. Each location has ten little eggs for you to find, I found seven of Sassys . (pretty good for moi – Im useless at hunts) My favourite items are above, the gold mesh pants which are sooper lovely and the gorgeous cream corset. Its got some seriously pretty details on the back with laces. Go see how well you do ! (All prizes are 0L btw)


Info for the hunt

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The World & His Wife

All seem to be at some big events that are going on inworld at the moment, such as Whore Couture2  and The Arcade Gacha Event but I managed to get myself into a couple of very popular shopping events and grab a couple of goodies.


A lovely satin (non mesh) blouse.  Have to say pretty happy with this picture because I think you can see clearly it’s lovely sheen, ruffles down the front and  the puffy sleeves that don’t look like ham hocks for a change and to be able to do a tied bow at the next without it looking like you have no neck is a bonus.  A bigger bonus is the 25Lds price tag!  This is a  blouse from Sassy called Intrigue and you can get this gold coloured one from Free*Style.  As usual I’m writing this as I’m walking around Sassy LOVE the fact that although they’re not afraid of Mesh or even Lola Tangos they still lean more towards the non mesh and why not when they do it so well!! They have some live models wearing their clothes and it’s actually hard to tell the difference between mesh and non mesh the texturing is that good.  If you need a non mesh “wiggle dress” then this is the place.

It’s also the place to come if you want to win a shop quality item on the Lucky chair like I did or sign up for the group and snag all the great gifts out. You may also want to make a note that Ivy Burner, the owner of Sassy has a Newbie pack out so if you’re a nice  person and find a noob shove her in this direction she will thank you. The hunt going on at the moment is The Twisted Delirium Hunt, hint given.

Free*Style is the place for visit for some pretty generous bargain priced gifts and some freebies  from some of the more well know SL shops.  Mesh clothes, skins, jewelry, poses a bit of everything or rather a lot of everything because there is also a second floor to this shop.

Peri1The next item is this hair.   A lovely big fat high pony tail that doesn’t look childish in fact I think that from the front it is a pretty grown up and elegant hair do.  From Truth and it’s their FaMESHed offering and for a pack of 6 dark brown colours you get  the same 6 colours with roots so a total of 12 choices for only 200Lds.  Loads of different fat packs and again I caved in and as I’ve stood here getting the LM for you lot I caved in andf bought the coloured Fat pack for not only 16 vivid colours but about 16 of the same colours with roots so a total of 32!!! hairs for 200!


Sassy Main Store

Truth Marketplace


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CandyMetal at The Outlet Sales Room

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_001

oot oot ! This will get your motor running…CandyMetal are in The Outlet Sales room…theyve got squoodles of really inexpensive items PLUS a free pair of shooz yay! This leopard print mini dress is not mesh, but fits as if it is…it comes with a light brown belt and Lola Tango appliers (hurrah!) A total steal at just 80L…thats not all can grab the matching heels for freeeeee !

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_006

Theres also a unisex pair of pants on offer…not mesh (I know some of you prefer that) “Toto Pitillos”, nice and casual with a terrific fit – full pack (7 different colors) –> 100 L$ orrr singlepringles for only 40L…Im wearing my pants with the new sport mesh dress that’s also on offer at the outlet…variety of shades, I really liked the crisp white…70L per colour….

candymetal sale room free shoes, dress with Lola Tango applier 80L_011

If that hasn’t already got you teleporting…I have some more news…in the middle of the event is a big old board…stuffed with pressies for you ! I collected this superb couch by [WM],  and the top I’m wearing is a gift from Sassy … a lot more gifts there for you !

The Outlet Sales Room

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4 44 444?

Awww Happy Birthday Free*Style! And what a superb birthday type bash they are holding yay! Starts today and ends on the 14th..a room chock-a-block with goodies and because they are four years old..everything is priced with the number four…such as 4L or 44L or 444L . The place was packed to the rafters when I dont rushhh you’ve got a coupla weeks to do this…I snapped up a few things to show you..above I’m wearing a dear little sweater & tank from Sassy! Pretty little cuffed sleeves..and just 4L…Im holding a free wearable drinky from C&D Designs ..and the skin…ohmaigosh the skinnnn…I hadnt heard of Chain & Vine before…but hubbidy hubba Im glad I saw this..its called LOIE..and its only 4 L *faints*..its just sooper delicate, the face is especially sweet..great shading all over..

I totally caved in and broke my “no more new shooz” promise when I saw these cuter-than-cute Mary Janes from DUH…the white pair is just 4L..or there is also a fat pack of various shades for 44L..

Mystic Sky had this gorgeous Autumn wreath on offer for 4L..I loved the colours and its mod so you can get a purfect fit..the skirt I’m wearing is Argyle Anonymous’s Super bargain Saturday item ! It’s a real peach…old denim..little peacock feathers adorn the front..alpha layer for your derriere..thanks swan xx anddd yes I’m wearing the Chain & Vine skin again (I lovvve it)

Last thing into my partay bag was this sweater from Pig..Ive always had a soft spot for their understated styling..and their gear wins a place in my SL wardrobe everytime,just 44L ! Little hearts necklace is from Lolapop..uhoh it just appeared in my hand *squirm*..well at HAD too…

Congrats to Free*Style…hope you have many many more Birthdays to come !

Birthday Bash: Free*style event

Super Bargain Saturday item: Argyle Anonymous

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Sassy gets huntin!

I was yapping to Steve on skype when I tried this dress on…Ive never heard him “gasp” about a dress before ! He did though…and quite rightly so I think…the cosmopolitian dress is just glorious…so feminine with its ruched band belt and thick rose applique,even a little net edge to the skirt…I fell in love and havent changed clothes thing is…you too can make this your own by finding it in the American Bazaar Birthday Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30 hooooray!

Another hunt prize is this triffic Meow dress…bright pink leopard print skirt with a netted edge and plain black vest top…this is the gift in the Just for Fun Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30 ! I teamed it up with a necklace from Addiction, a new release in a range called “Moon Flower”, there are other pieces also but I just couldn’t wait to wear this long chain with its striking triple pendants …you can buy the set that comes with earrings for just 75L steal! (there are also some gorjuss earrings set out as gifts for you to collect when you visit)

Last hunt gift from Sassy is this fun complete outfit you might wanna grab for Halloween ..the Succubus comes with gloves,poison ivy stockings, body suit,tail & horns andddd those magnificent wings ! Great stuff…this is the gift for the Twisted Fall 2011 Unseelie Hunt — Sep 1 thru Sep 30…

HAD to show you this, a new release called the poet shirt..just dreamy and chic…sooper pretty sleeves and laced ruffled collar detail…heaps of colours from white through to a deep red… I had a wander around the store , there’s a superb array of clothing, casual to evening and I also found a lucky board and some group gifties…go see !

All clothing : Sassy !

Moon Flower necklace: Addiction