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Home & Garden Expo part quatre


HGE Glas Houses - Veronika prefab

I had the pleasure of taking a look at some of the new builds by Sandi Glas, the one above is “Veronika” and its my favourite ! Veronika is a large and spacious bungalow type home. A huge lounge area with bricked wall one end which is perfect for placing a fire against. Some lovely features with working blinds (open,closed and a little of both) The front is very traditional with flower beds all ready to plant up and a rear patio area that’s large enough to take furniture and plants. It feel so homely and cozy inside, beautiful cream doors fitted throughout.

HGE Veronika home - Loks plants

I found the patio of the Veronika home ideal for the Lok planters, which I totally fell in love with as they are almost identical to the one in my real life garden. Pumpkin patches for seasonal colour above . Free bucket & mop from [DDD] btw.

HGE Veronika home Lok's

Some vibrant daisies in a quadrant shaped pallet  which stole my heart right away (yes I’m a sucker for pretty flowers)

HGE Lok's

At the front in those bedding areas I placed these vibrant sunflowers ! I adore sunflowers, they always remind me of soldiers in a row. Loks has plenty of new items to get you busy ferreting in your wallets – from plants to industrial styled bedrooms and lounges.

Glas Houses @ The Home & Garden Expo

Lok’s @ The Home & Garden Expo

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[DDD] Group gift bucket & mop


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Useful & Gorgeous

Loks inventory organiser FREE! DandelionWine subscribo dress FREE!

I whipped over to Lok’s a couple of days ago to snatch up the gift for the Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt…its a “storage dresser”, and boy-oh-boy do I need one of those ! Its dead nifty, comprehensive instructions are in the box so you wont get confuddled at all, I SO need to sit down and store away the trillions of  bits of furniture I still have from the rental homes . Each drawer can be named (its hover text, so you can’t see my labels in the photo). Eight drawers to fill up with gear, all those things you wanttttt and neeed but really don’t need everyday that clutter up your inventory. When you land at Lok’s there is info on all the hunts currently running. Oh! Almost forgot, my frock is a free gift from DandelionWine, join the subscribo and voila its yours. Such a pretty little thing it is too…frothy,lacy and girly ! Definately a store to keep an eye on, heaps of new releases and the quality is greaaaaat!