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Cart Sale

somnia cart sale exclusive rainbow top & skirt 10L each

Its time to get washing girls & guys..The Wash has one of its cart sales on…and you really don’t want to miss it. Most everything is set for sale at just 10L, plus a load of gifts dotted around. I have some gorjusness to share with you from Somnia (thankyou so much Sanura <3) Above is a cart sale exclusive…the rain bow mesh skirt and matching top…they made me feel especially spring like and cheerful ! Both items only 10L each *faint*…

Sonia cart sale Harmonic Fusion ice & white 10L

Another must have from Somnia is this mesh top “Harmonic Fusion”….cute look, perfect for tossing on with jeans and a great music logo across the front ..again only 10L ! (if you’re wondering about the jeans I’m alwaysss wearing, they are from Jane and are called “sweet n low”…my absolute favs eva !)

somnia cart sale Feathered Harlot lingerie 10L

Somnia have ooooodles out for the Cart Sale…couldnt not show you the lingerie could I?! This is the “Feathered Harlot” set and comes in heaps of colours…lovely design across the bra top plus matching knickers…yum.

Piddlers Perch Cart Sale  10L - Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack

I did pop over to mooch and found Piddlers Perch had a cart..if you don’t know this store go check it out…great value and really sweet pieces to glam up your space..this is just one of the items on sale for the Cart Sale ” Bit O Country Wash Basin & Shelved Towel Rack”, it’s just sooooo lovely and quaint…you get all that s shown above for your 10L ! Its won a place in my home for sure…btw…its all also very low prim, hurrah! Go have a wander around, it’s quite a large area to cover, you’ll find clothing,shoes,home & garden items, guys theres stuff for you also.

Cart Sale


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Have to get your roller skates on for this event…because Im all behind …theres just two days left sorry! Etheria is well worth a trip…a collaboration with clothing & jewelry designers…making items to come together in harmony…from the notecard :

What is Etheria? It is a collaboration between jewelry and clothing designers to create outfits that complement each other. I’ve invited several of my favorite jewelers to create new pieces and they’ve invited their favorite clothing designers to join them! I’m honored and pleased to announce new and exclusive creations from:~ Caroline’s Jewelry & DCNY
~ Dark Mouse & Lark!
~ Lolapop! & Schadenfreude
~ MIAO & Somnia
~ Undefined Lilies & Whippet & Buck

Dark Mouse has this stunning set out called *My lady love*, its something I will wear regulary. Drop necklace,with vines and roses spilling along the strands, bracelets, a ring & earings…this is what Id call a *heritage* collection, meaning…you will wear and wear and wear it for years. Its classic and wont go out of fashion- the ring was actually the VIP gift for this month, so if you havent joined up to Dark Mouses group, make sure you do for next months gifty!

Somnia & Miao got together for this look, the dress is by Somnia “Christine” and wow…what a fantastic idea.. you buy the outfit and it comes with seven (yes seven!!) colours of bodice , bow & skirt sash. The skirt remains grey plaid and you can alter the accent colours by means of a menu  and changing the shirt/ jacket layer…cool huh? It also has two further leg parts on the skirt to give a full length look, but I was totally digging the 3/4 style with my boots.

Heres the MIAO necklace (there are also earings that match) its named “Heather stone”, the awesome thing that I adore about MIAO items, is the flexibility of can change almost every part via a menu, gemstone,acccent stones,metals etc..makes it hugely wearable. Very sweet teardrop stones..and the colours co ordinate so well with the dress by Somnia…superb! Dashhhh over and check it all out before the 8th ! Thanks Mouse,Sanura & Kess xx

Etheria 2