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Casual for the weekend (Freebie inc.)


Somnia NEW! Kokolores hair !

Somnia has some new deliciousness up for grabs at some low low prices in the District 5 event. District 5 is a Depraved Nation event with 5 themed areas they are The Hamptons, The Scene, Industrial Compound, The Indie Market and Sin City. Somnia is in the Indie Market theme for District 5. All new items are discounted for the duration of District 5. yay! Above I’m wearing the newwww ripped shorts, I’ve got them on my Slink Physique body but they also come ready for wowmeh and banned ghetto booty. I’m also showing the Janis tank and jacket, you can wear them separately or together. Great Indie styling and a real fun outfit.

Somnia NEW!!

There’s also matching shoooz, darks & lights (as are the shorts and tops set above) easy to use HUD so you can get a fantastic match for your outfit – I ❤ these BIG time.

LoveME free group skin - includes ALL appliers ! FREE!

My skin is a freeee gift from LoveMe, I’ve been wearing the Stacey skin from LoveMe pretty much alllll the time recently – and this ones also a keeper. The box is stuffed with all sorts of add ons, like the sweet beauty spot, appliers for slink hands- feet AND physique body – it comes in one tone and that’s “tan” – which isn’t overly dark or unduly light – perfect for almost everyone ! The group is also free to join. KoKoLoReS has this darling hair-do out for sale at the mainstore, called “Gretchen”, dear braided pigtails – LOVE!


District Five



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Slinky Girl

Somnia My Slink Obsession Top, capri pants & shoes - Loveme Stacey Skin NEW! Argrace hair KOTO - Slink Physique Body

So, since getting the new Slink Physique body I’ve been experimenting with what will and what wont fit with it. I was sooper chuffed when Somnia sent me over the new collection that will be on sale at The Slink Obsession event (My Slink Obsession is a monthly event that opens on the 5th of the month and ends on the 22nd of the month. It is run by Sanura Snowpaw and Lexi Morgan. The event will feature Slink compatible items from skins, shoes, nail polishes, clothing, poses and more! Everything and anything that revolves around Slink Avatar Enhancement products. All items at the event will be new and marked at least 50% off.) I’m wearing the “Dippin Ribbons” Lights pack of cropped style shirt, the “Simple Capri’s” Lights and also the simply gorgeous “Ribbon heels” lights pack. In each pack you not only get the HUD to apply the clothes to your slink Physique body but also clothing layer & tattoo versions! Each pack has eight colours included which is an amazing bargain as they are just 95L a pop ! Thanks Sanura ❤ Must mention my newwww skin that I used with the slink Physique body, its by Loveme and is currently on sale at the The AloHa Fair – July 28th – August 11th.

My Slink Obsession (5th – 22nd August)

The AloHa Fair 


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Im a lumber jack and I dont care…


SF Design NEW! Somnia NEW!

Theres something about plaid that always makes me smile.  I was a happy camper when I saw the new releases come through from SF Design & Somnia…plaid fesssst ! SF Design has these natty pants out available also in animal prints (rawwrrr). The nifty thing is you get a HUD, so you have ooodles of different colours in one single pair. I’m and chose the grey/black, love it . I teamed it up with a tied up blouse from Somnia, which also come sin a zillion colours in the one box – great value and so flexible .

Somnia NEW!

Another bundle of newness from Somnia that caught my eyes is the  cafios skirt . Its dead tight and sooper cute. I wore it in red with one of the lumber patch plaid shirts…so chic ! If you havent shopped at Somnia before, don’t forget to trot upstairs and slap those lucky boards, you will come away with a mahoosive haul of goodies and not old stuff, the boards are changed regularly to reflect new releases , PLUS…at the moment there is a huge sale on with 50%- 70% off nearly everything .

SF Design


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New stuff !


Somnia NEW !

I’m re-energised after a visit from my Daddy, we had lunch together and I made his favourite sammiches (Tuna & mayo all frothed up!) He bought some rather sugary buns for dessert – he always forgets I’m a diabetic bless him. Anywayyyyy now I’m stuffed with food I’m ready to rock & roll…Somnia is fast becoming one of my fav go-to-stores for mesh. The releases are many but never losing quality. Above I’m showing the brand spankin new “Nyitia” belted mini skirt, fabbo thick belt to show off your slinky snake hips and really perfect to wear with a whole load of Somnia’s sweaters and tee’s. NINE colours in the pack for only 200L, thats uhm *brain fade*..erm..22L per skirt ! The sweater is also new and comes in a pack of nine tones..its called “pixel heart”, I thought the stark white really made the red skirt POP .


Now, pro-tip…get this amazing cardi & tank set, you wont regret it…like e.v.e.r. Its called “Boffle”, you get a cardigan and an undershirt in each of the nine tones. You can’t wear the cardi as a piece on its own but what you CAN do, is mix and match up the colours. Endless variations ! I just adore the thick chunky knit of the cardigan, the under shirt is self striped and fits like a glove, big buttons complete the look, I LOVE this set! My trousers are also a new item “Zhevios” is the name, they go SO well with the Boffle set, but are also a fantastic stand alone item. Thanks Sanura ❤

Somnia store


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Tessa is a Flirty girl

Somnia NEW! Mesh Flrty Tessa 200L for 8 colour tones

Oooodles of new pieces from Somnia over the last week…Flirty Tessa is the sweet little frock above and turned out to be my fav, still wearing it three days later ! There are two packs of this dress, lights and darks. I chose this divine shade of pink from the lights pack to show you. Dipped back and a cute frill around the hem make it deliciously girly…

Somnia NEW! Mesh Flirty Tessa light pack - 8 tones 200L

The front is very cleavage friendly and the halter neck just adds a lil more glamour. If you’re dithering over what colour to get..dont fret…this comes in a whopping big pack of eight shades for just 200L *gasp*…what a steal…eight frocks costing you just 25L each ! The only choice you need to make is dark or light pack…or both , treat yourself …Thanks Sanura ❤


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Its All White

SF Design VIP Group gift sneakers

I have some real finds for you today…and as I’m feeling rather fresh…Im gonna show them all in zesty pure white. Above is this months VIP Group gift from SF Design. HolyGramoly…these are gorgeoussss ! Expertly textures and spot on style..Guys theres a pair for you also. Just join the group (small fee applies and we get such brilliant gifts EACH month!)

Somnia - for 100 - Moustache tops & Silken Thatch pants

A new event is starting on the 10th of May…dont try to head over before, you can get a sneak preview ! Somnia have a fantastique range of items…these are the Silken thatch pants along with one of the moustache tops… get excited because, you get a whopping EIGHT colours in the pack of each item *faints*…each pack is only (for the duration of the 100 Block event) an amazing 95L !! They will then revert to the usual price of 200L, which is still a steal.

Somnia Velveteen Dress


Also at the 100 Block event is this velveteen dress, snug fit, great belt. Wear it with heels, boots or as I have sneakers for a sportier look…againn eight tones for the lowww price of 95L…cant wait to get in to this event..looks like its going to be a doooozy. Thanks Sanura ❤

100 Block (on the 10th – 31st May)

SF Design

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Bright & Smiley !

Somnia -  Kawaii Comfort NEW!

When I saw these Kawaii comfort tops…I wanted to smile and wrigggle ! Ohmaiiiii days…have you ever seen anything SO cute?! Seriously…go grab yourself a pack..yes a PACK…200L for eight different colours *faint*…Brilliant shape, the board says top but hey…Im wearing mine as dresses, they aren’t too short and they do work just as well as tops with jeans or leggings etc…I love love LOVE this yellow & pink one…thanks Sanura ❤ , you made my whole day !

Ohhhhh don’t forget there is a bigass sale on upstairs…yupyupyup SALE TIME ! Most items seem to be just 10L…theres also gatcha…and in my Kawaii box I found a scratch and win card..just attatch it inside the store…rub off the spots, et voila..see if you win a prize. (I did yippeeee!)