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Rebooting (Dollarbies).

I love how the techies call it “rebooting” when a simple “turn it off and then back on again” is really what they mean.  So at about my 6th “rebooting” I finally got reconnected to the internet and since my inworld time was limited I did some MP surfing and I can’t believe what I found….MORE skins and at a single Linden worth it.


OK I have major editing fun with this picture but this skin “St Valentin” comes with some serious contouring make up which lends itself to a very dramatic look. TBH as soon as I tried it on I knew exactly the dress, hair, pose and even where to go to take the shot.  This skin comes with only the 1 skin but all of these appliers, EVE, Nyam Nyam, Baby Bump, Wowmeh, Lolas and OMEGA.

However if you want a more natural skin check this out.skin2Comes with 4 Make Ups & Freckles (worn) & Clean Face  & Extra Make Up  & Alpha Lashes & 3 eyebrow shapers & Appliers for Wowmeh & Slink Physique & Slink Hands & Slink Feet & Lolas. Thats a LOT of “&”.

Remember though I’m wearing my own shape which is a Anna Shapes which seem to be only available on the Marketplace and all I wear nothing but Anna Shapes and just the 80Lds ones.

Although there is a link for an inworld shop I’ve not actually managed to find it so you will have to pick these up from the MP.

Zodiaco Marketplace

Anna Shapes Marketplace

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

I’m all blue


Eclectica NEW

I’m having a bit of a blue craze the last few days, just a friendly note so you don’t wonder why I’m picking almost everrrrrything in shades of bleu ! Above are the fantastical new sandals from Eclectica, called  ‘Whitsundays’ Resort Sandals – they are mesh anddd you can actually edit the colours a little to get the exact shade you wish for. Of course you can also edit the size maually – which is sooper handy. (Not that I had too btw) I chose the stunning aquamarine tone, but there are oooodles more to choose from. Available at the current round of  L’accessoires, and will be in the main Eclectica store later. These are for use with the Slink flat feet btw.

coldLogic NEW release - Eclectica NEW! - Argrace hair

Had to get another coldLogic item in, because I am entranced with it all at the moment. I’m wearing the lundy shorts, a little more tailored than the other styles, with a sweet embroidered motif on the side of each upper thigh, the larose bra top is such a winner with them. Lots of colour choices or of course the good old quantum pack. My jewellery is also from Eclectica, its called  “perenelle”, ever-so pretty and romantic. Hair is by Argrace – I am that stores stalker currently ! This is quite an intricate style and has many different ways to be worn, its called Shiori – go check it out !

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

Eclectica store