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Boxing Clever

gift boxes +sanctuaire+  free png

Oh I just had to share this before I leave for my vacation…+sanctuaire+ is giving a gift a day from under their Christmas Tree…I wandered over and todays gift is this set of mesh gift boxes. They are soooooper pretty and only 2 prims per box ! Twelve boxes all together, four different designs…and set as mod & trans so you can actually use them…even the little gift tags have messages on them…I adore ❤




Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Garden Party

If you want to grab this gorgeous set from Sanctuaire you’d better hurry…its their gift in The Four Walls Hunt. This Hunt ends on the 15th September…and each gift is valued around 250L , but…youre going to pay only 10L ! I was totally surprised when I unpacked this set…so much ! Six chairs, all with poses, the long table with such a pretty runner along its length…all six place settings that are just adorable and detailed…candlesticks,a bowl of fruit..its just gorgeous.

It also comes with the wooden deck , posts and bunting ! I love that you can use as much or as little of this as you wish…Im always running out of prims ! It’s a visual feast truly..and sooper pretty..I might even have to find homes for the candlesticks around my bedroom…btw…while youre at the store hunting..take a walk outside and check out the homes in the rezzer…I had a quick peek last night…some lovely vintage feel builds and low prim too..Im going back for another gander later today, got a feeling I havent seen it all !