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Springtime Sun rays

Lovely morning here in the sunny south. Here I am sitting on the terrace – if I tried this in real life – Id be smothered in Springer Spaniels and covered in dog hair- ahh the glamour! A new round of Sunset Mist has begun – lovely little event – clothing and home & garden items. Lunar Seasonal Designs have this chunky little chaise with single pringle and couple poses built-in. You also get a few choices on colours for each component of the chaise – nice! Notice my new plants? Picked those up for very little pennies at Salome designs the other day – screen and thee cutest cuddly bunnies are by Chez Moi and are up for grabs at the new round of TLC. Other options on the screen type available but I so so SO loved this shabby wood one. If you’re speedy you can grab the FLF offer by Jian – it’s a corker! Doves to wear, to rez, to waddle along beside you and a beautiful ornate cage – all for $50L – steal!

Sunset Mist


Salome design


All clothing by Neve @ Fameshed

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Free House

I went to Salome Design last night to take a look at a few pieces for our Roman style pool – and ended up with a couple of really lovely gifts. The group is free to join btw. On one wall there are two rows of jars – each one contains a gift! This is my absolute fav – the house on a rock – dead handy if you have uneven mainland or a corner area where you can’t think what to do with.

The whole thing is just 30 prims and the textures are so lovely inside and out. The interior is beautifully done with the reverse of the windows having this keyhole lattice design with wooden beading – gorgeous!

Salome Design