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Way to much. (Freebies & Cheapies & a NEW Mina).

A new small shopping mall has opened called Boulevard Illuminati and although not all of the shops so far have tenants those which do are some of SL’s most recognisable names including No Cabide which is where this freebie comes from.

I have a tendency to unpack and the first thing I find which has me going “ooo” is what you get to see.  I didn’t actually care for this at first as it’s just too pale a blue for me but the more I looked at it the more I like it.  You really do stand out in it, its form-fitting, simple and yet stylish.  There is a whole gift box of old gifts on the desk in the No Cabide shop.

From the quick scan I had of this shopping mall there seems to be some freebie/cheapies etc in the other shops and you will see scattered on the ground gift bags.  I think somethings come with a price tag but just a token price tag.  I’m heading back to grab the rest soon.

As for the hair it new and old at the same time.  Called Carian which is the same name as a very recent hair but that hair is a “hat/hair” and this is the hair without the hat.  At first, I couldn’t understand why but as soon as I put it on I could see that without the hat it’s just a very wearable hair.  As standard, you get a big colour hud and a styling hud and as standard, the link to Mina’s mainshop as this hair is only for sale at the new FaMESHed event and it’s not even worth trying to squeeze in there.  So try it on at Mina’s first and get the LM for a later date.

PS. Though, if you’re on a budget don’t buy this till I show you the other NEW Mina hair, trust me it’s worth the wait.

Boulevard Illuminati

Mina’s Mainshop (For the demo and LM to FaMESHed)

FaMESHed Blog

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Classic(10Ld) gifts.

I popped over to the Jersey Shore event and I knew the first two 10Ld items I grabbed would be blog worthy so I’ve left this event just to take a couple of quick pics as I am very short on time.

The beachy bra and skirt are a classic SL design and these are as good as they get.  Love this particular texture but if you don’t then there are other options in the hud as well as a sh*t load of fits.

This was the other thing I picked up is this fully drivable Segway, unless you’re me and you can only drive people crazy it is drivable.

The outfit comes from the MOoH shop and the Segway from the V-Twins Bike Shop.

I’m still very short of time but when I returned to LM grab I spotted a shop I haven’t visited in a long time but love so I did a quick cam and spotted a pair of boots in the Sevyn stall called “Kimora Heels”.  These are actually see-through plastic and come with a decent colour hud and even though I was feeling guilty as still being inworld I had to TP home to try them on and when I log in I’m buying them.  Most unusual, great looking, big colour hud and only 99Lds.

I’m offffffff….

Jersey Shore


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As it comes.(Bargain & Mention of Freebies).

Popped over to Cremosas to sniff out freebies and I found them plus lots of promos, discount and special offers but it was this 25Ld Turban which I fell in love with.

I’m not 100% sure I haven’t already blogged this because I do know I had a Turban which was very similar to this if not the exact same one but sadly if I did my invent has eaten it.  TBH at 25Ld even if I have already purchased this it’s cheap enough to buy again.  There is a selection of colours for you to choose from and I loved all of them, which is pretty bloody unusual for me lol.

There is FREENESS at the Cremosas shop.  You have a choice of 2 groups the free one and the VIP one which costs 100Lds.  There is a large selection of group gifts for both groups and I won the dress I’m wearing from one of the Lucky Boards which is open for the free group members to use.  I didn’t spot anything new but this shop and the gifts may be new to you.

The LM takes you to a platform packed with the group gifts, promos, discounts etc and if you want the turban, just walk forward to the back wall and then turn to your left and it’s near the corner, trust me it’s dead easy to find.

PS.  It’s not often I regret not being a jewellery wearer but I know I have a fab set of bold gold jewellery which would have looked stunning with this turban…so picture that for me so I don’t have to do another picture…Thank you.


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Just this.(Freebie).

Although I’ve had a really nice time hopping here and there and even indulging in a few spending sprees as for freebies I’ve not done too much until I ended back on the flawless sim and spotted the carts.

A quick zoom on the F&T cart and as soon as I spotted the strawberry I knew there was a hunt on and this is what that particular strawberry contained.

This star-shaped planter which is stuffed with plants and in the front you might be able to make out some mushrooms.  Although it’s blended into the background a bit that tree is also inc in this planter.  Perfect for a small plot and seasonal so very nice indeed and the icing on the cake is EDITABLE and you know I love ripping things down.  I’ve not started doing that yet so I don’t know how much I can break this down but when I log back in I will be checking out the rest of the carts for the hidden strawberries and then breaking this down.

UPDATE.  Although I’ve not checked all of the carts this was the only strawberry I could find so it might just be an old item from one of the previous strawberry hunts.  So not sure if you will find another freebie but plenty of discounts on those carts.  This planter can be broken right down which makes my heart sing.  I for one am always grateful when a seller allows this and it means that although handy there is no way I would use the planter as it is for my garden but because I can strip it down I’ve scored myself some fantastic plants for my garden and then, later on, I will pop over to the F&T shop to check out any winter planting.  I really should add the LM to their main shop which I might do later.

F&T Stall. (If the LM doesn’t take you to this cart it’s outside of the Entice Shop).

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BTW(Super Sales).

I’d almost forgot BUT did you know that Floorplan & Brocante have now moved a lot of their old stock onto the Marketplace AND kept them all at their slashed down prices of between 75%/50% discount.

There is a couple of Dollarbies but a total of 524 items for under 100Lds so time to make an account with the Marketplace, it’s Second Life linked and you use your SL name and SL password, it’s safe, and you can click away and everything is waiting for you when you get inworld…just like this Pennywise mask which I picked up for fun from the Pout MP shop.  I’ve obviously had fun with the editing but if this clown face isn’t for you I also bought some of their Dollabies and the sugar lipsticks are gorgeous (Lelutka & Catwa Mesh Heads only).

Floorplan & Brocante (Marketplace).


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Cowgirl to Beach Babe (inc Freebies).

I was so busy I missed the first “Colour Me Project Event” which is basically is for a short time in this case from the 10th to the 21st of this month a whole load of designers put out clothes, poses, props, home decor items and the only thing in common they have is a colour.  Last one was white and this one the colour theme is Blue.  I almost didn’t go because tbh blue is one of my least fav colours but knowing that Margaritta  has a small shop there I decided to pop over and I ended up treating myself.


A simple and cute shirt.  I’ve gone with a Cowgirl look because I simply like to dress in a character.  Before I settled on my shorts I tried on many other pairs, even Mag<3.B ones and they all looked great but yet again used my good reliable pair.  The thing that makes this shirt different is yet again with a lot of Mag items it comes with a colour changing Hud so in this case you get 2 choices of colours for the main body and I’m wearing the paler blue, and a choice of, ops I’ve forgotten but I’m pretty sure it’s at least 6, patterns for the pockets and cuffs.


A lot of the stalls at this event have certain items with a sale sign on them and the Mag<3.B stall seems to have a lot of sale signs out.  Happily for me because this Bikin which I already had but I went and binned it in my latest round of invent cleaning is now only 20Lds so I quickly snagged it.  It’s just a cute, Kawaii, mesh bikini that I just like esp when I wear it with my coloured hair.

PS thats some bubble gum I’m blowing up and not some weird lip colour/shape LOL.


Since you can’t wear heels to the beach even in a SL world, I TPed home and threw up my pose cube and took a quick snap.  You will need SLink High Feet for these . A real nice gift from the Mag<3.B stall@The Colour Me Project Event.

Special mention to the clogs she has out there as well. I have them all inc the free pair from her main shop and I’m keeping them.  They’re just such a good pair of shoes and go with so many items I have.  They’ve turned out to be worth every penny and at the moment the Spring pair are at a reduced price of 30Lds and you even get a choice of clog and sock colours.  BEst of all you don’t even need SLink feet for them even though they look SLink like in quality.

OOOO I’m stood here in her mainshop and the Wall Of Freeness has just gotten bigger with the addition of some Dollarbies, 2Lds and a 10Lds item.  A lovely variety here, dresses, shoes, skirts, hair etc and I have almost all of them.

Mag<3.B@The Colour Me Project

Mag<3.B Mainshop

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Migraine Be Damned (freebies, Dollarbies, Cheapies, Fat Packies :-))

Loordes of London is a shop that does really classic solid items of fashion.  It’s like the Marks and Spencer of SL which means the clothes are both excellently textured and fitted then add to that so reasonably priced!  Maja Signa (coleen.macarthur) has so many of her items set out at events and even in her Mainshop at such reasonable prices and they’re worth every Linden.

Another great thing about Loordes of London is that they add new items to their stock frequently so I would really reccomend you at least slap the sub boards so you can keep upto date on the new stuff and the hunts and special events they regularly take part in.


There isn’t a vast stock here and a lot of it is non mesh but don’t let that put you Mesh Heads off as everything is top quality.  There are some great shoes and boots and standing here writing this I couldn’t resist snagging the Nottingham boots fat pack, again only 10Lds for omg yet another 13 shades! Non SLink which tbh when it comes to boots I don’t think that matters very often.

However there is a selection of mesh items as well and this simple sweater dress in the above picture is one of them.  This one comes in a total of 10 colours.  A simple scrunchy knit looking sweater dress.


I also picked up this Ugg type boots, Cheshire Snow Boots which are a cross between slippers and boots.  Unless I’ve counted wrong there is a total of 17 shades in this pack!


I scrolled through all my old posts because this is another dress which is now on offer for only 10Lds at this sales room I have already previously blogged.    I didn’t pay that little when I first bought this dress but knowing Loordes of London it would have been such a bargain price in the first place.  Not the best picture to show the colours etc  but since I still have this dress I know it comes as a 1 piece and it’s a simple shirt/skirt combo.  Very early settler in style and if you like a bit of RP or authenticity in your SL then a great outfit.  Not sure if the 10Ld offer is a Fat pack like the other items but even as a single colour (teal and dark brown) at such a cheap price it doesn’t matter.

If you walk out of this side of the build to the other you will see some artwork again on offer.  I actually bought a picture from here which is the first time in years I’ve bought an actual SL picture but it’s Folksy style will be excellent in my home I’ve just got to find where it’s disapeared in my invent LOL.  Lots of different styles here from framed beachy prints to a very recognisable style of an American artist whos name I can’t remember.  Deinately worth a visit as well.


Faith found this shop a while ago but this is the first time I’ve managed to pop in and loved this hair and loved the fact it’s on offer for only 55Lds.  Although it is resizable the bow isn’t recolorable.  Sorry a rotten photo because you can’t see the back or anything like that but a demo is available for you to try.  I’m working on one heck of a Migraine here and since this hair is only at this price for a short time I thought Migraine or not I must get it posted.  If you do miss out on it then check out the next piccie for a Marketplace Dollarbies from Cheveux.


And then I went to the mainshop to grab the LM and found that there is in fact a Free to Join Group Gift so yet again I couldn’t leave SL till I’d taken a piccie of that.


Goodies overload today I think.

PS the bows on this hair come with a texture changing hud so you have 4 options or you can wear the hair without the bows.


Lourdes of London@The Jungle Joint Sales Room

Loordes of London Flagshop

Cheveux Mainshop

Cheveau Marketplace