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A post in 2 halves. (Bargains & Free).

A mixed Monday post because it contains a bit of new a bit of old a bit of free and a bit of bargains so it’s full of “bits” but because there is too much to show you I’m splitting this post into 2.


OK first off for just a token 10Lds to join the H@S group you can snag 5 pairs of SLink/Maitreya shoes! I’m only showing you the pink and the beige pair but I ended up with loads of new shoes because not only is there 5 pairs of Group Gifts waiting to be snagged but outside is a row of Lucky Chairs and just standing there going though my notes I ended up with quite a few wins.  I haven’t had time to unpack but I can see from the pictures on the Lucky Chairs that these shoes, not the Group Gifts ones, actually come with Mesh Feet so for those of you who don’t have mesh feet then a great way of  getting yourself some.  You will have to be in the H@S group to be able to use these Lucky Chairs but again at 10Lds thats just a token price.


This lacy top is a Freebie from Easterling.  I had to pop a pair of my own panties on because as you can see it leaves nothing to the imagination.  You get all of the mesh body fits etc.


As I was double checking my goodies I spotted that I had missed the fact that this top comes with a colour packed Hud, so I TPed my skinny AV ass back home threw on the Petite Mort jeans I had mentioned in my last post (only 1Ld so check that post out) and clicked my way through the Hud.


A pretty generous selection of colours and textures for the main body of this top plus the addition of being able to change the colour of the lace at the bottom and the underboob lace.  Very nice indeed!

There is a lot of Hunts lined up for Easterling but most haven’t started yet.  There is also a couple of Gifts in the main entrance but I’m unsure which group you need to grab those but it wasn’t the Easterling one thats for sure, you may want to have a try yourself however this gift is definitely for the Easterling group and you can find it in the room behind the reception desk, standard shop layout which you will recognise straight away.

H@S Heels by Saki