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Hello Sailor – (renting a home in Second Life)

Sailors Cove rental homes

I’ve been dying to use that as a blog post title ! Its been a couple of months since I last looked around at rental homes – and this time I have found a real gem . It all begun when I was trying to sort out my inventory, I came across some items made by Ken Rosenthal – wow blast from the past! I haven’t spoken to Ken for years, so like the true stalker I can be, I looked him up and noticed he had rental homes. Now, if you know Ken, you’d know he is one classy guy. Intrigued to see what he had built I zoomed over – et voila – ended up renting one of his gorgeous homes in “Sailors Cove”. As I suspected the place was beautiful, small and welcoming. The real beauty is that you have access to the open sea from your home, rez your craft and you’re off ! The home is a light and bright space, open plan living downstairs and furnished mainly with pieces from one of my favourite stores “Bazar”. One double bedroom upstairs and a gallery landing – perfect for placing an easel …or something.

Sailors Cove rental home $600L per week - furnished (or not) plus prims!

Soooo renting details:  $600L per week. The units are furnished and have an additional 150 prim limit(land impact) for you to add. You can request the unit to be unfurnished for a total of 270 prim limit (land impact). when you get your note-card with embedded group joiner just click and wear – et voila !

Sailors Cove - interior

I haven’t had the urge to rez any more furniture to be honest – it’s so tastefully done already why change?. However the generous prim allowance means you can fool around with your collection of boats, yachts etc outside on your deck. There are just eight of this sweet homes to rent and three are taken already – pop over and check it out. The landmark given will take you to the deck of my place – feel free to mooch ! Thanks for the warm welcome Ken ❤

Sailors Cove

Greymoon designs (housebuilder – spent ages here as there are some fantastic homes for sale!)

Bazar (all furniture from here)

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Come sail away with me

Free boat!!

I’ve been searching forever to find a boat I can actually sail, there’s lots around but they always seem to be overly speedy or just plain outta control! Maybe I’m just a lousy driver, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up ! I have not only found a few vessels that I can use with ease – but they are all free! Above is the simplest design I came up with, just a little wooden motorboat, smashing details on it and really low prim. Super easy to handle with three speeds, and lovely just to sit in. It can carry three people and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to find all manner of gifts, shorts, bikini’s etc. Made by Berdav Marine who make some really stylish crafts.

Free boat !

I nabbed this to see what it was like, I’ve not owned an industrial looking boat before! This is the Michie Marine express made by Michie Marine. What a well-built item, its got a fishing chair with animation at the rear, it even gives you a rod to wear!. This will sit quite a few people as there are plenty of spaces to go around. For a larger build its ever so easy to control.

Free boat !!!!

My absolute favourite from what I’ve found so far (and I mean by this, you’d have to drag it from my cold claw-like dead hands) is this by Michie Marine. The SV240 is sublime, I found it so simple to manoeuvre, even in the small area of water I have at home. 28 prims and I count 10 seats! You can personalise it by touching the deck, its got sixteen colours. Really lovely poses for sunbathing, flopping about, proper seats, and of course the drivers position, which has a dead brilliant animation !

Free boat dispenses rideable wakeboards!

Player and I took this baby out last night for a test drive, what fun ! If you touch the wakeboard on the side, it actually drops one down into the water, hop on and off you go – don’t worry about prims, they de-rez if you don’t get on them – you do have to be in an area where you can rez though to use this option.

Free decor boat & trailer

It also comes with a trailer & boat decor piece – it’s a bit primtastic to be left out (well for ME it is as I’m always short on prims) The bopat itself isnt though – only 28 . Zan and I had a whirl on this boat today, she was impressed and even took the wheel  – Yes I did get a bit giddy *winks*…go treat yourself to some free fun, plenty of places that you can rez a boat and take off if you don’t have a home with access, actually I will look some up and post them here later for you ❤

Michie Marine SV 240 FREE

Michie Marine express FREE

Berdav Marine boat FREE

(Michie marine has an inworld store where you can rez a boat to sail yay! Please ensure you CLEAN UP after you) Michie Marine

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Water Sports

SwollenCouple of picture rules broken here.  We don’t normally use wide pictures but I had to squeeze the lot in because how sexy is this lot of water crafts.  The boat I have blogged before but I’ll give you a brief description.  Comes from MLCC (Motor Loon Custom Cycles) and this model is called Looneta, amazing attention to details, comfortable kitchen, living room, bedroom, work desk, even a toiler and all  packed with poses, easy to use texture editing pack and all of that for a tiny 31 prims.  I’m not a boating person but since I bought this it’s been rezzed on my land and will be remaining there for as long as I have water.  If your tempted then there is a whole lot of photos of this boat on my Flickr and I’ll pop the link down on the bottom but this is a boat you have to see in SL in person to see how cool it is.

Swollen1WEEEEE.  Another photo rule bent here.  Usually we like to show the items as clearly as possible but I just wanna have fun. 2 Different styles of  Jet Skis both have a menu but you have to be standing on it to operate the menu which allows you to change the speed and colour of your craft. Long gone are the days when land and water vehicles  were so unwieldly that you would spend most of your time crashing but since they come from EoD (End Of Daze) then you wouldn’t really expect them to crash and I’ve had a lovely time pottering around on them.  Perfectly proportioned, sleek, easy to handle, low prim.  Both Vs1 and V2 come with a menu choice of 6 colours, 2 sits, a choice of speed.  The Jet Skis are on the wall outside but you must pop in to check out the furniture n stuff cos it’s all great quality, slim, unfussy, well textured and attractive.

Now for the OMG factor because I tried to find a sim to ride the jet skis over to check out how well they did on sim crossing and sorry I didn’t find a suitable area to try it out but what I did find was LOADS of boating sims packed with the all the boats from Motor Loon.  Looks like I’m not the only one in love with his qualities.

MLCC (Boat)

EoD (End Of Daze)


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I Lied!

Only about it being the last photo of a boat.

SaluteA final salute to my little blue boat that bobs so sweetly but just imagine this, 3 of these little boats is almost the same prims as my lovely new boat.  So time to pack it away.

And the check out my sexy outfit.  YES I really did have to buy a sailor outfit to go with my new boat but my denfence is I saved money on the shoes because I already had them.  An outfit from Boom non mesh with sulptie skirt panel and puffy sleeves and a rich royal blue colouring.  Made even cuter with the hat which sadly doesn’t come inc with the dress but makes the outfit look just extra special.

I’m giving you the MP as well as the inworld main shop because I wandered around but couldn’t find them in the main shop but I know that this is one of their newer designs so they have to be there but check them out on the MP if like me you can’t locate them

BOOM Dress Marketplace

BOOM Hat Marketplace

BOOM Inworld

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Fricken Awesome.

I meant what I said in a previous post and on payday I contacted Motor Loon and got myself a boat.  This is a proper boat and not the little wooden dingy we all pick up along the way in SL.  Check out this picture to check out the awesomeness.


OK so I have played a little bit with windlight but you can too so can’t you just picture yourself in this scene.  All other photos will be taken in the simple Nams Prim and Skin setting which we should ALL use because it is very similar to the normal SL lighting but less harsh and you don’t have to use a facelight to look stunning.

HelmMy RL knowledge about boating is lacking  I can use a paddle and that’s about it but I’ve checked out the menu and glanced at the easy to follow instructions and although a lot of it I allowed to go right over my head it’s easy to see that if you’re an in world sailor or just a poser like me this is a boat for both.  You get a box full of texturing which   means you can change a lot of the texturing on the boat from the hull to the flag and even I managed to change the flag to the Pure Logo.

KitchenLets think “outside of the box” as they say.  If you own a tiny plot with the minimum of Prims then you could make this your home because as compact as it is it has everything inc the kitchen sink because everything comes to a tiny 32prims which means anyone could own a boat of this quality. If you don’t want to sink any of your land when you rezz your boat it comes on a low primmed dry dock stand, a lovely touch.

Nav system

A lot of thing on here are a simple touch control even the lighting, curtains, hatch or from the menu although the menu is mainly for the sailing bit.  Whats shown here is the steps down to the living quarters and you can see the radio and even ………………………..

Snapshot_038… Ta Dah the toilet!

BedroomBedroom is through a little crawl space under the the rear of the boat or is that stern? From what I can tell it’s just a few poses I don’t even know it it has a cuddle menu in it but not everything needs it nor does everyone want it so that’s not an issue.

Bedroom2One of the poses is of you lying on your belly looking out of the little door into the living area which is so cute.  The whole boat comes packed with poses and the blurb says “Smooth moving parts (doors/hatches etc) and support for up to 32 passengers all with individual animations (though I may not recommend that many for sim crossings). Boat also features working sails (luffing and shaping to wind), automatic spinnaker, working folding prop, working inboard motor (you can flip up the staircase to expose it), working cabin lights, deployable fenders, working anchor and lots lots more”.  Don’t let any of the sailing jargon put you off if your a boating noob like me it’s still so easy.

LivingroomLast photo I promise.  It was so hard to chose which photos to use because they all turned out so well.  This of course it the seating area and you can see that yet again although this is a compact boat it’s damned roomy enough.  The table in the centre is drop leafed so one click and one side is lowered another click and down goes the other side so  it’s even easy to walk around.

As I’ve said this is a real sailing boat and so I braved the open seas and YES it works.  I will have to read the instructions a bit better but all I know is even I managed to steer it and it was FUN.  You get a great AO of you steering the helm and the lovely relaxing sound of waves crashing on the front bit, prow?, even crests of small waves as you cut through the open water  and I deliberately went through 3 sim crossings and not a single issue.

Thanks to a Pure reader who pointed out to me that you can pick up a demo model of the Oceanic from the MP I had gotten a taster of what it would be like but in all honestly I and even  the Pure reader would say PAY the difference and get the Loonetta.  She maybe a bit more expensive than the Oceanic but she definitely has the updated edge to her and is so worth the extra (Loonetta 3500 Oceanic 3000).

So the MP to get the Oceanic demo and the inworld LM so you can have a better look at the Loonetta  for yourself. Almost forgot to say that MLCC  is even bigger on the bikes and cars a real petrol head paradise.

MLCC Marketplace

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Sugar Daddy Needed


I want this boat (but could only afford the outfit).  I decided to pop back to dollies  to pick up their Glam Affair Hunt  offering of a simple off the shoulder mesh dress but sadly I looked to the left of my screen and on the New Items wall was this lovely tempting little number and I was going to be so good and not buy myself a new outfit.  Frilly but not fluffy.  The top has a lovely fat bow at the back and the skirt is a mini with a frill attached to the back.  Sexy and cute at the same time.  I chose the chocolate-brown but other choices available and of course a demo.


This is my little boat, and also the Glam Hunt dress which is a simple off the shoulder brilliantly textured little evening  dress, my boat is a sad little thing compared to the one I really really want.

Perga11This is what I should be sitting on.  It comes from MLCC (Motor Loon Custom Cycles) and I hope you can see in the pictures all the amazing attention to details and texturing makes this boat an absolute stunner.

Perga3Even down to the small galley kitchen and bedroom this is near damned perfect.  This is the Loonetta Model but in  the boatyard there is a few models to choose from, from this compact boat to something an Russian oligarchy would be proud to be seen in.

Because I’m a woman and I’ve spent the last 45 mins wandering in and out of all the boats I’ve changed my mind and I now want the Oceanic.  Just as beautiful, just as amazingly low primmed, just as many menus, but this comes with 4 factory paint jobs and is wow even less at 3000Lds.  Saving my lindens already to get myself one.

If your a bike nut who needs a place to ride then check out Motor Loon’s profile because he has generously set up sims for people to ride themselves to the ground.

MLCC Boatyard



Sail away…

I’ve got a thirst to explore lately..and realised that in all my four and a bit years in SL I have never been to the Blake Seas sims..Ive heard people saying how beautiful they are …but have been quite happily pottering around my own sim’s on whatever water craft I grab out of my inventory. Sooo today I coerced Steve into accompanying me on a voyage of discovery ! Half Hitch looked a likely candidate,it has a small rez area (in the water don’t panic) so I could rez up a boat..and off we went *squeee*…We arrived in the quaint little harbour and mooched about..its very shabby chic..and picteresque…old boats, bouys bobbing in the water..and bright pink beautiful jelly fish dancing around in the sparkling waters below…I was enchanted.

The world would appear to be your oyster once you’re here, we found a free pretty little yacht where we landed (url is below) and after we snooped about the island, we rezzed it up and set off…

We sailed for ages..our little boat bravely navigating around a huge war ship at one point, dropped anchor at a couple of pretty coves and tiny islands along the way..I think we sailed across approx 6 sims with little or no lag and no sim crossing difficulties….it was just sooo relaxing. Check out whats below you, the ocean bottom had many types of plants & sea creatures, I grabbed hold of a sharks fin and swam with it for a few. I also noticed that Half Hitch have daily boat races..forgot to jot down what time of day though, but pop over and you’ll see the signs…grab a boat or rez up your own and have fun!

Go get salty: Half Hitch rez zone