Hunt ’em Down

I’ve managed to work my way around to a few more hunt spots for you today. I’d meant to do more but the sheer size of the gift from Egoisme kept me busy. In the pictures above and below you can see that there’s a whole lot of gear in this gift and that’s not even showing all of it! Everything you see is part of their gift: skin, tattoos and clothes and accessories. The skin is brilliant, a little darker than what I normally wear but it looks great. I especially like the torso, the musculature and body hair are so well done. The outfits: Dark Warrior and Ame Sauvage – Lion are, again, not the norm for me but they are striking. There are also four tattoos thrown in, tribal designs that fit in well with the style of the outfits and the skin.

Secondly is this  jacket from JfL Men’s Wear. A new store to me, but definitely one I’ll have to go back to and have a thorough look through. This nifty jacket is fully zipped up with a high neck and the material has a nice shiny look to it. The cuffs, collar, shoulder and bottom attachments fit easily and look great.

Last but not least is the gift from one of my favourite stores: *Sacred*: a tattoo layer beard. I was only thinking about getting one of these just the other day. If your skin doesn’t have a beard then this little beauty will give your face a completely different look. It’s a style of beard that I really like too, not too thick, nice thin lines. This beard comes in three different versions: dark, light and tintable so you can match it to your hair or make it whatever colour you want. This is definitely a useful item to have.

So there’s another few items from the MENstuff Hunt for you. I’ll be showing you more real soon. Follow the links to the stores below and get hunting!

Get the gear here:
Pics 1 & 2: Skin, Outfits and Tattoos – Egoisme (Behind a strong hunter there is a huge gift)

Pic 3: Jacket – JfL Men’s Wear (Look at the new items!)

Pic 4: Beard – *Sacred* (No hint listed for this one but it’s not hard to find)


A Sacred Change

It’s been a while since I’ve worn both a new hair and new skin at the same time and I had completely forgotten what a huge difference it makes to your look. But as they say: a change is as good as a holiday so I went out and took some pictures of a couple of group gifts for you guys.

The first one obviously is the skin and it’s the group gift from *Sacred*. It’s a version of Wavie Haller’s brand new skin called ‘Robert’ and it was supposed to be included in the normal pack but fortunately for us, he decided to use this one as a group gift instead. I really like *Sacred* skins so obviously I was very happy to go and grab this one up, and even though I found it was very different to Ethan, the one I normally wear, I still thought it was a wicked looking skin. It’s quite a light shade but I don’t tan that well anyway. The details on the body and face are wonderful, not over muscular but still very nicely defined. A nice moustache for Movember as well. Also included are some viewer 2 layers for eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and lip shadows. It’s only L$50 to join the group – absolutely worth it.

The second group gift is hair from **Dura**. I’d never been to this store before but from what I’ve seen so far, I like it. There are three different group gifts you can pick up from the store once you’ve joined and all are very cool looking styles. The one I’m wearing today is simply called ‘group gift’ and it comes in both brown and platinum.

So hopefully you’ve got room to join these two groups (make some if you don’t!) then run on down to the stores and check them out. *Sacred* have a very cool line of skins and shapes available and **Dura** have a lot of different styles of hair to choose from for both guys and girls. Both stores sell their gear at great affordable prices considering the quality. Take the trip today and make a change.

Get the gear here:
Skin  – *Sacred* Group Gift – Robert (To join the group just check out Wavie Haller’s profile and click the -Sacred Skins- group and join, I couldn’t find a group joiner in the store itself)
Hair – **Dura** Group Gift (You’ll find the group joiner right near the entrance where the group gifts are)