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Original Flower. (Freebie).

Looks like chunks of SL won’t rezz for me, I’m not looking at lumps of grey rather things like the demo signs, shelves etc won’t rezz. Normally TPing in and out simply resolves it but “not today Satan” lol.

From the demo’s I picked up from the MIIX event I’ve found 2 new shops for me to look at. Ruxy is one of them and this gift is at the back of the shop.

It really is nice, with a great drapey look and sexy side split. With a lot of mesh fits and 2 pattern options, this “original flower” and a bolder red called “original red” which is not very “original” lol.

Now SL decides to rezz properly lol. I always log out to do a post and then log back in to double-check the details and LM and this time I spotted that there are in fact 3 gifts at the back of the Ruxy shop and tbh the other dress is more my style so I would have shown you that one.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Old Europe – Acorn Hunt and All About Autumn Fair

Managed to get a few moments to check out The Old Europe Acorn Hunt..and picked up a couple of gifts ..above I’m showing the complete outfit by get the whole thing ! (cept for the tights which are a fifty linen friday item) The gorgeous deep red mesh skirt…a tshirt…and a mesh camisole that sits over the tee…PLUS..a braceler andddd the sweetest little pair of matching shooz! Love love LOVE this ! Ohhh I’m also wearing the gift from  Bliensen + MaiTai, the hunky chunky beady necklace..sooper !

Found this gift from Ruxy, lovely simple autumnal coloured mesh dress…theres heaps of gifts to search out…youre looking for a big acorn…even I found about five prizes in approx 10 mins !

Old Europe Acorn Hunt

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