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Home Sweet Home.


My new home.  I just have this thing about living small to me it means you only have the room to keep the things that really mean the most to you and when you’re home is small you have to use your imagination so much more.frontuse

I wasted so much time yesterday taking naff shots of the inside of this house so I decided that since himehime Andel has this house set out for you to walk around I would just use the semi decent outside looking inside ones.  Front door shot shows the entrance with the traditional area to remove your outdoor shoes and put on your indoor ones. This house comes with a lovely and low prim cupboard for shoe storage.   The doorway to the right is into the kitchen/eating area. A great sink unit is included which is brushed steel and very industrial looking which is again in keeping with the style. At 2 prims it’s perfect but since it’s not linked to the house you can change it if you want but tbh I wouldn’t.

back use

This is the back doors to the house and you can see right through past the internal sliding doors to the kitchen area.  Not shown is the very large storage cupboard in the living area.  Every door and windows is openable (is that a word?) but only in the scripted model you also get an unscripted model which is great if you have to have to be careful about scripts.  If you check out my last post you will see much better pictures of the separate toilet and storage/washroom area.  There is also a built in bath as well but I’ve not shown it.  You really do need to see this in world to get the feel of the texturing and attention to detail.  Cost only 198Lds!  there is also a free house which I grabbed which tbh is a lot more basic but still has a lovely roof balcony.  Sadly the sink I was using in the picture doesn’t come included with this house and although it was fun and a great prop it’s hardly a deal breaker.  If I have time I’m going to track it down and see where you can buy it from and how much as it did fit in so well.

I’ve given the 2 LMs one for the shop where you can buy the house, pick up the freebie and check out the cheap decor items and the second LM for the house so you can have a wander around and see how much better it looks compared to my naff piccies.

This is a delightful shopping residential sim.  Bases on a small Japanese town with some houses, shops, cafe, communal bathing room, playground and on and on all in a small and delightful area.  Fun for those who want places to pose and for those who just want somewhere lovely and friendly to hang around in.  I will doing even more in my next post because in the same shop where you buy this house I also picked up some low primmed low-priced excellent decor items and from another shop on the sim a cute mesh top so all of that in my next post.

PonkotsuYa (shop to buy the house)