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A Midsummer Nights Dream 3 Hunt

I got all giddy frolicking through the woods with Steve earlier today…we had reveived the Midsummer Nights Dream gift from Ruby Skins….and wowser….what unusual outfits !

My outfit is called “Daphne” , shes a Nymph….and a verrrrry beautiful one at that. In the package you will receive SO much…the skin…hair,eyes, the outfit (which is soooper pretty) and OHMAI…the best ever prim feet ! Ive tried and tried prim feet and these are the first ones that worked out with no editing yay! Theres also a shape…but Im rather attached to my own…so Im not wearing it in this pics…o.O ! Better not forget…theres also eyes and a manicure , ankle decorations and thee prettiest hair flowers !

Steve looked just incredible in his Pollux get up..kinda scarey…but thats cool…its FUN being chased around by a Satyr ! Pollux comes with all you see above…the hoofed legs are wicked…as is the skin…Steve is wearing his own shape but you do get given one in the pack…as well as hair…ears…oh and HORNS ! Im not big into role play..but I have to say this photoshoot was a blast …biggg thank you to Carmella Ruby for sending this over ❤ The hunt runs until the 21st of trot on over and find your gift!

Ruby Skins

Not a great quality photo…but just to show you…its NOT all work…after photos..its cupcake time!

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Partay! Its almost Spring

mmhmm…it is almost upon us..spring will shortly be sprung…and CandyMetal are really getting us in the mood with another gift ! “The Spring Party” a sweet mesh top..and denim skirt. Iam sooo loving the colour clash of bright leaf green and the raspberry pink..seems its BIG this season. Notice my shooooz? They are a new release from Ruby Skins..chunky wedges..with a patent mule top..the totally uber great thing can alter all the parts of these babies..the skin, the mule, the lining..the nails…fahhhbulous! The HUD is simpledimple to use, even *I* got it ..thanks carmella & Emychan xx

Another new release from CandyMetal is this striking dress called “Ran”, lotsa colour options…its VERY nipply…I saved my blushes with my plaits..Im also wearing a CM skin…abso-looot-ly stunning , it’s called “Sonya”, I chose to use the chocolate colour, which as you can see is a pretty tan tone..just added a lipgloss layer et voila! Ohhh incase you’re wondering..yes the belt is mesh and yes it does come with the frock ..

Get it all here: CandyMetal    Ruby Skins

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Year of the Dragon

With the start of the Chinese New Year, we have the Year of the Dragon Hunt here in Second Life running from January 23 to February 23. With about 70 stores participating, it’s looking like a brilliant hunt and today I have Ruby Skins contribution to show you all.

For the men you get this entire avatar with the outfit included – everything you see above: skin, shape, pants and shoes. It’s a very full hunt gift indeed. The whole look reminds me of Shaolin monks and is pretty wicked. The red sculpted belt that comes with the pants looks awesome and fits perfectly with the shape that’s included. The skin also has a cool little Yin and Yang tattoo in between the shoulder blades which is a nice little touch.

There is also a hunt gift for you ladies as well so you should definitely head down to Ruby Skins and try to find yourself the dragon hatchling to score some dragony goodness.

Get the gear here: Ruby Skins

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Fill Your Stockings

Wow, okay, so if you’re looking for something that will really fill your own stocking this Winter, I don’t think you need to look any further than Ruby Skins.

For the ridiculous price of L$10 you can score yourself a whole mess of fantastic gear. Everything you see in the picture above, except for the hair, is part of Ruby Skins Winter Special and more! To start with, in this wonderful package you get the sweater, jeans and shoes. The sweater has a gorgeous texture to it and comes with a collar and cuffs which fit just right with no fiddling required and the shoes tie it all together nicely. But that’s only the beginning of what you get. Also included is the Apollos skin which comes with the facial hair already on and has a really awesome look to it, it’s definitely a cool skin. And I’m still not finished. The beanie is tremendously cute and fits nice and snugly on your noggin and along with that you also get a hairbase for the skin, Jasper eyes and a shape, socks and a facelight! Phew, getting the picture now of how stocked this is? There’s also another piece of very male ‘equipment’ included but it was way too cold to show here, if you get what I mean.

So, I don’t think I need to gab on anymore about this special offer, I mean it’s L$10 and you get so, so much cool gear, there’s nothing else to say except: Go grab it! Thanks Carmella.

Get the gear here: Ruby Skins

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Mr & Mrs Santa

I have to admit..a fair amount of the typical Mr & Mrs Santa avatars I see, just totally like creep me out…either  overly undressed..or frankly..scarey..Carmella Ruby showed me her version and I just fell in love. Both are traditional…homely…they make you go “awwww” and feel all huggggbuggy ! You can buy these tremendously detailed av’s for just 450L the SET…they are transferable so you can share or gift them yay!

Both avatars are complete..and i mean complete…skin, hair base,hair,clothing,nails,eyes,boots…the whole shebang !

These would be sooper lovely for role play during the festive season…I think Id wear mine just because it’s amazingly cute! You can find them on sale at the Candy Cane Fair, which is a huge huge HUGE market with all things Chrismassy in it…also a fair few freebs dotted around for you to collect … Thanks Carmella xx

Mr & Mrs Santa: Ruby Skins at The Candy Cane Fair

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Santa in the Sun

This is how Santa dresses when he visits us in Australia, when Christmas day calls for beaches and barbeques rather than sledding in the snow.

As predicted earlier by Faith, here I am to show you the tremendous Ruby Skins Candy Cane hunt gift for us guys. It is as jam-packed as the ladies gift. You get everything you see me wearing above: the super Summery Cherry swimtrunks, a lovely soft facelight as well as the Jethro skin. I can’t forget the awesome looking sculpted santa hat and Bighorn ankle boots (after all, Santa can’t travel down under without all his gear now can he?). Also included is the Cain shape and brown sparkle eyes.

I was right wasn’t I? This is a well stocked gift, full of awesomeness, how can you pass this lot up? Perfect for you aspiring Summer Santas. Thanks Carmella!

Get the gear here: Ruby Skins

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Gather your candy canes

Yusss! Another Chrismassy hunt has begun…This ones called The Candy Cane Hunt and is a massssive grid wide one…its runs from Nov 21st until Christmas take a breath and plunge in..I was lucky enough that Carmella Ruby let me review her gifty…so I havent actually got my huntin goggles on yet..anyhowwww onto the goodies *squeee*, as usual with Ruby Skins you get a ginormous bundle of items cause Ruby is mighty generous that way ❤. …so think BIG when you find and open your pressie…there is a shape…a gorjus skin…bikini…eyes, cheeky little santa hat, face light oh AND…those red bootie shooz I’m wearing *dribble*..thanks Ruby xx Ohhhh almost forgot…and Steve will prolly blog this tomorrow…theres also a gift for the guys hurrah!

Candy Cane Hunt gift: Ruby Skins

Candy Cane : Web site with info